31 August 2020

Nuii - Dark Chocolate and Nordic Berry Ice Creams (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

These exotic sounding ice creams were recommended by a friend and were a little difficult to track down, to be fair I think I was just unlucky. My first trip to Waitrose to find them involved poor timing and a freezer failure in my local store meant no ice creams were available at all. I added them next to my Ocado order a week later and my whole order got cancelled by Ocado which was nightmare but gained me a compensation voucher but no food. So back to Waitrose and I finally found them, the freezers were fixed and I managed to get some other food too, phew.

So these Nuii Dark Chocolate and Nordic Berry Ice Creams sound rather exotic so I googled the brand to see where the name came from, the company that makes them is in Yorkshire so not quite as far away as the name suggests.

The ice creams are very dark in flavour, they consist of a dark chocolate coating with dried berries and a sauce and chocolate ice cream inside. I found the flavours in this ice cream very rich, there is a lot of strong cocoa and the berry flavour is strong too, but it battles for first place with the chocolate. I liked this over load of rich intense flavours together they were thoroughly indulgent. The dried berries in the chocolate were crispy, always impressive in an ice cream, and I enjoyed the texture too. These were a thumbs up, lets hope finding my second pack is easier then finding the first.

30 August 2020

Maravilla Raspberry PReserve - Single Variety Co. (@NLi10)

I've been relying on a lot of food presents recently for reviews - and some of them are new to me luxury brands like today's Maravilla Raspberry Preserve by the Single Variety Co.  This was picked up from "Worcestershire's Biggest Tourist Attraction" Webbs of Wychbold farm shop. 

Prior to this I'd not heard of Maravilla (which is fine, because neither had auto-correct) and according to singlepreserve.co.uk it's a kind of British Raspberry. So now we know!

They make a small batch with no supernatural ingredients and once it's gone for the year - its gone!

£5 for a jar of jam seems quite expensive so lets try it in a suitably decadent way.

Scones again! Naturally I spread it after the Instagram shots, but me & Mr. Tickle are all about those social engagements.

And it's luxury.  Putting this on anything less than artisan loaves (tried it - awesome) and scones would be heresy.  It's fruity and flavourful, and it's sweet but not overpoweringly so.  If you were looking for a flavour definition for raspberry jam then this would be it.  And as raspberry jam is my favourite then this is a pretty exciting treat. 

I'm definitely going to find some of that good clotted cream and some freshly baked scones to do this properly.  This is the kind of Jam that gives you the confidence that a cafe knows what they are doing.

Another great winner of the great taste award sticker and one that's worth the occasional treat.


29 August 2020

Toast IPA Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Toast IPA Beer

I'd rather Toast next year with this beer rather than this year. Someone said on Twitter recently that the main challenge of 2020 is just to survive! Morbid start to a blog I know, but I'm waiting for the attack of the Giant Fire-breathing Hades Ants, just after the mutant zombie plague, and the alien invasion from the planet Gooob! Laugh if you like, but 2020 does seem to be going that way…

Toast is a 4.5% volume Session IPA, which is quite strong for a session beer. I found out some time ago that session beer was drunk during break times in the old days when workers could drink between shifts or at lunchtime. Nowadays a good session beer may be drunk between people rioting and soon avoiding zombies… and then of course it'll be avoiding the Giant Fire-breathing Hades Ants, mark my words! Anyway, this "citrussy hoppy" India Pale Ale is vaunted as "Planet Saving". I'm not sure how, maybe I should drink it to find out…

Oh, on the back of the can it does state that one third of all food produced is wasted. This Toast IPA is made with fresh (thankfully) surplus bread, with all its profits going to charities fixing the food system. So maybe planet saving after all? I've had a beer like that in the past, and as far as I can remember I really liked it. This Toast IPA is made by the World Top Brewery in Yorkshire, using malted barley, and Amarillo, Ahtanum, and Liberty hops, and of course bread.

On opening this deep golden Toast IPA it has a sweet malted barley aroma to start with, which is mixed with citrus and fruitiness from the three hops. On taste the sweet pale malt springs to the fore, which seemed curiously absent on opening. The hops immediately pounced on that sweet malted barley flavour. Those three hops jumbled over and over each other washing around my tastebuds with their fruitiness and citrus undertones. This is a complex brew indeed and not as toasty flavoured as I remember the other beer of its ilk. If pushed there was a flavour of something else in the background, but I'd be more inclined to say that was the mixture of wheat, oats, and soya in the ingredients.

