30 November 2020

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda) By @Cinabar

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda)

As you may have noticed from some of my previous reviews I have been in pursuit of the perfect hot chocolate recently, and obviously the perfect hot chocolate comes with an accompaniment of marshmallows, and ideally cream but let’s focus on the former. Asda have these new Extra Special White Chocolate and Vanilla Flavour ones so I bought a box to see what they are like. They certainly look very posh.

Inside the box were six decent sized cubes of marshmallow coated in a thick creamy white chocolate. Being lady like meant I tried to eat them in multiple bites which wasn’t that easy. The soft centre of the mallow was still fairly firm and as it was also squishy it meant the white chocolate crumbled off everywhere. My attempt to be lady like soon disappeared with a shower of white chocolate on the floor. I should have just eaten them whole but they are quite big! The white chocolate coating was lovely and creamy and had a good rich flavour. The mallow inside was lovely and springy and had a nice sweet vanilla taste. I liked the mix of textures even if it was a little messy. These are quite special marshmallows, and I did enjoy the addition of the white chocolate even if it was difficult to eat. They went perfectly with my cocoa I even dunked a little bit!

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda)

29 November 2020

Co-op's All Butter Pastry Winter Eve's Pudding Tarts (@NLi10)

 Well - with the announced restrictions I think everyone has basically decided to have Christmas whenever (the adults anyway).  So - lets crack out the Winter Eve's Pudding Tarts - wait what?!

I see Co-op have also decided to appease my wrath by offering a festive alternative to the mince pie.  So lets have a look at them!

They have a tiny bit of sultanas in them to add a kick to the apple bit - but we will forgive them this time - seeing as it's Christmas.

Flo decided that they were quite interesting, but not enough to have a nibble.  She didn't even steal any of the stars!

They are pretty presentable too - despite all the ones in our shop having been stored on their sides so the tops were sliding off (whoops) and the little stars mean these will appeal to everyone.

And they are surprisingly light too - the filling is hidden at the bottom and it's mostly fluffy sponge.  I will make sure to have these again become Christmas disappears in Feb.

They taste more like a mulled wine pie than a mince pie and I heartily approve!

28 November 2020

Sharp’s Coconut Stout (Waitrose) By @spectreUK

Sharp’s Coconut Stout

This Sharp's Coconut Stout is part of their limited edition Adventure Series from their 2019 Reserve. Ah, 2019, when adventure was a little safer. Sharp's Brewery have combined dark chocolate malts, oats and coconut to create a creamy stout. I can't remember trying a coconut stout before myself so this can be an adventure first for me anyway. I just won't be travelling out of our locked down area, I'll just have a coconut stout adventure right here in an armchair.

At 5.2% in volume this pudding stout is shown on the label as having a chocolate and coffee aroma, with a flavour described as; "luxurious, smooth mouthfeel with chocolate and coffee undertones." Pale malts, as well as chocolate, caramalt, and oats were used in the brewing, with Magnum hops added and Sharp's special ingredient of coconut. I don't know about you, but using certain phrases such as "mouthfeel" always gives me a bit of an unpleasant shiver…

On opening the bottle there was the expected dark mouthwatering chocolate malt smell, with deep roasted coffee at the back of the aroma. This almost black coconut stout has a creamy head which almost matches its creamy flavour. There is great depth in that flavour. There is an initial sweetness from the dark chocolate malts, which is instantly pounced on by the bitter herbal Magnum hops, with warming promise of spice, mixed perfectly with the bitterness from the roasted coffee flavour, followed closely behind by the sweet pale malt and caramalt. Then there's the fulsome oats to fill my belly and that sumptuous creaminess produced by the coconut whisking me away to a far off land. Not off to a deserted Caribbean island like some tropical pale citrus beers have a tendency to do, rather looking through the window off a Alpine log cabin whilst sitting next to a roaring fire. I gaze outside at the cold icy winter's snow landscape, whilst warmed by my luxurious pudding Coconut Stout!

27 November 2020

Luxury Cornucopia (Walnut Tree) #Gifted By @Cinabar

Luxury Cornucopia (Walnut Tree)

We were very kindly gifted this fantastic looking Luxury Cornucopia from the Walnut Tree, who sell a wonderful selection of traditional nuts, glazed fruits and marzipan sweets. This collection Luxury Cornucopia collection contains a good sample of their range for us to try.

Luxury Cornucopia (Walnut Tree)

The gift set is beautifully decorated in a posh red box adorned with ribbon. I actually felt a little guilty opening it up as it wasn’t a special occasion but in the time of UK Lockdown v2 enjoying the selection while catching up on Netflix is still an important occasion to savour. Inside the box I started on the marzipan toped with walnuts, after all the shop is called Walnut Tree and I love nuts! This sweet is sparkling with a sugar glaze too. The marzipan is not too firm, and not at all bitter. This is a smooth and mild marzipan and was delicious.

Luxury Cornucopia (Walnut Tree)

The glazed cherries were so lovely and sweet and reminded me of cocktails topped with cherries. Thankfully there were quite a few in the box to munch on.

Luxury Cornucopia (Walnut Tree)

The real star of the selection box are the four individually wrapped bars of nougat in the centre. There were two with nuts, one with strawberries and this absolutely beautiful one with chocolate and nuts. It was soft and the nuts gave texture, the dark chocolate was beautiful too.

What a wonderful selection of fruit and nut treats. Everything in it was gorgeous, Yes it would make a wonderful traditional Christmas gift but don’t over look buying a box as a treat for sharing during a night in.

Luxury Cornucopia (Walnut Tree)

26 November 2020

Chilli Jam?! (Ok - Tracklements Mango & Chilli Chutney) - (@NLi10)

After Uncle Roger initially caused a stir on YouTube about Egg Fried Rice he then criticised Jaimie Oliver for using 'Chilli Jam' in his own recipe.  This is correct - Mr O rarely gets the recipes right, and is a big fan of bashing in anything within arms reach to great effect.  

Thing is - I was pretty sure we had a jar of the stuff sitting unopened at the bottom of one of our cupboards.

Looks ace right? But when are you actually going to use this at home?

That's a lot of spicy stuff - maybe too much for a nice side with ham after Christmas.  But wait! We can order popadoms with our takeaway as an indulgence and have an excuse to try this!

And wow is this powerful.  I chose a curry at the top end of my spice tolerance and this made it feel tame for the first few mouthfuls.  I think it's the ginger - I have a really low tolerance for it - but my goodness is this special.  I don't want to waste this chucking it at EFR, I want to save it for the inevitable left-overs and for the popadoms as intended.  I guess this counts as another Diwali review (I had Masala Mughlai) but frankly I'm eating this all over the winter and looking forwards to it.

Another ace pick up from the Tracklements family. 

(and here is the video in question)


25 November 2020

Cadbury Dream White Chocolate (Import via GB Gifts) By @SpectreUK

Cadbury Dream White Chocolate

For many years there hadn't been Cadbury's White Chocolate available in the United Kingdom. I have had a few bars recently, so I'm feeling a bit better about that. However, Australia have the Cadbury's Dream bar. I'm not jealous about that… honest… okay, a lot!

Anyway I've been lucky enough to have been bought a couple of Dream bars by Cinabar. I'm going to eat my first bar whilst washing it down with my favourite Whittard's White Hot Chocolate drink. If I can find some white chocolate ice cream in the freezer, I'll surf some hot and cold white chocolate creaminess with this Dream bar for the full white chocolate experience. I have a feeling this is going to be a night to remember!

Cadbury Dream White Chocolate

As you can see from the photograph on peeling back the wrapper of this Dream bar, the Cadbury's logo is on every block. The white chocolate itself is luscious, creamy and delightful. Something I've been slowly but surely getting used to with Cadbury's White Chocolate as it's only been available recently in this country… did I mention that already?!

I can't say too much at the moment because my mouth is full of Dream bar, white hot chocolate and the odd mouthful of white chocolate ice cream. I don't think I can fully describe in words just how much I enjoyed this combination of white chocolates. This Dream bar went perfectly with my white hot chocolate drink, and just as perfectly with my mini tub of white chocolate ice cream. It was an excellent pudding all round. It was a real pick-me-up after far too much procrastination over my boring paperwork reports at work. I'm just glad I worked out in my lockdown kitchen gym a great deal before I started the tedious paperwork. I was also glad to find that there is no such thing as a white chocolate overload!

Information on the wrapper; This 50g Dream bar 272.5 calories, with 15.8g of fat, 30.9g of sugar and 50mg of salt. Ingredients included; sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter, emulsifiers(soy lecithin, 476), flavours.

Cadbury Dream White Chocolate

24 November 2020

Kit Kat - Honeycomb (Asda) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat - Honeycomb

This new Kit Kat Honeycomb launched without much of a fanfare, in fact the first I saw of it was on the Asda website with a missing image on the preview icon, no expense spared. I added it to the basket anyway and this pack of nine bars arrived. I love the classic style of multipack Kit Kats as they are still in their traditional foil and paper wrappers which always feels rather retro and cool.

I opened up the first one and had the lovely aroma of burnt caramel and cinder toffee and it made me look forward to the bar itself. I snapped one of the sticks in half and I couldn’t see any visual difference to show where the honeycomb was, it looked very much like a regular Kit Kat, but it did smell nicer.

Despite the aroma the Kit Kat didn’t have a strong flavour at all, it was very similar to a normal Kit Kat just a bit sweeter, there was a hint of something, a slight taste of honeycomb but I do think you could miss it if you didn’t know to look for it. This Kit Kat Honeycomb was still nice because of the chocolate and the wafer, but not exciting. The bar was released without a lot of fanfare and I think that might be because it just didn’t deserve it. Pleasant enough with a cup of tea but not one to rush out and buy.

Kit Kat - Honeycomb

23 November 2020

Chocolat Charbonnel - Sea Salt Caramel - The Chocolate Drink (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Chocolat Charbonnel - Sea Salt Caramel - The Chocolate Drink

For those weird people that only drink hot chocolate at certain times of the year it is now their hot chocolate season. For me, a more consistent drinker of hot chocolate it is the time of the year when new flavours and varieties spring up. I remember having the original Charbonnel chocolate drink many years ago in a very posh cafe in Birmingham city centre called Hudsons, it was an epic posh place that we used to love going to for a treat. I bought some of their hot chocolate all those years ago and found it difficult to make and sort of never tried again. Sadly Hudson’s closed and that was the last time I had the drink.

Chocolat Charbonnel - Sea Salt Caramel - The Chocolate Drink

I was looking at hot chocolate in Waitrose and spotted that there was a new edition of that drink this time flavoured with Sea Salt Caramel and as much for the nostalgia I decided to buy a box. Inside are flakes of hot chocolate which you mix with boiling water and top up with hot milk, yep it involved a pan/microwave and a kettle, I hadn’t remembered that. I mixed it up and to be fair with a bit of a whisk it all dissolved quite well. The drink is rather soothing, not overly sweet at all but also flavoursome. There is a gentle hunt of caramel and salt, which was milder than I thought it would be from the aroma, it was just a lovely grown up cocoa flavour. The twist was just enough to make it interesting and really moreish. I went from thinking it was too mild to knowing I would need to buy another box, this totally grew on me.

So, anyone else remember Hudson’s cafe in Birmingham?

Chocolat Charbonnel - Sea Salt Caramel - The Chocolate Drink

22 November 2020

Huel Bar - Peanut Butter (@NLi10)

I'm a big fan of Huel.  It's my default lunch now it's got colder (the grain works well as I don't have to leave the office), and I'll even sneak in a shake now and then.

So last time I reordered I added a couple of bars as a treat.

These are an approved snack for the meal plan, and I guess more towards the fitness and weight-loss side of the cult, rather than the not having to eat hospital sandwiches or go out in a cold pandemic side which I am more interested in.

Really doesn't look that appetising.  Reminds me of the original protein bars before people figured out that drinking whey was much more pleasing.

And it's just as dry and unexciting as I remember those being.  I'd have thought technology would have moved on, but it's still just designed for power-lifters who need all food to taste like a punishment.

So disappointing I've never even considered eating the 2nd bar, I'll save it for a long walk when I'm desperate for sustenance - and have access to water to offset the dryness.

Not one I can recommend at all!

21 November 2020

Duff Beer - Lagerbier Hell (Lidl) By @SpectreUK

Duff Beer - Lagerbier Hell

This beer is inspired by Homer Simpson's favourite Duff Beer. "The Legendary Beer" or "Lagerbier Hell" as the 500ml can states, or as the slogan in The Simpson's would say ""Can't Get Enough of That Wonderful Duff".

I used to watch The Simpsons every time it was on when I was younger. However I must admit that I haven't seen The Simpsons for many years. It's not that I don't like it anymore or went off it, I just never know when it's on and there seems to be millions of episodes now. I'm not sure I'd go as far as to buy a boxset or more and start over, as there are now 32 seasons!

I also have to admit that I've left this Duff Beer in my beer fridge for far too long. I've been avoiding it expecting it to be a belly-burping lager of low quality. I'm not usually so snobbish about beer. I think it's partly because of the theme, partly because I think this is a bit of a novelty, and back to the partly because of the gimmicky themed name.

At 4.9% in volume this golden coloured Duff Beer was brewed in Springfield… no wait… it was produced by… Duff Beverage, which rang some alarms. Perhaps the actual brewery is being a little cute as to where it was originally brewed or just out of embarrassment for a themed beer? There I go being snobbish again. This is not like me. So I'll buck up and pop open the can… Oh, wait again… on looking it up this pale lager beer is brewed in Germany by the Eschwege Monastery, so I better not be too mean about. Duff Beer is described as "a Pilsner topped with a white head".

On opening the familiar coloured themed can there was a smell of herbal hops followed by an aroma of Pilsner. On taste this Duff Beer is actually okay in flavour. I'm afraid that to me it is a belly-burper with lots of bubbles, but I suppose that does go with the theme I guess. I felt a little like Homer Simpson drinking it whilst burping and eating my lasagne with garlic bread on the side.

Duff Beer is not the strongest flavoured pale lager I've ever tasted. There is some sweetness from the Pilsner malt, cereals and caramel malt to start with, then there is a bite of herbal hops followed by the malts into the aftertaste. There is nothing wrong with this beer, so perhaps I am being too snobbish? I enjoyed drinking Duff Beer for the novelty, but unfortunately I wouldn't rush out and get another. This is a smooth pale lager with lots of bubbles and not a great deal of flavour to it. I prefer bitter beer that bites at me and chases me around the room, just not like a character in a cartoon!

20 November 2020

The Power of Sausage Roll Walkers Crisps (Asda) By @Cinabar

The Power of Sausage Roll Walkers Crisps

The Power of Sausage Roll Crisps seems to be the new Christmas flavour from Walkers this year. It is a bit of a weird choice but the last two years have brought with them Sausage Roll inspired Christmas no.1 hits, thanks to Ladbaby, so I guess it makes sense. Well as much as anything makes sense that it, plus they are for charity.

I love sausage rolls and as we were having some for lunch what better accompaniment than a bag of sausage roll flavoured crisps to have with them. Ok it might be a bit too much of the same flavour but I couldn’t resist, I do love meaty flavoured crisps.

The crisps have a sprinkle of a dark seasoning on them but are the usual thin cut Walkers crisps, which is not a complaint it is a texture I know and like. The flavour of these really does have The Power of Sausage Roll, they are very meaty with good flavour of both sausage and lots of nice herbs and seasoning that go with pork. There is a nice buttery edge to them too whichI think is the pastry element coming through, and they work, in fact they work very well. I will be buying more of these before Christmas, they may not be the most traditional flavour for the season but it is nice to see something a bit different.

