19 June 2019

New Fruits Skittles Dips Yoghurty Coated (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Three Sundays a month around mid-morning Cinabar and her mom troop out to the local supermarket to undertake the weekly food and drink shop. Being the lion of the house, I usually sleep in or go and sit in the sauna at the gym. Once a month we have our shopping delivered. I think this is because Cinabar has at least one bath a month, but I'll only share that with you…

Anyway, I was unpacking our monthly delivery earlier this week and saw this big red packet. It was lying face down in the bottom of a bag under a bunch of other more boring foodstuffs. I was instantly excited, as I love Skittles and haven't had any for ages. It was then that I turned them over and immediately exclaimed; "What the…?"

I'm reliably informed by Cinabar's teddybear that there was a terrible accident at the Skittle manufacturer's. A new consignment of regular Skittles had just been crated up and was leaving the factory when it collided with a truck full of dairy produce. This is what happened… Skittles Dips. Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Lemon and Blackcurrant Skittles all smothered in Yoghurt. Yoghurt!? It couldn't have been a double-cream truck, could it?

I usually rip the edge off a packet of Skittles and then rather un-daintily tip the entire contents into my mouth and spend a great deal of time chewing, but seeing as I'm writing a blog here I better tell you what they taste like individually. It's at this point I'd like to point out how disturbed I was when I opened the packet. Generally when I open a packet of Skittles I like to breathe in the fruity aromas before shovelling them into my gob. This time there was no fruitiness. They smelt of yoghurt!

The yoghurt coated Skittles looked more or less the same off sickly white colour each, but with different rather ill looking colours underneath their coatings. I picked up a pasty faced off white yellow lemon Skittle to start with, and noted the small residue of yoghurt on my fingers once I popped it into my mouth. It took a bit to get to the sweet through the thick yoghurt coating. It actually tasted like a really creamy lemon Skittle. I was sold from this point. The Lime tastes ridiculously good. Creamy lime. The orange made me actually want to try orange jelly and ice cream… which I usually have in separate bowls (don't get me started on that!)!

I mean, whoever came up with this idea should get a medal or something. Maybe even a statue next where the two trucks crashed into each other. And these yoghurt coated Skittles just get better and better. The Strawberry was literally to die for. Strawberries and cream! Perfect for tennis. And then came the Blackcurrant, which is generally my favourite sweet flavour in any sweet packet. I was beyond typing at this point, my tastebuds somewhere close to the ceiling. These Skittles Dips are really something special. Try them and whatever you do; don't share!

Information on the packet;
In the 115g packet there are 172 calories per 38.3g serving (supposedly 3 servings in the packet), with 6.9g of fat, 26.8g of sugar, 0.09g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

18 June 2019

Oasis Aqua Shock - Spicy Raspberry (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

I bought this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry drink to share but decided to only buy one bottle and not two. For me the idea of a drink that “shocks” doesn’t actually sound like something I want to drink. I was thinking “refresh” is a much more sensible option. Anyway I bought one bottle to share between two and to taste test rather than to thirst quench. I approached the drink with caution too, I don’t mind a dash of chilli in a cooking sauce, but in a drink it just sounded weird.
This Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry is a still and clear drink, and I poured some into two glasses. Then I starred at it for a while trying to decide whether I actually fancied taking a sip, eventually I built up the courage for the sake of the blog. What happened next was a complete anticlimax, this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry is not shocking or spicy, it is a drink of flavoured berry water and if you really really concentrate you might just pick up on a tiniest dash of something warm, but realistically you probably wouldn’t notice anything but the light raspberry flavour.
I had another sip and realised I liked the drink and I would buy it again as it would be quite refreshing on a hot day. It is easy to drink and raspberry taste is very pleasant. The problem is that it doesn’t deliver the promised chilli buzz, so people like me who don’t get excited about a drink with a shocking kick won’t buy it. If you did want a spicy blast this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry will just disappoint.

17 June 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest

This is the third and final bar in the selection of new Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars that have been launched as part of a public vote. I have already written about “The Raspberry Shortcake” which was lacking raspberry taste and the “Choca-Latte” which was coffee based and which I loved. This bar is called Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest, and consists of orange flavoured chocolate with pieces of almond caramel.
The other two bars had quite a strong aroma when I took the wrapper off but this one had just a mild citrus hint. The other bars had a quite a lot of content visible too when the pieces were broken off, but this bar didn’t have show much.

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest

I tried one of the pieces of chocolate and found myself thinking that it needed more orange. If you are going to name a bar “Simply The Zest” it sort of comes with quite a bit of expectation that the chocolate is going to have a strong orange taste, I think it was far too mild in orange citrus tang, it was just a gentle background flavour. I did like the almond caramel pieces (think Orange Daim Bar) the crunch and sugary hit was nice. In fact the more I do think Orange Daim Bar the more I found myself thinking I’d rather be eating one of those. This Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest bar was okay, but it wasn’t magic. The same goes for The Raspberry Shortcake, neither had anything offensive about them. The coffee one, Choca-Latte rocked my world, and is something new for the British market which is desperately lacking chocolate coffee combos. I know where my vote is going.

16 June 2019

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett (by @NLi10)

Convenient olives seems to be a growth area and I love eating olives so I’m going to keep participating!

Here we have Olly’s Olives - a cool little brand that has show up near the counters in Holland & Barrett. I chose the Hippie flavour to eat first.

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett

They have a few odd claims. Would olives need to be pasteurised if they are in the salty water? It said no messy oil, then dripped something on my trousers - annoying!!

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett

Flavours here are exactly what I want though, lemon and olive goodness. Not a huge portion but a good convenient snack when in town!