3 December 2020

Drinks! More Sky Juice and trendy beers aka - what's in my fridge! (@NLi10)

 Lets have a look in my fridge!

Lots of jars, lovely lovely Pizza Express house dressing, that chilli chutney from a few weeks back, and of course a few bottles of Sip Shack Sky Juice (which I just took some new pictures for and added to the old review).

And it's these drinks we'll look at today - not the one on the right - that's too Christmassy for yet!

So here we have a new variety of the Genna Juice version of Sky juice (grape) - a little American for my taste, but unusual enough to be very enjoyable.  Great with dinner!

What is also great with dinner is a tiny tin of beer.

This is a trendy beer that I like to have in trendy places that I have food.  The pump is easy to spot as I thought it had a diver on it.  Turns out its an old school space man skeleton - of course!

Here he is in his close up.  I also had another Beavertown IPA in a cool can that I didn't really enjoy as much.  This one is nice - Spectre is much better at describing beer than I am so I'll just say it went well with the chilli.

2 December 2020

Skittles Giants 3x Bigger (Sainsburys) By @SpectreUK

Skittles Giants

These new Skittles Giants are three times larger than the usual Skittles variety and they are also softer inside. They come in the regular Skittles flavours of; Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Blackcurrant, and orange. I have on many occasions in the past rather enjoyed popping one or two or a small handful (mainly this one) of Skittles into my mouth at a time whilst online gaming or watching a movie. Skittles make a pretty juicy sugary alternative treat instead of popcorn.

Skittles Giants

As you can see from the photograph, these Skittles Giants are pretty big. On taste these Skittles Giants are definitely softer than the regulars. The softer texture is kind on my old teeth, not that they had too much of a problem with the smaller variety of Skittles though. On taste the orange Skittles are the regular tangy orange flavour and very moreish. The bigger strawberry flavour Skittles seem juicer and more mouth watering than usual, perhaps because they are bigger? The green Skittles are a very good flavoursome sour lime. The green Skittles are slightly sourer than the sweeter giant lemon Skittles. The blackcurrant Skittles Giants are probably the juiciest after the strawberries, but it's a pretty close run thing.

Immediately after chewing a few of the flavours I asked Cinabar to get me some more packets of these Skittles Giants in for stock. They're that good. These Skittles Giants make me smile and make me feel young, which is definitely no bad thing in this day and age. These great big juicy balls of joy… er, that didn't sound right… get my thumbs up, anyway! Well, I think I'll leave it there…

Information on the packet; The 141g packet suggests 47g per serving at 191 calories, with 2g of fat, 35.5g of sugar, and 0.01g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Skittles Giants

1 December 2020

Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate (Whittard) By @Cinabar

Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate (Whittard)

I succumbed to the Black Friday online shopping event and spent some of the evening buying bits and bobs of random things off the internet. Things I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t spend that much but I’m still awaiting a few parcels, oops, one of the first to turn up was the box from Whittard with some hot chocolates in it, they had 20% discount not the biggest discount but apparently enough to tempt me.

Turkish Delight is an acquired taste but it is one I love, I was particularly happy with there being a new lemon variety in the Fry’s bars this year too. Traditionally Turkish Delight is rose and this hot chocolate is inspired by that. The drink is made with hot milk as all the best hot chocolates are and I make it in the microwave. The Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate powder dissolved easily and made a very smooth drink.

I loved the flavour, the cocoa was stronger than expected, it was supposed to represent a milk chocolate but could have easily been mistaken for dark. The rose flavour was well balanced, it wasn’t overly sweet but the floral tones worked well with the chocolate. This was something a bit different and still made a soothing chocolate and rose flavour drink. I’m happy with my new tub of hot chocolate, worth it even without the discount.

Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate (Whittard)

30 November 2020

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda) By @Cinabar

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda)

As you may have noticed from some of my previous reviews I have been in pursuit of the perfect hot chocolate recently, and obviously the perfect hot chocolate comes with an accompaniment of marshmallows, and ideally cream but let’s focus on the former. Asda have these new Extra Special White Chocolate and Vanilla Flavour ones so I bought a box to see what they are like. They certainly look very posh.

Inside the box were six decent sized cubes of marshmallow coated in a thick creamy white chocolate. Being lady like meant I tried to eat them in multiple bites which wasn’t that easy. The soft centre of the mallow was still fairly firm and as it was also squishy it meant the white chocolate crumbled off everywhere. My attempt to be lady like soon disappeared with a shower of white chocolate on the floor. I should have just eaten them whole but they are quite big! The white chocolate coating was lovely and creamy and had a good rich flavour. The mallow inside was lovely and springy and had a nice sweet vanilla taste. I liked the mix of textures even if it was a little messy. These are quite special marshmallows, and I did enjoy the addition of the white chocolate even if it was difficult to eat. They went perfectly with my cocoa I even dunked a little bit!

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda)