31 August 2021

Seabrook Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Crisps (Asda) By @Cinabar

Seabrook Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Crisps

These crisps don’t have a “new” label on them but I can’t remember seeing them before, well at least not recently. I don’t recognise the bag either with its bright orange and bottle design on the pack. I think Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce is a magical sauce that makes things like cheese on toast taste next level. Truth is I go heavy on this sauce when I use it and I love its tangy salty umami flavour.

I opened up this bag and we shared them at lunch time with a sandwich. The crisps had a good aroma and the crinkle in them looked like it was holding a fair amount of seasoning which looked promising. For me the flavour of these Seabrook Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Crisps though was mild, it was nice it tasted just like the sauce but it felt like someone had given it a gentle splash and I would have knocked their hand and made it a fair bit stronger.

I liked the crisps but I didn’t love them. They had all the right ingredients just not quite in the proportions I’d hopped for. This might just be down to personal taste but if I’m adding Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce I go heavy.

Seabrook Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Crisps

30 August 2021

Let’s Popcorn - Caramel Biscuit (GB Gifts) By @cinabar

Let’s Popcorn - Caramel Biscuit

Two of my favourite things are popcorn and Lotus biscuits, this bag of Let’s Popcorn Caramel Biscuit edition combined them both and I couldn’t wait to give them a try. There have been some quite yummy snack crossovers recently using these biscuits and I’m totally for it, the ice cream they brought out was gorgeous! I opened up the the resealable bag (resealable oh my that was optimistic of them) and took in the aroma, there was a lovely scent of cinnamon and biscuit I could wait to try them.

I poured some out and they looked so dry, each piece of popcorn was big and fluffy but it was covered in what looked like dry biscuit, there were crumbs everywhere too. I’m not sure what I’d been expecting but although the coating looked generous it also looked like it might all just flake off. Somehow it didn’t.

I gave a piece of the Let’s Popcorn Caramel Biscuit popcorn a taste test and couldn’t quite work out why it wasn’t dry, and I was thankful it was spot on. The texture of the popcorn shone through they were big fluffy pieces with a crispy outer. The biscuit flavour was slightly spicy and sweet, just like Lotus biscuits. The the texture was nice to eat, and slightly crunchy, it worked well with the popcorn. These were very moreish and yes, the packet didn’t need resealing!

Let’s Popcorn - Caramel Biscuit

29 August 2021

Valerie's - The Scone Specialist - Monmouth UK (@NLi10)

I was by myself in Monmouth and looking for a quick sit-down and a tea, before I did the serious business of shopping.  The very first street I walked down from the river had lots of cafes and bars - but one had a phrase I don't think I'd seen before.

An A frame sign for Valerie's Cafe

"The Scone Specialists" is something that is pretty exciting to me.  I grew up on a diet of Irish Scones and the idea of a place that specialises in them is more than a little exciting.

6 kayakers disappear along a river - it looks like far too much effort.

So while my partner went off on a river adventure...

A beautiful cup of tea with a teapot - exactly the right amount of effort

...I had tea at Valerie's!  Good tea too - big spacious tea-bag in a lovely little pot that didn't leak when poured.

And look at that magnificent scone!  This is a pretzel and chocolate chip scone, and my recommended sides were Nutella and clotted cream.

Irish style switch-toppings so that both Devon & Cornwall write angry letters.

And it was amazing.  Everything about this was quality, from the detailed menus and options, to the ingredients in my final choice.  This is a passion project, and if we gave out stars I'd just hand them the packet.

The balance is great - the pretzel adds a touch of salt and a little chew. The chocolate chips gave their flavour and the mix of Nutella (which I'm currently on a massive fad of having for lunch) and clotted cream was pure luxury.  And I was a mess after eating it too which was great.  If I hadn't had bad experiences with home made scones (usually either being huge, or terrible) I'd have got two for a big lunch - but this was a reasonable light-lunch portion seeing as I'd promised my partner dinner once she'd finished.

I did however get a cheese and chilli scone for my partner which was "very tasty, and nicely warming" for lunch the following day.

Like the best little cafe's near me in Lichfield, these sway my decision on where to go shopping really easily.  Not only would I encourage a return to Monmouth to get supplies of these I'd probably take a little box so I could take 4 home too.  I look forwards to adding to the options I've tried in future months.

28 August 2021

Heretic Beer (Brass Castle Brewery @BrassCastleBeer) By @SpectreUK

Heretic Beer Brass Castle Brewery

This is probably the poshest sounding beer I've ever written about. Heretic was brewed by the Brass Castle Brewery, in Yorkshire. Get this… Saffron and Cracked Black Pepper were used in the brewing of this Belgian Blonde beer. Saffron stigma is picked from the saffron crocus, and has long been the most expensive spice in the world. Cracked black pepper goes exceptionally well with sea salt as a crisp flavour. I rarely seem to find them, and they are probably my favourite flavour of crisps, next to Ready Salted, for going with a pint of beer and a good book or old movie.

A Belgian Blonde ale is usually light in bitterness from the hops and has an added spiciness, hence the saffron and black pepper in this 6.4% in volume beer. Heretic is certainly big on spiciness on opening. This light golden blonde ale has a deep aroma of mixed spices, herbal hops and light wheat to finish.

On taste Heretic has an initial sourness that took me back a bit. I usually hate sour beers, but the spices pounced on the sourness like a hunter on its prey. Grabbing that sourness in its spicy teeth and mauling it with a hidden fire from the black pepper and then merging with a herbal bitterness from the hops. There's a little sweetness that follows from the wheat and malted barley. Then that cowed sourness slinks off into the aftertaste with its tail firmly between its legs from a lesson well taught.

I reckon Heretic is perfect with a meaty meal, I drank it with a meat feast pizza takeaway. Heretic fights against the grain of any normal run of the mill ale, packing a sour kick, a spicy punch, and a soothing sweetness that surprises and smacks the lips, and left me wanting another mouthful after another mouthful. Heretic is a big on flavour beautiful beer. Cheers!

27 August 2021

Vimto Candy Floss (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Vimto Candy Floss

I do like Candy Floss it is something that fills me with nostalgia and makes me think of childhood. I like the way the texture dissolves in the mouth too, it is fun to eat. Vimto is also one of my favourite drinks and we usually have a bottle in the cupboard so I couldn’t wait to try this Vimto Candy Floss when I spotted it.

I know my photography skills aren’t the best but candy floss really doesn’t take a good picture. I have tried before to take a picture of the actual fluff and it just always looks weird. I mean I poured this out and it looked unattractive. In reality it was pale pink and fluffy, but it looks like a broken sand castle in the picture!

The flavour though is gorgeous. It was fruity and had the berry taste of Vimto, almost a strong but sweet version of the drink. You still pick up on the base almost burnt sugar flavour of the candy floss, but the Vimto really worked well with it. These cute tubs of Vimto Candy Floss are something I would buy again, even it isn’t going to be a winner on the Instagram photos.

Vimto Candy Floss

26 August 2021

Welsh Brew - Murroughs Premium Tea (@NLi10)

I love a good hotel cup of tea - and when we got to the Manor Hotel, Crickhowel we  found these waiting for us.  Welsh Breakfast tea!

(note one stray PG hiding in background)

This is great because not only does it support local brands, it also is tuned to the local water supply (although Birmingham's water comes from Wales thinking about it so maybe I should have picked some up for here!)

It's even written out in local on the back - Welsh is great but I don't think i'll ever remember what all the sounds are!

And they even tell you how to make tea in case any American tourists find a bag.

And it looks like tea - and complements the view nicely.  It tasted a little too strong for my liking in the room - but that appeared to be down to the little UHT milks as the PG was similar.  The ones we had at breakfast were the same brand and worked really well.  More like a Yorkshire than a PG if that makes any sense.

I didn't make any special efforts to do the supermarket raid, but maybe we can pop back to Wales as restrictions ease and spend some time in the valleys again.

25 August 2021

Cadbury Flake Caramilk (GB Gifts) By @SpectreUK

Cadbury Flake Caramilk

I must have done something right because Cinabar has asked me to write about this Cadbury Flake Caramilk. Described as the "crumbliest creamy taste of caramelised white chocolate" this Cadbury Flake Caramilk should go rather well with a mug of my favourite white hot chocolate drink, and maybe a pot of low calorie vanilla ice cream after dinner. Mmm… well, we have to spoil ourselves sometimes!

On unwrapping the Cadbury Flake Caramilk the dangerously crumbly off-white bar inside smelt of sweet caramel and white chocolate. I was desperately trying not to lose any whilst trying to eat it and type about it. There is a white chocolate creaminess to start with on first bite which instantly merges with the sweet caramel. These two flavours filled and washed around my mouth as the flakey pieces melted. Gosh, this Cadbury Flake Caramilk was heavenly, especially accompanied by a low calorie vanilla ice cream and washed down with a steaming mug of white hot chocolate.

Information on the packet; The 30g bar has approximately 165 calories, with 9.7g of fat, 17.4g of sugar, and 26mg of salt. Please see the ingredients in the photograph.

Cadbury Flake Caramilk

24 August 2021

Dairy Milk Buttons Mint (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Dairy Milk Buttons Mint

I’m going to start this write up with a controversial statement, Mint is greater than Orange. Don’t get me wrong I like chocolate orange but it is everywhere at the minute. It is the go to new edition for everything. I have to admit finding these Dairy Milk Mint Buttons gave me hope, hope that just maybe the tide was turning and it was going somewhere minty.

So once opened these new Dairy Milk Buttons Mint look the same as regular Buttons but the aroma from the bag is wonderfully minty, I couldn’t wait to try one. I think what impressed me the most was that the chocolate still had all the Dairy Milk loveliness shining though, it was still distinctively Dairy Milk, here was sweet creamy chocolate and it was still somehow smooth even though the mint was very much present and doing its thing. They were just so well balanced. The mint wasn’t zingy like an After Eight but it was cool and refreshing it just didn’t over power the chocolate. Gosh these were nice.

Please can we have more Minty products, where is my Mint Yorkie? Where are my Mint Wagon Wheels? Stand aside Orange chocolate its a different flavours turn now.

Dairy Milk Buttons Mint

23 August 2021

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry

The problem with a cherry limited edition for Fry’s Turkish Delight is that the limited edition packaging is cherry pink, and Turkish Delight was already pink so it doesn’t look very special. The yellow packaging of the Lemon version really stood out. The packaging of the Cherry is a darker shade of pink, but I have to admit I might not have spotted it unless they were next to each other in a shop.

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry

I really enjoyed the Lemon limited edition Fry’s Turkish Delight, lemon being one of the other traditional flavours of regular Turkish Delight but I was wary of cherry as I wasn’t sure it would work. The minute the wrapper was off I could smell the cherry and it reminded me of cherry sweets. I gave it a try and found myself think I like cherry sweets and I like chocolate but I wouldn’t have them together. This wasn’t a bad bar of Turkish Delight it just wasn’t a patch on the original Rose flavour and it wasn’t as good as the Lemon either. The texture is the normal firm jelly, the cherry flavour is pleasant and sweet it just didn’t taste like Turkish Delight, it tasted liked cherry sweets in chocolate and for me it didn’t quite work. So Fry’s have you considered sticking closer to your roots and doing pistachio next time, you could even have green wrappers!

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry

22 August 2021

Tony's Chocolonely - Oxfam Hay-on-Wye (@NLi10)

We - book people - went to Hay-On-Wye - city of books - and didn't buy any books!  In our defence it was day 0 of our holiday and there were lots of potential targets, but we resisted.  What I couldn't resist was this big bar of Tony's Chocolonely - specifically the White Raspberry Popping Candy version.

The chocolate looks like this

It's got lots of info about how it's even better than FairTrade (which was revolutionary at the time but now we can do even better!)

And here is a better pic of the Welsh view

That's our hotel to the left! I like getting good deals that come with good views.

And Tony's provides both! It's a pain to share, and it was a little hard to get the best from it without a fridge to store it  - but we kept half to take home and tried both ways.

And it's great - fruity (with seeds) and the popping candy adds a little texture too.  The chocolate is milky and smooth - I'd like to try a real choc flavour from Tony to see how good the dark gets - but this is great quality.

Overall a big fat luxurious chocolate bar - great for presents and great to sneakily pick up when out at the Oxfam book-shop.

21 August 2021

Greene King Yardbird Pale Ale (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Greene King Yardbird

This Yardbird American Pale Ale was brewed by Greene King, which is a favourite brewery of mine. Although I can't think of any breweries I dislike… at 4% in volume Yardbird is named after the America jazz legend Charlie 'Bird' Parker. The label on the bottle states Yardbird has plenty of fruity hoppy flavour. I guess the only way to find out is to pop it open…

There was a bitter fruity herbal hoppy smell with a sweet aroma of pale malt behind it on opening the bottle. This deep golden India Pale Ale was packed full of flavour. There was a crisp bitterness from the hops, which is both fruity and with a little citrus to begin with, which is followed closely by herbal undertones. This sharp bitterness merges well with the sweet pales malts to the finish. This Yardbird went rather well with my takeout KFC after a long boring week at work pushing paper around. A good strong flavoursome Yardbird beer, and a chicken and fries meal were certainly enough to leave me with a smile.

