8 November 2020

Percy Pig - 4 Percymas Pies (@NLi10)

It’s that time of year again, where all the festive things appear in the shop, then get marked down because it’s too early to buy them - and the U.K. is in lockdown.

Here we see a prime example - Percymas isn’t for ages yet, but the traditional pies have already started appearing in M&S hospital food shops.

Like Babe and the-pig-from-Charlottes-Web the life of a celebrity fictional pig is a strange one. One minute you  are a popular posh-kids sweet being tweaked to fit a healthy market, the next you are replacing mince pies!

Luckily mince pies don’t actually contain mince, and Percymas pies don’t contain pigs - or any meat - these are veggie friendly snacks.

And because hospitals are closed to visitors they have too many of these in our local one so the staff can get them cheap!

The are listed as Berry and grape flavour, which I assume matches the sweets

Pink is very fashionable at the moment...

But they haven’t made Percy pig gin


So what is actually inside here then?

It’s a humble bake well, but made without almonds or cherries. And I think it works. My normal bake well loving partner disagrees, but I am exactly the kind of childish, mince pie hating person that this is aimed at.

Well done M&S on starting a new festive tradition celebrating our porcine saviour.

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