The Power of Sausage Roll Walkers Crisps

19 November 2020

Gleefully Gluten Free Brown Owl Brownie - and a walk in the country (@NL10)


The British Countryside - lovely and green, and blatantly about to rain.  This was in October when we were allowed out, and I figured it'd be a nice opener.

While we were out there -naturally- we picked up a snack from the socially distant hut.

Along with the paper cup tea I chose a Gleefully Gluten Free Brown Owl Brownie - which has salted caramel and dark chocolate which are exciting additions.

Look at that gooey loveliness.

I do think that the gluten free status of brownies is almost magical. If you choose Gluten Free brownies over the regular versions then you know you aren't getting a rock hard one that needs microwaving to goo up, but something like this that behaves correctly even when the large gazebo you are in is getting rained upon.

Definitely something I'd hunt for again - a lovely treat.

18 November 2020

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles (Co-op) By @SpectreUK

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles

These new Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles are described on the packet as; "An aerated vanilla flavour centre with half milk chocolate, half white shell." As you can see from the photograph these spherical Dreamy Snowbubbles are rather smartly half dark and half light in colour. They just needed a dot on each side for the full Yin and Yang. For some reason on pouring them out of the bag for Cinabar to take the photograph they reminded me of the game Othello that I used to play against my sister as a child. As far as I can remember I wasn't half bad at it (pun intended), but she might dispute that.

On taste these Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles melted in my mouth once I'd bitten through the soft outer shell. They taste creamy to the extreme, especially accompanying my White Hot Chocolate drink. There was a creamy flavour from the white chocolate to begin with, a slight interjection from the milk chocolate, and then the full creamy flavour of vanilla filled my tastebuds sumptuously.

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles

These Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles are very flavoursome indeed. They are a proper treat for after lunch or dinner. I'd certainly recommended a hot chocolate accompaniment, and putting your feet up for a while with a good book or movie, and popping one after another of these Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles into your mouth for the full luxurious experience. You deserve it!

Information on the packet; The 80g bag contains 128 calories per 8 sweet serving, with 7.1g of fat, 14.9g of sugar, and 0.05g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles

17 November 2020

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop (Ocado)

Ocado have switched its core products from Waitrose to Marks and Spencer which has meant I have access to Marks and Spencers food-hall goodies that I haven’t seen since I used to commute by train (the pre Covid days). Obviously the most missed items are those relating to Colin the Caterpillar and Percy Pig and being the grown adult that I am I ordered a bottle of this Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop, not even for a party but just because I can.

The drink is in a surprisingly posh bottle even with one of those metallic wraps around the lid that you have to pull off, like a posh bottle of something sparkling rather than what is essentially a posh children’s drink. The drink states that it is flavoured with raspberry and grape which sounded quite refreshing, it is made with sweeteners rather than added sugar. So my exciting discovery on trying this drink was that the mix of raspberry and grape was remarkably similar to bubblegum as a flavour. Who knew? This is a very sweet drink and I say that as someone who is proud of their sweet tolerance levels, usually I can’t be beaten but this was quite something.

It is pink and fizzy and fun. It is overly sweet but I think that works as a celebration drink for kids, perhaps I just wasn’t the target market.

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop (Ocado)

16 November 2020

Pigs in Blankets Crisps (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Pigs in Blankets Crisps (Co-Op)

I think I want to start with something that annoyed me about these crisps and is the reason I’m eating them as our next crisps. Spectre was sorting out the Foodstuff Finds crisps cupboard (it was a smidgen out of control) and looked at these and realised that their sell by date was beginning of December 2020 so they needed eating up first. These are a Christmas edition and flavoured with the classic Christmas dinner accompaniment Pigs in Blankets, but they wouldn’t make it until Christmas. That is a bit annoying if you ask me. Admittedly we eat a lot of Christmas foods early here at Foodstuff Finds so we cracked them open and shared them at lunch.

