17 June 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest

This is the third and final bar in the selection of new Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars that have been launched as part of a public vote. I have already written about “The Raspberry Shortcake” which was lacking raspberry taste and the “Choca-Latte” which was coffee based and which I loved. This bar is called Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest, and consists of orange flavoured chocolate with pieces of almond caramel.
The other two bars had quite a strong aroma when I took the wrapper off but this one had just a mild citrus hint. The other bars had a quite a lot of content visible too when the pieces were broken off, but this bar didn’t have show much.

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest

I tried one of the pieces of chocolate and found myself thinking that it needed more orange. If you are going to name a bar “Simply The Zest” it sort of comes with quite a bit of expectation that the chocolate is going to have a strong orange taste, I think it was far too mild in orange citrus tang, it was just a gentle background flavour. I did like the almond caramel pieces (think Orange Daim Bar) the crunch and sugary hit was nice. In fact the more I do think Orange Daim Bar the more I found myself thinking I’d rather be eating one of those. This Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest bar was okay, but it wasn’t magic. The same goes for The Raspberry Shortcake, neither had anything offensive about them. The coffee one, Choca-Latte rocked my world, and is something new for the British market which is desperately lacking chocolate coffee combos. I know where my vote is going.

16 June 2019

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett (by @NLi10)

Convenient olives seems to be a growth area and I love eating olives so I’m going to keep participating!

Here we have Olly’s Olives - a cool little brand that has show up near the counters in Holland & Barrett. I chose the Hippie flavour to eat first.

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett

They have a few odd claims. Would olives need to be pasteurised if they are in the salty water? It said no messy oil, then dripped something on my trousers - annoying!!

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett

Flavours here are exactly what I want though, lemon and olive goodness. Not a huge portion but a good convenient snack when in town!

15 June 2019

Founders Brewing All Day IPA Beer (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Founders Brewing All Day IPA Beer

A while back I thought of the concept of a breakfast beer when drinking a beer that's name has slipped from my old head. I'm probably not the first. Not to forget a beer… but to think of beer for breakfast. Of course there is 'hair of the dog' for those that have had a hard session the night before, and wake up to cure their hangover with an early morning beer. This All Day IPA is brewed by Founders Brewing company in Michigan, USA. It's quite strong for a session ale at 4.7% in volume, so I'm not sure people could drink it all day and be standing by the end of it. I suppose if you're savvy you could try to save one to cure your hangover the next morning?

On popping open the 355ml can there was a well travelled ca-thunk, click and fizz! It was the cheerful sound you may hear in a beer commercial that made me want to drink the contents straight away. There was the unmistakable smell of sweet pale malt mixed with herbal hops and a little citrus in the background. This All Day IPA pours as a deep golden pale ale. On taste it's really rich in flavour. There's crispy bitterness that instantly combines with the sweetness from the barley malts. This bitterness follows through to the aftertaste, with oodles of herbal hops and that citrus flavour nudging away at my tastebuds in the background. This is a really glorious beer that would not go amiss at any time of the day, even if I'd be too pie-eyed to drink it All Day!

14 June 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte

Gosh I love the combination of chocolate and coffee. It must be an acquired taste though as it is surprisingly hard to find a decent bar of chocolate flavoured with coffee. There are few on the market, but when you consider how popular caramel is, you soon notice how unpopular coffee is. The point is I was viewing this Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte bar as having a lot of potential.
This new bar is one of the new varieties from Cadbury which is one of three the have been brought out, although they only intend to keep one for sale. This is decided by a public vote, of course as everything important is these days. I have tried the Cadbury Dairy Milk - The Raspberry Shortcake bar but thought it wasn’t fruity enough.
I pulled back the wrapped and the coffee aroma was amazing. Weirdly after a moment the scent had gone and the chocolate bar itself didn’t smell anywhere near as strong, I started to think they packaged it with an extra puff of coffee aroma in the wrapper! :-D
Thankfully the bar has lots of coffee flavour, and a rather lovely crunch from some added biscuit pieces. It was was sweet, with lovely tones of roast coffee and Dairy Milk chocolate. The coffee was very well balanced, it worked with the chocolate not over powering it and as someone who loves that combination I was in heaven. The raspberry bar didn’t get my vote, this Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte bar is looking like the one, it would have to take a heck of a lot from the other new orange bar to beat this coffee chocolate treat.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte