31 March 2018

Cheshire Chocolate Porter (Marks & Spencer) By @SpectreUK

Over my several years of beer blogging I've written about some strange flavoured beers, some fruity and many chocolatey. At times I come across a beer that's familiar, like any snack in the shops I walk by and think "have a blogged about this?" This is one of those occasions that I've found a beer that I'm sure I've written about. However, we've searched all the way through the blog and I just haven't written about it. It feels like one of those people you meet and you're sure you've known them somewhere before. However, this Cheshire Chocolate Porter from the Unicorn Brewery in Stockport is a new find. At 6% volume this Chocolate Porter has chocolate flavouring added during the brewing, making it perfect for blogging about at Easter time. Especially when we found I had written about the chocolate stout that I was going to write about instead, because I was so sure I had written about this beer rather than that one!

After the initial blogging confusion, there was a strong chocolate smell to this porter on opening, which wasn't much of a surprise, but there was one surprise in store for me. I was expecting this chocolate porter to be almost black in colour, but it fact it was a deep brown. Although I probably do need to get out a bit more! Anyway, this is a chocolate porter through and through. There is chocolate in the initial flavour which mixes well with the sweet malts and dash of herbal hoppy bitterness into the chocolatey aftertaste. I could also taste the strength of the alcohol, making this seem like a chocolate porter liquor towards the back of the flavour, which is step away from the roasted chocolate malt with coffee undertones that I've been used to in the past. In fact the taste through this familiar porter made it altogether unfamiliar indeed. It's certainly a pudding beer to savour with a chocolate egg or two! Happy Easter!

30 March 2018

Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake Recipe (@Cinabar)

As part of Cadbury's Creme Egg Camp they have worked with Georgia Green of Georgia’s Cakes and launched some remarkably chocolatey Cadbury Creme Egg recipes. As it is Easter I picked a cheesecake to have a go at.

We started by collating all the ingredients; there were some serious numbers of Cadbury Creme Eggs involved, and I have to say chopping them was sticky business!

We mixed up the cream cheese with the icing sugar, added the chopped creme eggs, and whipped cream. There was a fun par of trying to stick halved Creme Eggs around the edges, which was also messy business! This looked okay when it had set though.

Finally we did the decorating, and as the caramel sauce went everywhere (it glugged out) we didn't get as far as the melted chocolate, but is still looked good.

In conclusion this is a very sweet chocolatey treat, and less is more with the portion size! It did make a lovely Easter cake on Good Friday. Happy Easter everyone, the full recipe is below:

Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake by Georgia’s Cakes


10 Cadbury Creme Eggs
6 mini Cadbury Creme Eggs
150g digestive biscuits
75g melted butter
750g full fat cream cheese
150g icing sugar
1 vanilla pod
300ml double cream
White chocolate, melted
Dark Chocolate, melted
Caramel sauce

8 inch cake ring or spring form tin

1. Line the inside of the tin or ring with some acetate - this will make it easier to remove the cheesecake after it’s been set
2. Crush the biscuits into fine crumbs and stir the melted butter in
3. Pour into the cake tin and press around the bottom of the tin so the whole surface is covered and compact
4. Put in the fridge to set
5. Chop 5 of the Cadbury Creme Eggs up into small chunks and set to one side
6. In a bowl, beat together the cream cheese, vanilla seeds from the vanilla pod and sifted icing sugar
7. In a separate bowl, whisk the double cream until it’s just started to firm up
8. Gently fold the cream into the cream cheese mix until it’s combined
9. Add the chopped up Creme Eggs and mix in
10. Take out the cake tin with the biscuit case
11. Cut the remaining Cadbury Creme Eggs in half - length ways - and arrange them facing out around the sides of the cake tin (use the goo to make them stick to the sides!)
12. Pour in the cheesecake mix and flatten off the top with a spatula or palette knife
13. Set in refrigerator for at least 1 hour
14. Once set, take out the fridge and remove the tin being careful with the outside of the cake
15. If applied, remove the acetate too
16. Drizzle over some white chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel sauce in a criss cross pattern
17. Cut the mini Creme Eggs in half - length ways and - arrange around the outside of the cheesecake

29 March 2018

Lizi's High Protein granola (@Ocado)

We love Lizi's cereals.  Don't tell Mr. Kellog's's but Lizi is much better at it.  A good while ago I picked up this bag of high protein granola.  We've reviewed the 1000 hours brands high protein efforts so I figured I'd give it a go.

As you can see it's the usual amazingly high quality - actual recognisable things and really soft and squidgy granola to go with it.

Essentially it's your typical Lizi's cereal with soya protein flakes added - but it works a treat.  You can be all healthy and have this with almond milk and really taste the richness of all the flavours coming through.  There are a mixture of textures in every bite!

As usual I will be rationing myself and only having this at the weekends as a treat - back to the standard staples in the week - but boy is it something to look forwards to!  Another massive hit.

28 March 2018

Cadbury’s Crème Egg Fun-filled Ice Creams (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Happy Easter! It’s chocolate time! We have some slightly warmer (if not damper) weather on the way, so Cinabar bought these Limited Edition Cadbury’s Crème Egg Fun-filled Ice Creams to try. Produced for Cadbury’s Ice Cream Land these 100ml choc-ices on sticks have a runny Crème Egg filling. As you can see from the photograph below the soft ice cream centre has a runny yellow yoke.

The usual Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate holds the ice cream well together throughout eating, unless you’re writing a blog at the same time and take too long to eat it. I found this to my cost when what was left of the chocolate top melted off and landed on the floor. I did have to spend some time trying to convince my brain there wasn’t actual egg on the floor whilst trying to mop it up! So they’re not particularly messy to eat, although I did get yoke in my chin whiskers at one point. The ice cream and added yoke do taste like a cold creamy Cadbury’s Crème Egg. Although I will say one thing you have to expect is that the chocolate certainly isn’t as thick as a normal Crème Egg, so you get more ice cream Crème Egg than Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate. So if you like the centre eat these Cadbury’s Crème Egg Fun-filled Ice Creams, or if you like the chocolate eat the Cadbury’s Crème Eggs… How will you eat yours?

Information on the packet;
Each 100ml ice cream has 250 calories, with 14.4g of fat, 24.5g of sugar and 0.14g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

27 March 2018

White Chocolate Coated Cookies and Cream (Asda) By @Cinabar

One of my favourite biscuits are Oreo Dipped, ideally in white chocolate. They are essentially what the name implies, Oreos coated in an extra layer of chocolate. As much as I love these biscuits finding them has become a bit of a challenge. They seem to be seasonal as they are more commonly available in Winter months, and are only briefly stocked in the supermarkets, often over Christmas. Import shops sometime have them straight from America, but some of the prices have made me pause. I was alerted to these new White Chocolate Coated Cookies and Cream biscuits from a friend who said Asda might be selling something similar, so I had to pick these up.

The White Chocolate Coated Cookies and Cream are packaged in a smart blue box. Inside the box are twin packs of the biscuits in foil, which make them perfect for a lunch box as a treat. The biscuits are a dark biscuit dipped in white chocolate, and you can just about see the darkness through the white shell. While I was holding it in my hand to take a picture, and of course during eating, I noticed that the coating was a little sticky. It has a much lower melting point than my usual Dipped Oreos. The biscuit was different in texture too, it was much drier and crispier, but the dark flavour was there and the white chocolate coating brought the flavours together.
These biscuits are almost spot in, there are some differences in the texture, but the flavour contains that lovely mix of dark cocoa and creamy white chocolate which is really what has me hooked. I think Oreos have the edge, but as these are so much easier to find in the UK they are a happy replacement until the next time the Dipped Oreos get stocked.

26 March 2018

March Degusta Box (Unboxing @DegustaboxUK) By @Cinabar

It is that time again, when the lovely folk from Degusta Box send round a pack of goodies for unboxing. I always love the surprise element with their boxes, and couldn't wait to see what was tucked away inside.

This month the box was quite heavy, which led me to think there might be a few drinks inside, and I was right about this. There were other goodies too, so first up I found Mr Lee's Hong Kong Street Beef. This is an instant noodle product, where you add hot water to get a simple noodle lunch.  this could easily be spiced up with a splash of the new Encona Limited Edition Chilli Sauce. This is Encona's hottest sauce, and looks pretty scary. Not sure I'd be brave enough to eat it neat, but I'm sure it can spice up any number of sauces.

