4 July 2024

Lidl Spanish Week 2024 - crisps & biscuits [@NLi10]

It's Spanish Week at Lidl again - and purely by chance I happened to go in at the right time while they had the whole range.  Usually if you go in next week they will still have a few things so it's worth a trip - and feel free to recommend bits in the comments!

I wasn't feeling adventurous (and didn't have much carrying capacity) so I chose a few treats to add.

First up - thin potato crisps!  I enjoy these when on holiday (or just locally) so wondered what these were like.

Potato and oil is a good start

And with olives and sandwiches form part of a balanced lunch!  They are nice - a little crunchier than I expected - and you do get a lot in a bag.  The salt levels are decent and the roastedness of the potatoes is good too.  Overall a nice change, but not something to chase back for.

I also got these palmeritas.  I like the plain ones but seeing as the luxury versions exist - I figured give them a try.

While not as spectacular as the ones in the bakeries of Spain these are a reasonable substitute - with the decent layer of chocolate and the flakey goodness inside.  I'd probably try other things in this range if they are still around next week.

All just makes me want to book a holiday...


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