26 February 2020

Walkers Max Jalapeño & Cheese (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

Walkers Max Jalapeño & Cheese

These Strong Jalapeño & Cheese flavour crisps are another of the new Walkers Max ridged crisps for me to blog about from the multipacks that Cinabar ordered from the supermarket. I've already blogged about the Double Crunch XXL Chicken & Chorizo and also the Strong Hot Chicken Wings, and I rather liked them both. I do like Jalapeños, so I'm looking forward to these crisps.

It states on the packet of these Walkers Max Jalapeño & Cheese that they are extra hot. I found the chicken wings crisps pretty hot, so these Jalapeño & Cheese flavour should set my mouth ablaze. It also states that these are perfect with beer, which I've mentioned before that I personally prefer more subtle flavours to enjoy my pint with.

On opening the packet there was a predominantly cheesy smell from the pale ridged crisps inside. The was also a light jalapeño aroma trying to fight its way through all the cheese. The taste of these crisps was a different matter entirely. The jalapeño flavour is right at the forefront with the cheese tucked neatly behind. There's a tang of jalapeño on first bite followed by a good hot burn and then the cheese tries desperately to smooth out the heat from the chilli. These Walkers Max Jalapeño & Cheese flavour are very tasty, but strangely they aren't too overpowering, so I'd have to agree here that they probably would be "perfect with beer"!

Information on the packet;
The 27g bag contains 139 calories, with 8.4g of fat, 1.4g of sugar, and 0.33g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Walkers Max Jalapeño & Cheese

25 February 2020

Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot

Oh my word people have you seen my Giant Wotsits??? I think it is fair to say I am easily taken in by a novelty and these new supersize Wotsits really did make me happy, they are awesome. They are such a silly fun giant shape that I really did keep going on about them, they made me smile from ear to ear.

Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot

So I had these Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot with lunch, and poured out the bag with some mini sandwiches. We were sharing the bag and there seemed to loads in there to go around, which is a nice change. It was also nice to see that ‘giant’ really did mean impressively big and not just fractionally larger than usual. The Wotsits are a little darker than regular one in colour, but are still on the side of orange rather than a red you may have expected from the flavour.
Taste wise these work very well, they are spicy but not too hot just nice and tasty and warming to munch on. That is the best part really the munching on Giant Wotsits, they are such fun to eat they have a lovely crunchy texture that dissolves after you bite. The size enhanced this and I found myself loving them. Others who were trying them said they were a little drying in the mouth compared to the normal size but I was having too much fun to notice that. This well could be my favourite crisps of the year and it is only February.
Wondering what other crisps products could do with being supersized, who do I write to to make Giant Quavers a thing?

24 February 2020

Popping Candy Belgium Chocolate Coated Honeycomb Bites (Lidl) By @Cinabar

Popping Candy Belgium Chocolate Coated Honeycomb Bites

I spotted this pretty gold packet of Honeycomb Bites in Lidl, in their specials area. The honeycomb is covered in Belgium chocolate and has the addition of popping candy. I love popping candy, it reminds me of my childhood, even though I know it is just a bit fun. The bag also states that this product has been made in small batches in Harrogate which gave it a nice more special feel.

Popping Candy Belgium Chocolate Coated Honeycomb Bites

Inside the bag the pieces are a mix of sizes, some very small a few that are huge! I started on a medium piece and, unfortunately, found it rather hard to bite into. The Belgium chocolate is nice and thick, but the cinder toffee underneath was rather solid and difficult to get my teeth into, it was distracting and put me off the whole thing. It was so much tougher than a Crunchie bar. Even the smaller pieces were difficult to tuck into. I also realised I hadn’t noticed any effect from the popping candy whatsoever, it was completely lost. I even ended up picked a crystal off to test it and that was the first time I noticed the crackle, so it was just not very noticeable as part of the whole product.
As nice as this bag of Popping Candy Belgium Chocolate Coated Honeycomb Bites sounds and as exciting as the flavour should have been it wasn’t for me. I don’t wan’t my sugary treat to be that hard to bite into, it totally put me off.

Popping Candy Belgium Chocolate Coated Honeycomb Bites

23 February 2020

Kew Gardens & their pink baguettes (@NLi10)

We had a family trip to Kew gardens the other day.  Although it was a bit cold and rainy we had a great time.  We saw some plants.

We also saw this sneaky Robin who seems to live in the Orchids exhibit.

They had a pool full of axelotl too - I suspect that was more deliberate.

We saw some artificially dyed plants

And some plants that can eat animals.

And then I decided not to eat animals, but to have the artificially dyed vegan sandwich!

The pink is tofu, the underneath is meat-free balls.

Looks a bit like cheese, but it smells faintly of blackcurrant - clever!

Unfortunately the whole lot tasted of nothing at all.  I'm not sure whether the target market being the over 60s they didn't want to use strong flavours - relying on people to add enough salt to protect the whole site from slugs (I saw no insects - but then it is Feb still).

It was filling, and considering the completely captive audience that we were - reasonably priced - but I just expected something a little tastier.  They did have a load of curries and things on offer - maybe I should have gone for one of those instead.