As this is the Easter box, there are some sweet treats too. There are some Mini Eggs from Nestle, mixing the filling with either Smarties chocolate or Milkybar. These eggs will not last long here at Foodstuff Finds, and will be excellent for munching on while watching an Easter film.
There is also an interesting looking flapjack from Hapervoll, which is also a Limited Edition. It looks fun and spicy, and is flavoured with cinnamon and cloves, which are similar to Hot Cross bun flavours really.

I'm always pleased when my Degusta box has something nice for breakfast, and this box is no disappointment. The box contains the new cereal from Shreddies; Max Granola. These are a good sauce of protein so very much on trend for foodies.

Quite by lucky coincidence there was a jar of Cirio tomatoes. I'm making pasta sauce this week so this is a welcome addition in the box. It is made with 100% pure tomatoes, and I always find the Cirio  products to be have particularly good flavour and a nice level of sweetness.

As predicted earlier there are quite a few drinks in this box, and they start with a couple of school ground favourites. We have a chocolate milkshake from the Canny company. This is a nice twist on the drink though as it has no added sugar, and is all natural. There are also some fruit cartons, like the one I used to take in my lunch box to school. These are mixed berries flavour and the cartons are decorated with Roald Dahl's favourite Matilda.

On a bit more of a grown up twist, there is also an energy drink. I'll be honest this is the sort of thing I'd normally pick up, but this one does look interesting. It is all natural and made by Tenzing, the caffeine even comes from green coffee beans.

Last but by no means least is this fab bottle of Ribena, that I can't wait to try. It is flavoured with Pineapple and Passion Fruit, and I do love the tropical tastes. This will come in very handy over Easter and I can't wait to give it the taste test.
I've really enjoyed this month box from Degusta, and I am looking forward to trying all the new products.

25 March 2018

Figgypops - tart cherry fig supersnacks (Costco) by @NLi10

My parents were given this bag of amusingly named FiggyPops by a friend who shops at CostCo - apparently they are in high demand and often they don't have any left.

To me this is very similar to the Bounce energy snacks form Holland & Barrett so I wondered what the fuss was about to make these get imported especially from the USA.

They have a lot of good things in them - indeed if they were native to this country the bag would have 5 a day all over it.  It's mostly natural things (the ingredients list is mostly the word organic) and has avoided refined sugar too.  I think that's pretty good for a compulsive snack food.

They don't look like much, but they do pack a reasonable flavour punch for the size.  

For me though, I wasn't over keen.  I'm more about the seeds and the coconut than the dried fruit.  My Mother loves things like dried apricots so to her this is totally next level snacking.  If you have a hankering for dried fruit and want something that is pretty darn luxurious then you should hunt these down.  But if you are in the UK then I'm guessing it's CostCo or bust!

24 March 2018

Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Lagunitas Brewing Company believes it's the last Small Brewer in America to can their beer. They describe this 12th of Never Ale as "twelve ounces of malt, hops, yeast, love and vibe in a solution of dihydrogen oxide captured in an alumin-yum wrapper…", which struck me as a play on a word that American's don't usually include the 'i' before the 'u' when pronouncing the word aluminium. In fact the word aluminum was changed to aluminium in the nineteenth century in this country, as scientists decided at the time is sounded more eloquent, however Americans didn't change it. I don't think Lagunitas Brewing Company are trying to start a revolution in how Aluminium is pronounced across the pond, I just think the play on the word "alumin-yum" just sounded fun. Reading the crazy fantasy blurb on the 355ml alu-whatever can and you can see that this brewing company doesn't take itself too seriously, which could be a lesson to us all. On opening the 5.5% volume ale there was certainly a decent hoppy smell mixed with a sweet barley malt. This fresh light golden pale ale glistens in the afternoon sun. On taste this is definitely a beer made with love and care. The spicy herbal hops tickle the palate first with the sweet malts following closely behind and into the aftertaste. Who cares how we pronounce it, because this beer is absolutely yum!