Apparently this Toast IPA is suitable for Vegans. I'd be happy to sit down with one or more Vegans and Toast a few of these beers, whilst discussing the prospect and flavour of honey on toast, and how that could possibly be perceived as a bad idea. I mean, it can't be the end of the world can it? That's for the Giant Fire-breathing Hades Ants!

28 August 2020

Lotus Biscuits - Vanilla Cream (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Earlier in the week Spectre wrote about Lotus Biscuits with a Biscoff Cream. He enjoyed the biscuits but when I discovered another new variant I couldn’t wait to try these ones out myself. Don’t worry Spectre had his own packet of these vanilla ones too, I do look after him. I have lots of favourite things, but when it comes to biscuits Lotus biscuits are very much up there. I love spices and so these ones with a cup of coffee are one of my go to brands. Seeing a new variety with a vanilla cream sounded spot on. 

The biscuits consist of two caramelised spice biscuits with a vanilla cream in the middle. The two piece of biscuits with a soft layer do have a nice texture when you bite in, and I liked the creamy sweet filling. I think these are more stable for dunking in coffee too which is a bonus. These get a thumbs up from me, a nice spicy treat with a nice new creamy texture and filling.

27 August 2020

Kellogg's Choco Wheats (@NLi10)

Kelloggs Frosted Wheats are a great breakfast cereal.  They contain good tasting wheat, sugar, and enough gaps for the milk to mingle.

And now we have these!

10 bowls? Unlikely.  These are special because not only is the wheat chocolatey there is a hidden chocolate lump in the middle (instead of the non vegetarian icing on the frosted ones).

Raisin wheats also exist - but lets pretend that they don't.  

And here we see the real deal.  I layered them over regular Kellogg's Corn Flakes for a lighter breakfast.

And they work - they are indeed a little more chocolatey than the plain ones, and the choc in the middle boosts it to an officially chocolatey experience.  Not too sweet, not too chocolatey, and soft enough to enjoy.  Another victory for Kellogg's!


26 August 2020

Lotus Biscoff Creams (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

Lotus Biscoff Creams

These Lotus Biscoff Creams are a new product, which seems fairly rare at the moment given the current climate. Cinabar tried to smuggle in a couple of packets during a food delivery. Of course after more than twenty years of irritating her, I know by now when she's up to something! Besides at the mere whiff of a new biscuit flavour, especially of Lotus biscuits, my nose started twitching and I bagsied a packet for myself. So Cinabar insisted I write a blog about them.

I don't snack anymore. I know that kind of goes against the grain where a blog predominantly about snacking in concerned, but I count my calories now and have done for some time. I find myself having to fight against any extra fat in order to keep my knee active. The operation was a success no doubt about that, but I've found any extra weight than what I eat and drink per day seems to make it ache and swell up to the point where I have to ice it more regularly. Why am I telling you this? Well I snack for pudding instead, so I'll be having this packet of biscuits over two nights after dinner. One of those nights I'll have a pint of beer too, and the other night a hot white chocolate drink. Just because I'm counting my calories, doesn't mean I go without, I just have everything in moderation. I rarely eat cake nowadays, so I prefer biscuits for pudding or a low fat ice-cream and a chocolate bar.

Lotus Biscoff Creams

As you can see from the photographs on opening these Lotus Biscoff Creams they are quite small, and they are unlike normal Lotus biscuits as they are round. They have quite a lot of filling. I have a habit of twisting biscuits that have a centre and then eating the inside first before devouring the rest of the biscuit. Cinabar tells me that's a 'thing', but I've been doing it since I was a small child and I've never had any intention of growing up. The biscuits themselves taste like regular Lotus biscuits with their cinnamon spice, so all good there. The creamy soft centre isn't overly sweet and complements the two halves perfectly. Although I'm not a 'dunker' these Lotus Biscoff Creams went fantastically well with my mug of spicy Chai tea, and didn't put me off my pint of beer, and also the hot white chocolate drink the next evening. We'll certainly have to get some more of these Lotus Biscoff Creams in, especially as they are nice and low in calories!

