21 August 2019

Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies (By @SpectreUK)

I do enjoy a white hot chocolate drink every night after dinner. I used to have a black coffee, but found for some reason the caffeine at that time can give me nightmares. I like to eat some sort of chocolate bar or biscuits for desert, rather than a cake or something fairly healthy. I save the fruit for the daytime, pudding is supposed to be a treat. Having said that, I am quite partial to melons for breakfast, but enough said about that!

These Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies have recently been brought out by Mars Wrigley Confectionery. I've never seen Galaxy white chocolate before, so I'm intrigued as to what it will taste like, especially in cookies, which are usually a favourite biscuit of mine… well most biscuits are favourites of mine to be honest.

On opening the packet the smell of baked cookies and white chocolate filled my nostrils with a tantalising aroma. As you can see from the photograph, I was kind of hoping that for 114 calories these Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies would be a little bigger. There are eight cookies in the packet and I realised that as I'm trying to keep weight off my slowly decreasing tummy I'd have to share these. I don't want them to go soft, but I was hoping for maybe four so I could have two each day. Call me "selfish" (because I am, oh, and greedy… which doesn't help with the weight loss!), but I don't like sharing good food!

On taste these Galaxy White Chocolate Chunk Cookies are sublime. It's going to be very difficult to let some of these go to Cinabar and her mom. I am going to the gym tomorrow, so I can at least have more of them for pudding tomorrow night. These cookies have a decent crunch, melt in the mouth texture and the creamy white chocolate is just begging to be made into a chocolate bar. Go on Mars Wrigley, you know you want to make me one!

Information on the packet;
The 180g packet contains 114 calories per 22.5g cookie, with 5.9g of fat, 7.3g of sugar and 0.1g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

20 August 2019

Habanero Hot Wings Ridge Cut Crisps (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

My favourite flavour of crisps is chicken, but I like spicy crisps too so I couldn’t resist adding this bag of Habanero Hot Wings Ridge Cut Crisps to my basket as I was wandering around Marks and Spencer food hall, it seemed to be a good combination of flavours. Although I say I like spicy crisps my tolerance for chilli is average, I’m not one of these people who want the spice to set fire to my tastebuds. This meant that after I got home | found myself googling Habanero and discovering it is a “very hot” variety, and then trying to work out if I made the right decision about these crisps.
Being brave, and in the name of Foodstuff Finds, I found myself sharing some Habanero Hot Wings Ridge Cut Crisps out with lunch. The aroma from the bag was lovely, lots of nice spice. There is also some sushi in the photo, I picked that up too in Marks, I just couldn’t resist.

The crisps seem to vary in colour with some being very strongly seasoned with and other with less built up in the ridges. I went for the darkest crisp I could find and gave it the taste test. I found that the chilli isn’t strong, I think it would be pushing it to say it was a medium heat but for me that worked out well. The taste is a nice meaty chicken flavour, and lots of warmth from spices like paprika, a nice hit of tomato and a gentle bit of chilli. I loved them, they combined my favourite flavours into one variety and were a total hit for me. I imagine some people might want more chilli heat, but I’d argue that these work perfectly as they are, and you don’t need a killer burn to enjoy spiced chicken. Habanero maybe, but not that much of it.

19 August 2019

Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie (Poundland) By @Cinabar

I love exploring the grab bags in Poundland for new chocolate and sweets. Even though I go as often as every couple of weeks there always seems to be something new and interesting to try. This weeks I spotted Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie, which is a variation on the regular ones which contain caramel, these instead are filled with brownie. The packaging is very similar to the regular Munchies, and I nearly missed them as a new product, lucky I’m eagle eyed.
The packaging of the Munchies shows a picture of the centre with two layers, with two different but similarly coloured dark brown centres.

When I split one of the Munchies I realised that they had two layers but the centre bit was much lighter that the packaging picture. The centre is biscuit and crunchy, which is what makes these munchie! The coating around the biscuit is soft and chocolate flavoured, there is a hint of fudge but it isn’t that much of a flavour. I’m pleased that they have brought a new variety but as far these Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie they are basically crunchy chocolates with nothing to exciting to the flavour. Think generic chocolate truffle with a bit of biscuit. They didn’t really remind me of chocolate fudge brownies, but they were sweet and enjoyable. The texture was thick and a little heavy like a brownie can be. I think I like the caramel original ones more. Having said that Google suggests they have brought out Cookie Dough as a variety too, so I shall do my best to hunt those out too.

18 August 2019

Salzburg - Nuii ice cream and holiday snaps (@NLi10)

One of my ideas for my two week holiday in Europe was to film loads and put up mini reviews on YouTube.  Most places that would have really been quite boring for both of us - but Salzburg would have been fine.

Here are some lovely Brezen/Pretzels for you to eat if you don't mind that there are wasps on almost all of them.  Yum!

As it was stupidly hot (for an Englisher - for the locals it was almost 10 degrees hotter the previous week!) I went for an icecream instead.

This one is basically and almond Magnum.  I shall procede to hold it up in front of tourist hot-spots.

This is the castle from the last review but a lot closer.

This is the entrance to the funicular that takes you up to the castle without effort.  If you buy a Salzburg pass then go right as you get inside the door you can skip the ticket queue and get right on up!

I'm saving that for tomorrow (although this review is going up almost a month to the day afterwards!) so here is a nice view of the cobbled streets that lead you up the back - free - way.  No one is daft enough to wander up in this heat though right?

Up we go! Every angle in Salzburg is very pretty.

And for those of you who have seen The Sound OF Music - this is the exact gate that Maria comes out of at a key part with her suitcase.  Apparently - I've not seen it properly yet... They had to cut a hole in the bars in the gate to get the shot - it's in the final edit but you don't notice it.  Eavesdropping on the American tour groups is great!