23 March 2018

Nescafe Gold White Chocolate & Pistachio Mocha (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I like to take these instant drinks in for work, as we unfortunately don’t have a posh coffee machine in our office. These sachet coffees mix up simply with only the need for a kettle and hot water. We normally buy the lattes and the cappuccinos, but quite often there are interesting Limited Edition flavours, such as this new Nescafe Gold White Chocolate and Pistachio Mocha.
One cold afternoon I put the kettle on and poured the contents of the sachet into my mug. Now the there is a trick to making these drinks, and it is about stirring it twice. I like to add water and stir, then wait a minute. The water line will have gone down a little, so I top it up and then stir again. This makes the drink perfect for me. Once it had cooled a little, I don’t add milk, I took my first sip. The flavour was surprisingly delicate. I think I was worried that it would be over sweet, or that the nut flavour would end up with that weird marzipan taste. Thankfully it was a subtle but proper flavour of pistachio and just a hint of sweetness and creaminess from the white chocolate, and lovely tones of coffee. Not a strong flavour by any means, but an easy to drink tasty coffee combination. Perfect for soothing away a chilly afternoon.

22 March 2018

Morrisons Chicken Katsu Pie @NLi10

Mmmm - Pie!

While I realise I should have reviewed this on the 14th March, it was a Wednesday and I don't do those.

While my partner was away I took that opportunity to try another meaty pie from Morrison's. 

A Japanese inspired Pie is right up my street.

And although it just looks like any brown curry pie the flavours are surprisingly sophisticated.  It has the gravy curry flavour of Katsu, and has decent lumps of chicken.  The shortcrust pastry is really nice too - although some of that may be down to the fact there was still a little oil on the baking tray from a previous meal so the bottom of the pie was lightly fried (amazing).

Something that would cause me to make a special trip to Morrison's? Maybe, but not quite up to PieMinister standards.

21 March 2018

Kings Rib Eye Flavour Biltong (Sainsbury’s @Kingssnacks) By @SpectreUK

I've tried Beef Jerky before, but never Biltong. Looking up the difference between the two on the internet, and it seems to be more around curing the beef to create Biltong with salt, vinegar and spices, whereas Jerky is usually smoked, Biltong is not. Kings have marinated and air-dried these strips of lean British and Irish beef to produce their Biltong, with the smokiness added as flavouring.
This Biltong is promoted as having "supreme protein", and there are a couple of recommendations for building muscle from sports professionals on the back of the packet. I guess it must be to do with the fact that 220g of beef was used per 100g "of finished product". So what happened, did they push a cow through a car crusher?
Anyway, on opening the packet there was a spicy and smoky beef smell, with paprika and red pepper predominately. On tasting the thin strips of slightly reddened beef the spices shone through to begin with followed by a light smokiness to the beef, and then quite a sharp saltiness and perhaps a hint of rosemary moving into the aftertaste. There was a mild heat from the red pepper and paprika to these faintly chewy flavoursome strips of beef. I'd certainly have this Biltong again as a beefy snack with my lunch, especially on the side next to my tuna sandwich for some surf and turf action after a session at the gym.
Information on the packet
The 35g packet has 266 calories per 100g (less than 95 calories per packet), with 3.98g of fat, 5.9g of salt. This Biltong is gluten and allergen free. Ingredients included; beef, sugar, salt, spices, herb, dried red pepper, dried onion, yeast extract, preservative; potassium sorbate, and smoke flavouring.

20 March 2018

New Cadbury Cupcakes With Flake (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I found this by scanning the new products section on the Morrisons website, and then added them to my basket. Anything new and chocolatey is a win for me, and I love Cadbury products. When the New Cadbury Cupcakes With Flake arrived the packaging made them look fairly generous in size, but when unpacked from their plastic box I realised they were actually quite a bit smaller than I thought they would be.
Inside the box were two cupcakes, in purple paper cases, topped with a chocolate frosting and of course a piece of Cadbury Flake chocolate. I gave one the the taste test and found them to be full of lovely chocolate flavour. The sponge was fluffy, sweet and rich, and the fondant icing was sugary with a good cocoa base. The Cadbury Flake was a nice touch, but that was where the theming with Cadbury ended. The chocolate flavour in the sponge and the icing was tasty, but it was quite a generic flavour, and not particularly that of Flake, which I always think is quite distinctive, it isn’t quite the same flavour of Dairy Milk. So the cupcakes are nice, and a good chocolate treat, but apart from the the Flake topping, they aren’t themed that strongly.