The good points about these Pigs in Blankets Crisps were that there was a decent portion in the bag, which is always nice to see. Some bags have a lot of air and not enough crisps, but these were nice and generous. The crisps are thick cut and have a crinkle in them which holds the seasoning and adds to the flavour. The taste is mostly bacon, lovely salty meaty bacon. There is a hint of herbs which I think represents the sausage but the bacon is the star of the show. I think an actual Pigs in Blankets it is the other way round and the sausage is the main player. These are good crisps though even if the sell by date meant they wouldn’t have made it until December.

Pigs in Blankets Crisps (Co-Op)

15 November 2020

Sky Juice & Ting! (@NLi10)

 The weather in the UK can be dreadful.  The drizzle alone has been known to drive non-native people insane.  I think it is for this reason that most people who move here bring their snacks too.  This is perfect for me as I get new international friends, and new snacks.

And in the autumn, remembering summer is easier when you have a fridge full of Caribbean flavours.

From left to right we have Genna Juice - Sky Juice & Jam Roc - Sky Juice (which I only found out is a well known flavour the last time I reviewed one of these).  Then we have the Ting - grapefruit and the Sol Sensations Pineapple Sky juice (which just confuses me further).

Both red Sky Juices got drank at home.  The Jam Roc one seems more childish and sweet where as the Genna Juice one is more rich and fruity.  Both have a lovely grape juice texture with strong fruits on top.  I'll drink both again but I think I prefer the Sip Shack one I had previously that I reviewed here.

Ting is an institution - it's sharp enough to be exciting but unlike traditional English grapefruit juice is drinkable by those under 60 without destroying the taste-buds first.  It's a lovely little burst of summer.

It's an odd one this - the thickness of sky juice but the taste of pineapple - and while it's certainly nice, I'm not sure it's as me as the rest of these.  Would be devilish with a sip of rum though!

If you are struggling with the dark evenings and need a little burst of sunshine then you should search these out from your local little newsagents (or online store) and failing that pick up some Vitamin D (via 10,000 iu tablets online, spray from Holland & Barrett or just Crunchy Nut Cornflakes) and remember the few warm days we had.

14 November 2020

Mythos Beer (Olympic Brewery) By @SpectreUK

Mythos Beer (Olympic Brewery)

I honestly have no idea where this bottle came from. I found it whilst exploring the deep dark cavern of my beer fridge. There isn't much information on the bottle of this Mythos Hellenic Beer, so I may bore you a little, but hopefully not too much… Part of me just wants to drink it, but there's another more analytical side of me that thinks, well, I'm super lucky enough to have more than 4,000 readers per blog and so I ought to make an effort.

Besides Mythos sounds pretty cool. It sounds like a beer you'd wrestle off a minotaur after groping your way through the pitch dark abyss of a deadly labyrinth with nothing but a lion cloth for protection, a dodgy wooden shield, and a crappy bronze sword with a big chunk chipped out of the top, after being robbed of all your armour during a drunken brawl in a tavern the night before.

So I've been going through Google to find something about it. This Mythos Hellenic Beer is a European Pale style lager beer. At 4.7% volume it is produced by Mythos Breweries in Greece. As previously mentioned I figured Mythos had something to do with Greek Mythology, so I looked that up… Mythos means "mythology sense" or "a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture."

"Wow", I hear the thirsty bored part of myself say, as the analytical side of me hears the ingenious bottle top ring pull pleasingly pulled back to ca-chunk-fizz! The tedious side of me rolls on monotonously stating that "Mythos" also means; "Anything transmitted by word of mouth, such as a fable, legend, narrative, story, or tale… especially a poetic tale…!"