Lotus Biscoff Creams

Information on the packet; 15 biscuits in a packet, with each biscuit being 52 calories, with 2.6g of fat, 3.4g of sugar, and 0.08g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Lotus Biscoff Creams

25 August 2020

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Coconutty (Cadbury Gifts) By @cinabar

Cadbury brought out three different and new Dairy Milk bars of which the most interesting sounded like the Blueberry version. I tried the Blueberry first and was disappointed I bought the others at the same time, the second I tried was Honeycomb (which also had nuts) and was amazing. This is the third bar and this is a coconut version, Coconutty to be specific.

This bar is flavoured with coconut but also has white chocolate crunchy pearls mixed in. The bar has a lovely creamy flavour, I realise that coconut can be a bit of a Marmite flavour with some people disliking it disproportionately compared to its mild flavour. I however love the creamy sweet smooth flavour and this mixed with the wonders of an interesting crunchy texture I was in heaven. Both this Coconutty bar and the Honeycomb were divine excellent new bars and I honestly couldn’t choose, I hope both stick around. Now if they could just fix the Blueberry one.

24 August 2020

Mini Cheddars - Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Mini Cheddars - Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño

I stumbled across another new flavour Mini Cheddars following on from the Chipotle Chicken ones we tried recently. At the time I thought chicken flavoured Cheddars seemed a bit strange (chicken and cheese) but the idea of Nacho Cheese sounded a bit more down to earth. I picked these up in a multipack with six bags, all the same flavour though.

I tried them with a lunch sandwich in place of crisps. There was quite a bit of seasoning on them and the flavour was very reminiscent of nacho cheese and quote strong. The heat was a nice addition, the chilli wasn’t too hot but added to the whole Mexican feel and gave them decent warmth. I thought the flavour was a little strong with my sandwich but these would be good as an afternoon snack on their own.

It is nice to see new flavours from Jacobs Mini Cheddars and I’d buy these Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño ones again. Looking forward to seeing what other flavours come out.

Mini Cheddars - Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño

23 August 2020

Jamie Oliver Tortalloni - Bolognese Flavour (@NLi10)

 You can do a lot in 4 mins - include make yourself this authentic Italian Tortelloni.  Look at the Jamies on the box, dreaming of being in Italy.

Today we are eating the one on the right - because my veggie partner had the other one.

These pre-made pasta parcels are really good, I'm guessing they are fairly cheap to make and they keep for a good month so you can have some stashed away. 

We've talked about the Giovani Rana ones before - and these look to be of a similar luxury quality.  The store own ones tend to be a bit meat pastey...

All kinds of stuff in there!!

And here is Jamie claiming to have invented the concept of ravioli - which is why his Italian restaurant chain is  a little hard to grasp.  Still - his team were responsible for the best Carbonara I've eaten outside of Italy (then they changed the recipe - fools)

Boil water - add pasta - hey Siri, timer 4 minutes.

And you get this

Overcook and they become hard or soft depending on the ingredients and the bit you are looking at.  Slotted spoon necessary so you don't have a bowl full of boiled water.

Here I just added a dash of balsamic, the second day I had them with a full salad.

And the verdict.  They are fine.  The flavours are a bit muted, and it's all a bit pastey after the chopped version that is Rana.  There were little suspicious crunchy bits too making me think that some bone had crept through...  The pasta was great quality and where most of the money went.  The sauce didn't really survive cooking.

The experience was of a fine lunch though (or small evening meal in our case) and something with a bit of nutrition that you could trust a teenager to make.  It's basically a step up from noodles in a pot, but only just.

Not sure I'd go out of my way to get these again, but as the special offers appear I wouldn't say no.

So not at the top of the Jamie range (I think the sausages were great) but not something that's all brand and no substance.

22 August 2020

Calypso and Soundwave IPA Siren Craft Brew (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

I have a double bill for you this Saturday. I found these two beers from Siren Craft Brew in the depths of my beer fridge the other day. Still watching my calories I opted for one on Wednesday night and one on Friday night after my regular kitchen gym weights workouts. 