19 March 2018

New Feisty Cherry Diet Coke (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I ordered this from Morrisons when I saw that it looked sort of like a new flavour. I say sort of, Diet Cherry Coke is a drink I have had many times in the past, and this looked remarkably similar to it. In fact I almost didn’t take a picture of it when the bottle arrived, I started to assume it was regular Diet Cherry Coke re-branded as Feisty Cherry Diet Coke. Lucky I did take that picture because when I came to give it a try I realised it was all change for the drink.
When you first sip this cola you get a hit of cherry that is marginally stronger than regular Diet Cherry Coke, not much new there and if that is where it had stopped I probably would have stopped and not written this. It was at this point though that the weird thing happened, I got a strange tingle in my mouth. I want to say chilli, but it wasn’t hot or a burn, it was a weird feeling, like my mouth was itchy for a second. I took another sip, a nice swoop of Cherry Coke flavour, a pause, then a tickle at the back of my throat. Its not just the fizz from the bubbles, it is a weird aftertaste, taste isn’t the right word, its a odd sensation. It is not strong enough to be offensive, but it is weird, and I’m not a fan. I really hope this is a Limited Edition drink and that the normal version of Cherry Coke makes a quick comeback, this was not my cup of tea at all. I wanted a glass of water to wash the tingle away.

18 March 2018

London Street Food Mother Clucker & Tea @Nli10

We went to see the Harry Potter play in London.  No spoilers here - but it is very good.

Seeing it over two days meant we got to eat at lots of lovely places which is the goal of any trip really, isn't it!

The locals had even got in on the act with Potter/Star Wars themed coffee available.  Not interested though.

What I needed was chicken!

I had the Chicken Strips - I only learned afterwards that I should have added the nice fries too.  Oh well.

Mother Clucker is one of those semi-street food things where you have a van that can pop up anywhere.  Here it's down Brick Lane by Rough Trade East.

And it's pretty good.  The chicken is tender and fresh, the coating is thick and almost like an apple crumble topping (thanks Kate!) but in a KFC style with all the usual herbs and spices but a lot more quality.  I'd make a special trip over just to eat this again.

Here in Spittalfields Market I found a Chinese Tea shop (Yi Yang? I forgot to get the name!) and picked up a lovely strong herbal Lemon tea.

I had medium sugar and not heated, which I think was a mistake in the Mini-Beast Arctic winds.  I enjoyed it though.  I got told off by coffee drinkers for drinking it too slowly, but these herbal teas are meant to be sipped and enjoyed.  Everyone else seemed to be going for some kind of milky bubble tea, maybe I missed out.

We had a great time wandering around hipsterville and catching up with old friends. Have to do it again soon!

17 March 2018

Heritage Series: Suffolk Pale Ale (sold in Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Last week I blogged about Vintage Fine Ale, the first of two limited edition Greene King beers that have been made with the near extinct Chevallier malt from their secret (or maybe not) seed bank. Chevallier malted barley hasn't been used much in the last century and once the three fields of this rare malt have been all used up, it could be quite sometime before anyone tastes Chevallier in a beer again. This Suffolk Pale Ale is the second beer. Saaz hops and Strisselsplat hops were added in the brewing to create a mixture of floral, citrus, herbal and spicy bitterness to this pale ale.

On opening the 568ml bottle there was a spicy herbal hoppish smell mixed with the sweet malt. On taste this 5% volume ale had the now familiar sweet taste of the Chevallier malt to start with which again complemented the bitter flavours of the hops. There is spicy warmth here from the initial flavours mixed with the herbal and the floral hops and with a touch of citrus into the sweet malt aftertaste. This is a complex pale ale, full of all the flavours of hops and the luxurious sweetness of Chevallier. I can see why Greene King wanted to roll back the years to produce both these beers. It would be grand if they could create more fields of this Chevallier malted barley, as I'm sure these would become very popular beers without being limited editions.

16 March 2018

Muller Light – New Limited Edition Raspberry Doughnut Flavour Yoghurt (Lunch Trolley) By @Cinabar

I usually make my own sandwiches for work, but do occasionally have a look at the lunch trolley that comes around, often to just pick up a juice. Today however I spotted a selection of Muller yoghurts, and the inevitable ‘new’ label that drew me in. The flavour of this yoghurt is Raspberry Doughnut which sounded quite fun so I decided to have a this as a sweet treat for the afternoon. I thought I was being a bit naughty choosing a flavour that sounded so sugary, but when I had a further look at the packet I realised it was actually fairly low in calories (less than 100) and was fat free.
Inside the pot was a thickish yoghurt which had a pale pink colour. The flavour was quite strong, and the major element of that was the sugariness in taste. There was some pleasant acidic bite from the raspberry, but it was really quite sweet. If I was asked to describe the flavour I think I would have gone with raspberry icing, rather than doughnut, fruity but over-sweet. I couldn’t pick up on any of the doughnut part, just the tangy raspberry. I was after a sweet treat for the afternoon and this certainly delivered, so I can’t really complain, and technically all that flavour hit was still lower fat. This is perfect for when you want a sweetness hit without too much guilt or the calories.