"Glug, glug…" in the background…

… "A story or set of stories relevant to or having a significant truth or meaning for a particular culture, religion, society, or other group; a myth, a mythology." Apparently Stephen Fry wrote a book about it… I've read plenty of Greek Mythology in the past as any young fantasy role player does, so this is fascinating stuff…

… Or so part of me thought as it suddenly notices that my other bored senseless side has already drunk half of the beer and I hadn't written anything about what it tastes like. "So, you don't care what Hellenic means then?" It asks my inner already slightly inebriated thoughts…

"Nope… Not really," I get the answer back. So I'll start writing what's in the bottle rather than what it represents.

This golden coloured pale Hellenic lager beer shines like the sun on the Parthenon Temple in Athens. Okay, so I may have used the same line with regards to a beer shining on a beech in the Caribbean last week, but I like it being shiny, and you get the idea. It's a pretty golden beer and it's shiny. There was a decent fizz on opening the bottle and a glorious smell of sweet pale malts with bitter herbal hops at the back of the aroma.

Mythos doesn't taste like one of those big belly belching mass produced lagers I used to serve by the barrel when I was a barman back in the day. There was a fine balance in the taste I really liked. I'd wrestle a minotaur for a bottle of this any day. To be honest with you; the amount of exercise I do every morning in my kitchen lockdown gym, I might as well do. The initial flavours of sweet pale malts give way to the bite of the minotaur's axe from the bitter herbal hops. These hops swish pleasurably around the labyrinth of my tastebuds giving way now and then to a touch of the malts in the hidden dark corners throughout each mouthful.

Mythos is one of those beers I could see myself chugging in happier times whilst putting another steak and some sausages and bacon on a barbecue, whilst surrounded by friends and family in the back garden on a sunny afternoon. Now that there's some new hope of a vaccine I reckon we can all hope for a brighter summer next year where social distancing and masks can be a thing of the past, and we can get back to hugs and close conversation.

Oh, and please please reopen the saunas! ;-D

I know nobody cares, but by the way Hellenic is an adjective; meaning "of or relating to the ancient or modern Greeks or their language, to ancient Greece or the Greeks of the classical period, which is 776–323 bc…. " Just to humour my soberer Google obsessed side!

13 November 2020

Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons

This is another of the treats I bought myself online, I have a large box of harder to find goodies which I’m working through. I bought it online because Covid has meant I’m not out and about as much but I believe these Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons are also available in Home Bargains which I understand are open during lockdown 2.

So orange seems to the flavour of the year, there have been many new products with the flavour from After Eights to Fondant Fancies, I’m not complaining I like the citrus taste. The bag is described as giant buttons and they are larger than usual ones but I’m not sure I’d go as far as ‘giant’ I know in the past we have had some buttons that have been at least twice the size.

The Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons are so good though whatever the size description, they are infused with loads of natural orange oil and the flavour is gorgeous. There is plenty of creamy Dairy Milk chocolate taste too and the zesty sweet orange is a pleasure. I was surprised by just how much I liked them. I ordered two bags when I did my online order and I’m rather pleased I did, I preferred them to regular buttons. I think I can get onboard with this new orange flavour trend.

Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons

12 November 2020

Gosh! Ghoulish Beetroot Falafel with Red Peppers & Chilli (@NLi10)

I love unusual veggie/healthy food, and go out of my way to order or pick up exciting ones when I see them.  Gosh! make this incredibly easy by providing reasonably priced veggie delights that can easily be whipped into a lovely meal.


I think I probably meant to talk about these before Halloween.  Meatballs are red and ghoulish looking when raw - and these beetroot falafel are a little bit too close to that in appearance for your typical veggie shopper.

They certainly look a bit devilish!  Fortunately we have proof that they aren't.

Vegan? Don't mind if I do! And they are basically ready to eat so need to be prepared with something equally efficient - lets have Gnocchi!

With a little bit of the lemon Fox mayo from an earlier review this was a lovely mix of flavours and textures - don't worry - I added leafy greens to the top too.

The falafel themselves are a little spicy, a little chewy and very exciting compared to their regular brown cousins.  I'mm surprised I've not already had these again - my suspicion is I picked them up from one of the irregular shops and just haven't seen them again.  One for food lovers of all dietary styles.