3 November 2020

Joe & Seph’s Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Joe & Seph’s Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites

Chocolate popcorn is not a new thing but here Joe & Seph’s Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites change the proportions quite a bit, the focus isn’t on the chocolate coating, but more about putting a piece of popcorn in your chocolate bite! These are seriously impressive to look at, as a chocolate fan I was sold even before I tried it. Each piece of popcorn is sunk in a solid pond of chocolate, giving it a semi circle rocker.

These bites had lovely texture the chocolate is firm but not overly hard, and the crunch from the popcorn is fun to eat. The milk chocolate had a good strong cocoa flavour, but is still sweet and creamy and I rather liked the caramel taste from the popcorn. Yes the proportions are very different here but there is still plenty of popcorn flavour and these were a pleasure to eat. These are far more indulgent than my usual sweet and salty bag of popcorn but as a treat these will make a night in watching the telly and catching up on Netflix a bit more special. Anything that makes staying in for UK Lockdown 2.0 a bit more pleasurable is a winner from me.

Joe & Seph’s Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites

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Casey B said...


Thanks for the review, these sound absolutely delicious. Are Ocado products exclusives? (I'm not familiar with it.)

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