2 February 2016

Muller Limited Edition Light Peanut & Caramel Flavour Yoghurt (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

One of my favourite things is peanut butter, specifically when coupled with something sweet, usually chocolate but I'm happy with jam too. When I heard that Muller were bringing out a Light Peanut and Caramel yoghurt I thought it had the potential to be my new favourite. Also as it is a light version I thought it might be a nice treat after a meal, in place of a naughtier pudding. Fat free and just 99 calories per pot.

I pulled back the lid and found a very pale brown/orange coloured thick yoghurt, which looked far more appetising than my description! I gave it a taste test and It was pleasant, but lacking something. There was a sort of peanut flavour, which went well with the caramel sweetness and the creamy finish, it was nice, but not inspirational. I took another spoonful and just couldn't work out why I wasn't loving it the way that I should. I decided it didn't have the right amount of peanut, it was sweet without that nutty kick I was expecting. I wanted the full on rich peanut butter topped with oozings of caramel sauce flavour, but the focus was more on the caramel. A quick nosey at the ingredients and I couldn't find any nuts in the pot. I'm not sure why they do this, it isn't the first no nuts nutty product I've tried. I can't decide if it is to make a safer environment for the other food products they sell for nut allergy suffers or simply because it is cheaper, I'd suspect it is a combination of the two factors. Sadly though it leaves this yoghurt missing the mark for me.
By Cinabar


  1. Ahh that explains it! I was so disappointed but didn't check the ingredients! I wish they'd do it properly!

  2. The smell?! Like stale/dirty water!

  3. Ah man! I got all excited when I read the label! I feel cheated!


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