15 March 2018

Marvel Surprise Barrel - Spider-Man Edition

I bought this from the shop opposite my parents house which had a selection of little prize pods, all about £1.

I decided to be rational and to only buy one - reasoning that they were probably all the same and not worth the time or money.

As usual the effort has been all put into the packaging - a staple of the Disappointment Wars series.

But here we have actual moulded Marvel logo, maybe official, maybe not.

And here we have the non edible contents. All surprisingly competent. You get three things - a sticker of most friendly Spider-Man (surely Friendly Neighbourhood is the slogan), a round spider disk and a stand up spider thing.

Here they are in close up - the spider disk is a bookmark too - and it’s number 46 so you’d have to spend £50 to get the set. Hmmmm.

You only get three sweets which is a shock, but they are nice which is a bigger shock! I ate all three. Never in the history of Dissapointment Wars has the food actually been eaten! This didn’t then get included dismissively with other tat - the Spider-Man barrel is the real deal. Sure it’s not worth £1 but if you have a young person who likes Marvel and isn’t too fussed about having useful things that actually relate to the brand then this is ok.

14 March 2018

Xtra Ginger Zinger (Waitrose) By @spectreUK

I may have mentioned it a few times, but there are certain aspects of my job that could be considered as boring. My job has tedious meetings where I’m talked at for ages until I zone out and start to doze off. This can happen quite quickly, especially if someone turns down the lights and commits “Death by Powerpoint (other presentation software is available)”. I drink hot drinks like tea and coffee to try and keep me awake. I’ve even got some spicy ginger tea as a pick me up if the other two don’t work. I sometimes appear rude by leaving a meeting half way through to make a cup of tea and to clear my head. So I suspect a one stop remedy could help.
This Xtra Ginger Zinger from James White’s Zinger Shots range is made with real ginger juice to “wake yourself up!” It also states “Intense & Hot” on the front of the bottle. This drink has organic chilli in the ingredients, just in case the ginger juice isn’t enough to wake you up. It seems like this little ‘shot of horrors’ could be considered a kill or cure. If it doesn’t wake me up, it may kill me! This could possibly be one of those moments Cinabar always wants to catch on video when I eat or drink something that could provoke an interesting reaction. It is just after 9am and a prime time for dozing (been as though I couldn’t keep my eyes open for a while yesterday at this time). An open plan office probably isn’t the right place for this, but oh well, here goes…
On opening the little plastic bottle there was a nose hair tingling smell of ginger, but this was then dulled by sweet apple. I looked at the ingredients and then started to doubt how ginger hot this drink could be. I wondered if I should drink this down in two to relish the flavour or down it in one as a precaution to not wanting the rest. I opted for two and whoo… the ginger and chilli hit first and hard, instantly setting the inside of my mouth on fire. There was then a sweet apple cushion for my tastebuds to land on after their freefall, but the burn lingered and I felt it travel down my throat and into my tummy. The trouble was I still had half of the bottle left. This time I held the rest of the liquid in my mouth for a time until it felt like my eyes were bleeding (mere seconds). I downed it and felt the same lingering ginger and chilli burn in my mouth and down into my gut. The sweet apple juice seemed an afterthought this time as I just concentrated on sitting still and not shouting for help. The aftertaste was a mixture of ginger, chilli and a little of the sweet apple cushion, but the burn in my mouth and throat lingered for ages, and my nose began to run a little. This is definitely a hot and tasty wake me upper. No chance of dozing off for a while at least…
Information on the bottle;
The 70ml bottle contains 50 calories per 100ml, with 8.2g of sugar, 0g of fat, and 0g of salt. The ingredients included; apple juice 59.5%, organic ginger juice 40%, organic chilli flavouring 0.5%, and antioxidant ascorbic acid.