Calypso Siren Craft Brew


This Calypso beer is a "dry-hopped sour". I'm a little dodgy on sours as I often don't like them. Hopslist.com tells me that Calypso hops come from the Yakima Valley and are from the Hopsteiner lineage. They have an acidic flavour as well as fruitiness leaning towards apple, pear and peach, with a hint of citrus. Wow… sounds like a very complex hop to me. I'm sure I've had Calypso hops before though and not disliked them. So here goes…

On opening this 4% volume Calypso beer there was the familiar sour aroma I have recently been sampling from other sour beers. Not unpleasant, but definitely something I can pick up on now through experience. This light golden beer pours with an excitable frothy head. There is fruitiness in the aroma, and there is citrus and that sour acidity I've come to expect. Still the aroma of the beer made my mouth water a little.

On taste this refreshingly sour beer is bursting with flavour. There's the promised fruitiness mixed with the sour undertones, followed by a little sweetness from the malted barley, and then I was reminded into the aftertaste of the earthiness I've had in a previous beer that was heavy on the Calypso hops. I recognised it straight away, because that earthy flavour was so distinct the last time that I spent most of the beer trying to decide whether I liked it or not. By the time I figured I liked that oddly earthy finish, the beer had gone. This time, I got to savour it from the start!

Soundwave IPA Siren Craft Brew

Soundwave IPA

I must say that the stunning artwork on both cans caught my eye when I picked them up in the store a few months back. The beautiful woman with the purple feathered hair on this Soundwave IPA is my favourite of the two. There is a certain mystery to this India Pale Ale. There is also a free grace of dance and life and light to it that especially brings about a great deal of emotion at this moment. Many of us are living in a locked down world where fear of an unseen airborne virus means we are confined to our own homes. It makes me want to fly away to a mystical land somewhere were we can be safe to roam.

This Soundwave is 5.6% in volume and the can welcomes you to a "tropical hop heaven". Ah, so that's where the feathered haired lady flies away to. I'll open the can and try to spirit myself there. There are tropical citrus and floral notes to the hops that burst forth on opening the can. This misty straw coloured IPA certainly spirited me away to a deserted island somewhere with sweet malts and refreshing bitter hoppy beer on tap. The tropical fruity and floral bitterness and subtle citrus undertones from the hops mixed perfectly with the sweetness from the pale malts into the aftertaste. There I was with the sun beating down on the beach as I lay listening to the ocean washing against the shore whilst watching a beautiful feathered haired lady fly by.

21 August 2020

Oggs Chocolate Celebration Cake #Gifted By @Cinabar

Recently we wrote about Oggs individual Victoria sponge cakes which we bought as a treat for Spectre’s birthday. Well the nice people at Oggs saw the blog and sent us over this wonderful Oggs Chocolate Celebration Cake, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect it appeared just as Spectre got confirmation that he got a new job. Impressive stuff especially during a pandemic so big congrats to him.

The cake came via a courier which explains the box contents not looking very neat, the cake had a bumpy ride. Thankfully once sliced up it looked a lot better and you could see the topping of white stars and glitter. This is a chocolate fudge cake with layers of sponge and filling and it was divine. There is a lot of rich chocolate, a proper indulgence. Oggs are impressive because they are actually vegan cakes, I had no idea when I bought the first one and this one is the same just a wonderful treat. There is no eggs or butter but somehow the sponge is moist and the filling layers are spot on in texture. These cakes are perfect any occasion that can be celebrated during a pandemic and vegan in a way that non vegan’s won’t notice.

Big thank you to Oggs for the cake.

20 August 2020

Pringles Rice Fusion - Japanese Katsu Curry flavour (@NLi10)

Pringles are honestly the worst thing in the world to review because it's always the same pictures - with slightly different dust.  These are the rice fusion Pringles which if you've not tried are a slight texture change to the original Pringles.

And they are often on sale because the unusual flavours are scary.  The red thai ones were ace - lets see if these are too.

Oh - the excitement!

This dust does have more visible 'bits' in it which adds some colour.

They smell a bit like the Japanese gravy/curry that is katsu - and they taste a lot like it too.  Maybe not quite rich enough to be convincing, but it's definitley as close as I think you could get with a little disk instead of crispy pork or chicken.

These are enjoyable, but they mostly make me miss my trips to Yakinori for their Katsu.  

They do have the usual Pringles almost addictive factor so if you eat a whole tube to yourself expect to get cravings for more!

