12 April 2021

Walkers Max - Kentucky Fried Chicken Crisps (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Walkers Max - Kentucky Fried Chicken Crisps

When I wrote about Walkers Max KFC Zinger crisps I was sort of aware that these Walkers Max Kentucky Fried Chicken crisp were also available but assumed they would be quite samey, minus the chilli of course. Curiosity got the better of me when I saw them in our local branch of Tesco and I added them to my basket.

We decided to share them with lunch and I poured some out. The aroma is quite strong in pepper, not something that I immediately associate with Kentucky Fried Chicken but not a bad smell either. There is quite a bit of seasoning on each crisp as the ridges are quite deep. I gave one a try and it did taste of KFC but it was missing something, namely the chicken. These crisps seem to be flavoured with the KFC seasoning and have missed the chicken element, also there is a mysterious extra helping of black pepper. The problem was as they were close to be something I recognised but not quite there my tastebuds spent the whole time thinking they weren’t quite right which distracted me from enjoying them for what they were. The flavour of these Walkers Max Kentucky Fried Chicken crisps was pleasant, the crunch from those ridges was lovely, I’d have just liked the chicken taste adding in and a little less of the pepper if I had the choice.

Walkers Max - Kentucky Fried Chicken Crisps

11 April 2021

Magnum Mini Double Raspberry (& Chocolate) @NLi10

Sometimes small is good.  Take these Magnum Minis.  The big Magnus are perfect for walking round the park with on a hot summer day - but at home you just want a nice little pudding - and here we go.

I used to buy these for work when Tesco had them on special - but they were never this layered or exciting.

There is a Raspberry & a chocolate version and both are very similar, except the layers are fruity in mine and chocolaty in my partners.

They look very swish

Mine has a layer of jam(ish) in between one thick and one thin layers of classic magnum chocolate.

The raspberry ice-cream appears!

And it actually looks like it does on the box.  Sure - nothing beats the luxury of the Magnum vanilla, but this is a great fruity experience.  We have one each of each flavour - and a spare - in the box of 6 so this will do us for many more movie nights going forwards.

And if you do fancy a bigger ice-cream just eat one of each!


10 April 2021

Twice Tangled Badger Beers IPA (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Twice Tangled Badger Beers IPA

Badger Ales is a favourite brewer of mine. There seems a proud history that comes with this Twice Tangled double hopped Indian Pale Ale. Seven generations of brewers since 1777 have been brewing at Badger Ales. I've enjoyed many of their beers in the past, but this 5.2% in volume Twice Tangled seems to have escaped me.

WGV or Whitbread Goldings Variety hops, as well as Centennial and Amarillo hops were used in the brewing, with a very secretive sounding "specially selected malt". On opening the bottle there was a fresh sweet malt smell similar to amber malt, and a herbal hop aroma. This deep amber coloured ale was a surprise to all of my senses. I was expecting a golden IPA.

The initial taste of the rich sweet malts don't lean towards an IPA. This Twice Tangled looks and tastes similar to an amber ale. There was a hint of pale malt, but only a hint. The mixture of fresh crisp herbal hops lean further towards an amber ale, and further away from the Indian Pale Ales I'm used to. This Twice Tangled is an amber ale in disguise, and a very tasty one at that. I'll definitely have to have another bottle or two for regular enjoyment.

9 April 2021

Kit Kat Zebra - Black and White (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Zebra - Black and White

I spotted this new Kit Kat Zebra Black and White in Tesco and thought it looked super pretty so picked one up to try. The bar says it is a mix of dark and white chocolate for the pattern. My first thought was that the dark and white chocolate mix might even itself out and that it would taste like regular Kit Kat, but I guess we are about to find out.

Once out of the wrapper the bar did indeed look very smart, it was clear that the dark chocolate was predominant, with the base of the bar being made up entirely of dark chocolate. The Inside of the Kit Kat sticks looked like the regular bar with the regular wafer. Flavour wise the Kit Kat did taste like a dark chocolate version, with a nice rich cocoa. The white chocolate element was sadly all decoration and just the dark flavours shone through. This Kit Kat Zebra Black and White might not be revolutionary on flavour but it was a bit of fun and it was very enjoyable to munch on. It is a nice limited edition, I’d prefer a more exciting new flavour if I’m honest but I was still pleased to discover this pretty bar in the supermarket.

Kit Kat Zebra - Black and White