20 July 2024

Sweet Fuggle Beer (Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Sweet Fuggle Beer

Having COVID for a couple of weeks and then the aftereffects has knocked me about quite a lot, my tastebuds seem to be getting back to normal, but my stomach is not great, and this latest version comes with a great deal of dizziness. This dizziness didn't help on a night away in a spa hotel for my birthday. Consequentially this is the first beer I've had in a while. However, it's coming up to it's end date, and I don't want to tip it away.

Sweet Fuggle should wash down my pork chops and roast potatoes dinner tonight rather well. Cinabar is treating me to apple crumble and custard for my birthday. I've been assured there is a Victoria Sponge cake on the way, and I'm hoping for my favourite soft baked Anzac biscuits too. I have quite a sweet tooth, so I'm hoping this beer will suit my palate.

At a super low 2.1% in volume, Sweet Fuggle shouldn't make me much dizzier on drinking it. Fuggle hops and Goldings hops were added in the brewing, so I'm expecting some woody bitterness, and earthiness, with a touch of sweet honey in the flavour.

On pouring this golden ale there was indeed a woody earthy sweet aroma, with plenty of malt to back it up. On taste the earthy Fuggles' bitterness came to the fore, with a touch of wood flavour, and then sweetness from the Goldings. The sweet malted barley added further sweetness as oatiness gave this luscious Sweet Fuggle more body. This was a gorgeous beer to wash down my favourite pork chops and roast potatoes, and with apple crumble and custard to finish. Yum.

19 July 2024

Nescafe Quality Street Green Triangle Mocha (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Nescafe Quality Street Green Triangle Mocha

Here we have another product that has what I think is a Christmas twist: Nescafe Quality Street Green Triangle Mocha. I think it is because we probably only buy one tub of Quality Street a year, and it is for sharing during the festive season. As a chocolate nut lover, my favourites in the tub are the purple ones and the green triangles, so this drink really appealed.
Nescafe Quality Street Green Triangle Mocha

On a day with roasting hot weather, we should be having iced drinks, but I fired up the kettle to make a mug of Nescafe Quality Street Green Triangle Mocha. I added the sachet to my mug and followed the instructions. I added hot water and stirred. Then I waited 20 seconds and stirred again. I also followed the slightly weird instruction of tapping the mug on the surface. I don’t really know what this does, but it was simple enough to do. Thankfully, the drink mixed up nicely without lumps either.

I gave the drink a sip and have to say I was super impressed by the flavour. There was a nice coffee base, and then there were lovely rich tones of chocolate and hazelnut. It was sweet, well balanced, and soothing, like a melting chocolate. I know I’m biassed about chocolate nut flavours, but my word, this drink was gorgeous. A hazelnut coffee delight, I didn’t even mind having a hot drink made on the hottest day of the year so far; it was that level of good. 

Nescafe Quality Street Green Triangle Mocha

18 July 2024

Alpro - Vegan yogurt style snacks - Blueberry & Cherry [@NLi10]

 I've been cutting back on the old dairy recently, but I'm yet to find a truly satisfying yogurt - but as Alpro make decent breakfast milks (but not for tea) so lets see what's up here.

This vegan version has plant based blueberry and cherry versions - both of the flavours are plants so shouldn't be an issue

They look like classic childhood cheap yogurts

Turns out it's essentially soy and sugar - which is fine, but surely Alpro are the almond experts - why aren't they in here.

And why such low fruit percentages?!

And what's a vegetal anyway

Looks Ok though - the lovely clear plastic is a great touch - but the label makes these a pain to recycle so I bet most just get chucked.

The consistency is a little too smooth - but would be perfect in a blended drink.  The flavour just isn't strong enough - why isn't there lovely little specks of the fruit to explode throughout?  Maybe it makes the soya go weird, who knows.

Overall though a nice, small desert.  Surely designed for the diet conscious and not me who wants to gorge on fruity goodness.  I've got loads of fresh fruit to add to the remaining ones though so a good time will be had.

17 July 2024

Junior Mints Minis (Petrol Station) By @Cinabar

Junior Mints Minis

It has been a while since I tied Junior Mints and I really liked them, but it is much easier to find Mint Poppets than imported sweets at a reasonable price. I recently spotted these Junior Mints Minis at a petrol station here in the UK, and I couldn’t resist picking up a bag. As a fan of chocolate mint, I was excited to try this mini version of the popular American treat, which I haven’t seen before. I also like that they are in a re-sealable bag, I wish more sweets did this. 

Pouring some out, I noticed how small they were and was initially worried that the balance of mint and chocolate might be off. Some products come in giant or mini versions, and it changes the flavour a bit. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I gave one a try. Despite their size, the peppermint flavour was prominent and paired perfectly with the dark chocolate, making them absolutely delicious. In fact, there was still a wonderfully minty blast and the rich, smooth dark chocolate working perfectly together. 

The chocolate mints are fairly soft; there is a slightly firmer texture from the chocolate coating, but they are certainly not hard mints. This soft texture makes them easy to eat, and  I absolutely love chocolate mint. Overall, Junior Mints Minis are refreshing and tasty, as a chocolate-mint lover I am really pleased a bought a bag. 

Junior Mints Minis

16 July 2024

Aero Strawberry Chocolate Bar (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Aero Strawberry Chocolate Bar

For summer, we have Aero's new Strawberry Chocolate Bar, which captures the classic flavours of a British summer with its strawberries and milk chocolate combination. This new bar features a milk chocolate coating enveloping pink-coloured bubbles, which are the hallmark of Aero's unique texture.

The bubbles provide a soft yet firm bite, creating a nice contrast that enhances the eating experience. I love texture. Although some might view the bubbles as a novelty, I find them genuinely enjoyable. It adds a lightness to the chocolate that makes it appear more substantial while being easy to bite into.

A memorable comment from a school teacher once suggested that Aero ingeniously sells air, making the chocolate look bigger than it is. Despite the criticism from him, I really like the texture and the satisfying chunkiness of Aero bars, which have clearly been successful for Aero.

Upon unwrapping, the bar releases an amazing, sweet aroma of chocolate and berries, instantly setting the stage for the taste experience. The flavour profile is lovely, with the milk chocolate blending with a sweet strawberry taste reminiscent of a strawberry milkshake. This new Aero Strawberry Chocolate Bar is truly a fruity chocolate delight, perfect for summer indulgence.

Aero Strawberry Chocolate Bar