19 August 2020

The British Snack Co. Sweet Chilli flavour #gifted (By @SpectreUK)

Many people have changed their shopping habits to online these days. For instance I have a new job starting soon so I've bought some new clothes from stores online. I'd usually prefer to visit a shop to try them on, but with changing rooms closed online seems the obvious choice. Although the clothes are returnable if they don't fit, it's a bit worrying as I've had to lose quite a bit of weight due to my knee rehabilitation. A lot of my old formal shirts seem to be like tents now, from when I was wearing suits for work before. My old beer belly used to fill those out too!

A high percentage of our groceries are bought online now and delivered to the door, with the odd top up of essentials by Cinabar and her mom braving the local shops maybe once a week. The British Snack Co. very kindly sent us some of their flavours of crisps and popcorn to try as they are hoping to increase their sales online, because many of the outlets they sell their brands in were closed due to lockdowns. I'll review their Sweet Chilli flavoured crisps this time and some popcorn another time.

On opening the packet there was a chilli aroma from the bright red crisps inside. I'm not kidding you, but my initial reaction to the first crunchy crisp I put in my mouth was; "mmm… wow!" I know that sounds corny, but let's face it that's the type of guy I am. These fire engine red crisps are ram packed full of sweet chilli flavour from first mouthwatering chewing right through to the aftertaste. These Sweet Chilli crisps are very tasty indeed. It's a real shame I only have the one packet!

Other flavours of The British Snack Co. crisps available are; Sea Salt; Cheese and Onion; Sea Salt and Black Pepper; Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar. I'd certainly like to try their Sea Salt and Black Pepper, as that's probably my favourite flavour of crisps. They usually go perfect with anything from just a pint of beer to a good hearty cheese and cold meats meal on a Sunday!

Information on the packet; Each 40g packet contains 204 calories, with 11.9g of fat, 1.7g go sugar, and 0.5g of salt. Please see the photograph for the ingredients.

18 August 2020

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Crunchy Honeycomb (Cadbury Gifts) By @cinabar

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Crunchy Honeycomb

There are three new Cadbury Dairy Milk bars this summer and this is the second one I will be trying. The first one was ‘Out Of The Blue’ which had a far catchier name, but the blueberry flavour was far too mild. It had a lot of potential but not a lot of berry taste. This bar is called Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchy Honeycomb and I’ll be honest sounded the least interesting of the new bars. I’ve eaten a lot of Crunchies in my time and that recipe works and doesn’t need messing with. On closer inspection this bar is more interesting than I was giving it credit for, not only does it contain honeycomb there is also chocolate fudge and even hazelnuts int the recipe to look forward to. That does sound like a decent mix.

This bar looks mostly like a regular Dairy Milk though there are a couple of clues peeking through that there is something interesting in the chocolate. The Dairy Milk chocolate is sweet and creamy and the texture from the added goodies is really the best part of this bar. The honeycomb nuts and fudge make it so interesting to eat. I liked the combination of flavours too, the honeycomb wasn’t too strong with the hazelnut flavour it worked rather well. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this bar and how understated the name was in comparison to the mix of winning ingredients. I love nuts and chocolate and I love honeycomb and chocolate, together they work like a dream.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Crunchy Honeycomb

17 August 2020

Kit Kat Custard Pudding - Japan (Amazon) By @cinabar

Kit Kat Custard Pudding - Japan (Amazon)

So I had another loo into my box of imported Kit Kats from Japan, did a lucky dip and pulled out this Kit Kat Custard Pudding edition. There was a menu included with my selection of chocolate of bar and that is how I know it is custard pudding flavoured. I also have the Google translate app on my phone which translates from photographs so I ran that through the app as there was such a lot of writing. This confused me.

The front came back translated as:

Kit Kat Custard Pudding - Japan (Amazon)

The back came back translated as:

Kit Kat Custard Pudding - Japan (Amazon)

I think I am supposed to heat this bar? Really though, it is tiny? In a toaster? But on a saucer? The translation is rather confusing and I appreciate it is a free app so I’m not complaining. Sorry readers I chickened out and just ate it straight. The Kit Kat has a distinctive toasted aroma without cooking. The Kit Kat Custard Pudding is very creamy and it tasted a little burnt, with tones of caramel. It is actually a really good flavour and smokiness works well with the white chocolate and the sweetness, balancing it out. I may not have brave enough to cook this bar, if that is what I was sup[posed to do, but it was a nice new flavour to give the taste test. Burnt custard would be the best description but it worked.

