13 August 2020

Strawberry Cheesecake Flipz - the sweeeeetest version yet? (@NLi10)


We have talked about Flipz before

But we will talk about them again because they are great.

A sublime balance between the childishness of sweet things, and the adultness of salty beer snacks.  They feel like an expensive import but show up in fairly ordinary places (these were from a garden centre).

Today's twist is strawberry cheesecake, which tastes a lot like 'frosting' and has a purple tinge so you don't get confused and think you are eating unicorn Flipz or something.

66% sugar coating is a lot less Pretzel than I'd like, but these are a snack to have a few of, not a whole bag at a time like the more sedate dark flavours.

Both giftable and snackable they fall in the perfect slot for a little indulgence but not too much.

And these ones do taste of strawberry cheesecake - and because the bag has sat open in our fridge for a few days the whole fridge smells delightful!

One for children, both actual and inner.

12 August 2020

Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour

Pot Noodle are calling their Sweet & Sour a "Power Pair" for a "Double Down, Down Up" balanced flavour. I must admit that I haven't seen a Sweet & Sour meal marketed like that before. Don't get me wrong as it seems like a fair assumption, but the Sweet & Sour dishes I've eaten in the past don't really separate themselves out as different flavours combined so much as to just taste like Sweet & Sour… No, I don't know what I'm talking about either, but I guess I've just eaten them in the past without thinking so much about it! 
Described on their website as "Noodles in a Chinese sweet and sour flavour sauce with vegetables and a little sachet of sweet and sour sauce", this Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour has diced carrots, peas and red peppers mixed in with the noodles, sauce mix, and sachet. I haven't had a Pot Noodle for a while. They're pretty high in calories, fat, sugar and salt, so I've had to miss out on a few of the other things I usually prefer to eat on Cinabar and her Mom's pizza night to account for the extra calories in this Pot Noodle. 

Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour

After adding in the freshly boiled water, then the small sachet before stirring, this Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour had a decent sweet and sour sauce aroma, but it was pretty heavy on tomato in flavour. I only say that in a bad way because it's supposed to taste of Sweet & Sour, rather than a tomato noodle soup. Even though I stirred regularly whilst eating the noodles in their sauce and diced vegetables, I noticed that the real Sweet & Sour flavour seemed to have still sunk to the bottom of the pot. There was a good strong flavour of Sweet & Sour down at the bottom, but I could have been fooled that I was eating a tomato flavoured pot noodle for most of the meal. This Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour was still tasty and tangy, but I'm not sure I'd rush out to buy another one. If I was to separate them out as a "Power Pair", I'd say it was more like "Tomato and Sweet & Sour". 
Information on the pot; Per pot there are 436 calories, with 17g of fat, 12g of sugar, and 1.4g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Pot Noodle Sweet & Sour

11 August 2020

Frozen Greggs Sausage Rolls (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Frozen Greggs Sausage Rolls (Iceland)

I have eaten Greggs sausage rolls many times but this is the first time I’ve not bought them at Greggs. There used to be a Greggs where I previously worked and buying these from the shop was always a treat, especially after a difficult meeting! I had no idea that there were other suppliers Greggs Sausage Rolls but pleased a freezer shop had them. I found these online at Iceland and added them to my virtual basket to give them a try out. I thought these would be cooked sausage rolls but they are frozen so the pastry actually needs baking. We put them into the oven, from frozen, and they soon went golden in the ccooking. The kitchen also smelt really good while they were baking. 
So they look just like the ones you would buy in store at Greggs, which is a success, but they have that added advantage of being piping hot and fresh. The pastry is rich and flaky and the sausage meat was soft and tasty, just like the ones bought from the shop.
I love the convenience of these Greggs Sausage Rolls, having some in the freezer for a cheery lunch is a win win.

Frozen Greggs Sausage Rolls (Iceland)

10 August 2020

Dairy Milk - Out of The Blueberry (Cadbury Gifts) By @Cinabar

Dairy Milk - Out of The Blueberry

Last week I wrote about Fry’s Strawberry Cream, a bar purchased from Cadbury Gifts. This was my first order from them and this is the bar I was really after, Dairy Milk - Out of The Blueberry. I love trying something new and the idea of blueberries and chocolate sounded like a winning combination, I like fruit in chocolate in general and I buy blueberries every week so I was looking forward to it. 

Dairy Milk - Out of The Blueberry

The Dairy Milk Out of The Blueberry bar doesn’t just combine milk chocolate and blueberries it also contains “white chocolate crisp pearls” which sounds like a fancy way of saying white chocolate rice crispies! The front of the bar looked like a regular Dairy Milk but the back showed off the crispies or pearls depending on how posh you want to be. I broke myself a few blocks off and tried the chocolate. The strongest flavour is the sweet creamy taste of milk chocolate, then there was almost no taste of blueberries. I liked the crunch from the crispies and the texture this brought but it was only the third cube of chocolate that I had that I could really taste blueberries, the flavour was mild and haphazard. I guess the blueberries are rare, and some times you find one in the chocolate, you know; out of the blue. 
Also for those asking my old work colleague who was struggling to find this bar has now found one, phew, funnily enough in a local Sainsbury’s so worth trying there too if you want to give this the taste test.

Dairy Milk - Out of The Blueberry