Kit Kat Custard Pudding - Japan (Amazon)

16 August 2020

Raspberry Royale Yumnuts - Marks & Spencer (@NLi10)

This weekend I was presented with a gift of the below

The topping had become a little bit attached to the box...

But the sticker revealed that these are no ordinary doughnuts, these are the fabled Yumnuts, a mix between the yum-yum and a doughnut

You can see the layers inside when you chop them up to share!

It's an interesting experience, the slightly crisper base is good, and the flavours on top are fantastic, especially the little freeze-dried raspberries.

Certainly a good treat on a rainy day.

15 August 2020

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weissbrau Beer (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weissbrau Beer

I must admit that I didn't sleep a wink last night. I had a job interview this morning (Friday), and I was worried it would go as badly as my last one did a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I was offered the role instead. Now my bank account can breathe a sigh of relief considering that I have been spending too much time on Amazon and Ebay during the lockdown, and my savings are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel after eighteen months of rehabilitating my knee from specialist surgery. 

You may be wondering why I picked a low alcohol wheat beer at 0.5% in volume to celebrate getting a job? Well this Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weissbrau, from Erding in Germany, is an isotonic drink with plenty of vitamins B9 and B12 to help me with my energy levels during gaming night tonight. It is also low in calories, and did I say it was a German beer? Well we're having schnitzels tonight for dinner, which are basically bashed flat breaded pork steaks. They're pretty high in calories and protein, so this lower calorie beer at 125 calories per 500ml or 'pint', as we say in rainy sunny stormy rainy sunny rainy England.  

On opening the bottle there was a strong wheat aroma. A frothy cheerful head flowed into my waiting beer glass on top of this deep golden beer. On taste this Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weissbrau has quite a bite to it from its herbal hops, which arrived jumping up and down on top of my tastebuds right after the initial sweet flavour of wheat and touch of yeastiness. This is a very flavoursome beer indeed. Its purely natural nutrient rich ingredients screamed goodness at me whilst the hops held my ears open. The mix of sweet wheat and bitter herbal hoppy flavours went perfectly with my schnitzels and their accompanying potato and green salads. I would never have been able to tell on a blind taste test that I wasn't drinking a full alcoholic beer. And if I hadn't been blogging about it, I wouldn't have thought twice about the alcohol missing anyway.

14 August 2020

McVities VIB – Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits (Asda) By @cinabar

McVities VIB – Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits

McVities biscuits are pretty much a go-to standard in the UK, and although they have different varieties out over the years they aren’t usually seen as something special. Don’t get me wrong everyone loves them but if you are going to buy biscuits as a gift you go for box of something posh. These are new from McVities and are called VIB, which stands for Very Important Biscuits apparently. These ones are flavoured with Luscious Blood Orange which sounded lovely and admittedly quite posh. The packaging is super shiny too, so loos over pretty. Not the easiest thing to photograph though I did my best.

The McVities VIB Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits look like regular Digestives and didn’t have much aroma. I bit into one and was expecting the crunch and split but I got the crunch and then the realisation that the sticky caramel remained and that they were and they were a little bit sticky before they broke up. I’m normally a fan of texture but I didn’t like it, it wasn’t a satisfying bite. It is a shame because I really enjoyed the flavour, the orange was quite zingy and was a lovely mix with the chocolate and biscuit. Taste wise spot on, texture wise they didn’t work for me.

McVities VIB – Luscious Blood Orange Biscuits

13 August 2020

Strawberry Cheesecake Flipz - the sweeeeetest version yet? (@NLi10)


We have talked about Flipz before

But we will talk about them again because they are great.

A sublime balance between the childishness of sweet things, and the adultness of salty beer snacks.  They feel like an expensive import but show up in fairly ordinary places (these were from a garden centre).

Today's twist is strawberry cheesecake, which tastes a lot like 'frosting' and has a purple tinge so you don't get confused and think you are eating unicorn Flipz or something.

66% sugar coating is a lot less Pretzel than I'd like, but these are a snack to have a few of, not a whole bag at a time like the more sedate dark flavours.

Both giftable and snackable they fall in the perfect slot for a little indulgence but not too much.

And these ones do taste of strawberry cheesecake - and because the bag has sat open in our fridge for a few days the whole fridge smells delightful!

One for children, both actual and inner.