20 August 2021

Jammie Dodgers Muffins (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Jammie Dodgers Muffins

These fine looking Jammie Dodgers Muffins caught my eye when I was leaving the Co-Op, I hadn’t spotted them on the way in. I stared at the box and realised that I had to re-queue to purchase a box. I’m totally blaming this blog for my actions. The Jammie Dodgers Muffins looked so pretty on the shelves in their red sleeves all emblazoned with the Jammie Dodgers logo and even the trademark heart on top. They get full marks for packaging and presentation and if I’m honest it didn’t take much to sway me into a purchase.
Jammie Dodgers Muffins

So what we have here is a vanilla muffin with a raspberry jam filling which when I stopped to think about it (after I got home) wasn’t nearly as exciting as I had hoped. I’ve eaten many vanilla and raspberry muffins over the years. So the positives of this cake are that there was lots of yummy sweet jam in the centre and that it had a good flavour. The sponge was tasty and moist and very enjoyable to eat. The Jammie Dodgers Muffins also looked cute and were appealing. The negatives were that the heart on top did’t have any jam flavour, the icing was a vanilla dollop and not biscuit flavoured and all the Jammie Dodgers elements were in look only, they didn’t influence the taste. Still a darn nice muffin though, even though I wouldn’t have a bought a vanilla and raspberry muffin without the themed packaging. I think they saw me coming.

Jammie Dodgers Muffins

19 August 2021

Eridanous - Stonebaked Gyros Pizza (@NLi10)

 A long time ago I picked up some lovely greek things from the Lidl range which was in the 'when it's gone it's gone!' section. And - well - it's not gone so I got some more!

The most interesting thing I snagged was this kebab (gyros) pizza.

So far, so frozen budget pizza! This was under £2 (about £1.50) so I didn't expect much from it.

But it came out quite well. The green bits were still veggified, and the cheese was not offensive.  The meat and spices were the highlight - much closer to the good Greek place I take my Mom than the kebab shop down the road.  I hope they still have more when I return to try to bag some!

18 August 2021

Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar (B&M) By @SpectreUK

Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar

I usually prefer plain milk chocolate bars, although I do love caramel in chocolate bars. I sometimes like orange in chocolate bars, but I must admit it seems rare to find an orange chocolate bar. I guess that's why Cinabar asked me to write about this limited edition Nestle Yorkie Orange chocolate bar.

I haven't eaten a Yorkie milk chocolate bar for quite a while. I have no idea how long it's been, but I generally go for another brand of milk chocolate over anything else. Having said that, if I fancy chocolate and biscuit I'll go straight for other brands, so I'm never locked down to one brand only. Besides when you write a snacking blog, it's best to try and keep an open mind!

On unwrapping this Yorkie Orange there was a strong milk chocolate and orange aroma from the bar inside. On taste the milk chocolate is quite soft on my old teeth. There was a milk chocolate flavour to start with that merged perfectly with the orange flavouring. This mixture of milk chocolate and orange ran into the aftertaste where there is a last slightly stronger salute of orange at the end, just to remind me that I'd eaten a milk chocolate with orange in it.

I really liked this Yorkie Orange chocolate bar and would definitely have them in regularly, so it does seem almost a crime to make them a limited edition… especially when I don't usually eat plain Yorkie bars… just saying!

Information on the packet;
Per 46g bar is 244 calories, with 13.8g of fat, and 26g of sugar. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar

17 August 2021

M&Ms Coffee Nut (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

M&Ms Coffee Nut

Things we don’t get enough of in the UK; 1) a variety of M&Ms flavours and 2) coffee flavoured chocolates. I purchased these imported M&Ms because it covers both of those issues all in one and both of those things are some of my favourite things. There are nuts included too in the product which is another favourite thing of mine especially with chocolate, I couldn’t wait!

This is a fairly large bag of M&Ms which were imported from the States. It says sharing size but also isn’t huge, plenty for two to share while watching Netflix though. Inside the bag the M&Ms are cream, light brown and dark brown in colour but all are the same flavour. The shells of mine were a little bit cracked in places but they have been imported from the States and then after that subjected to UK post, as I bought them imported online.

M&Ms Coffee Nut

The M&Ms are nice, there is a peanut in each one surrounded by coffee flavoured milk chocolate. The coffee is quite strong and quite decent quality of flavour, there is plenty of it but it is well balanced with the nut flavour and the chocolate. Regular readers will know that I liked varied texture in chocolate and these of course hit the nail on the head there too as the crispy shell gives way to chocolate followed by a crunchy nut, totally satisfying to eat. I feared these might have too much going on with there being three flavours but I was impressed by how well balanced they were and how well the flavours worked together. I would love it if these became main stream here in the UK, I’m certainly after finding more.

M&Ms Coffee Nut

16 August 2021

Bourbon Creams (Morrison’s) By @cinabar

Bourbon Creams (Morrison’s)

There’s new bourbon creams have been doing the rounds on social media as the latest in hybrid snacks of choice. If croissants and donuts make “Cronuts” what do you get if you cross the chocolate Bourbon biscuits with the Custard Cream? The new Bourbon Cream of course. These biscuits have been invented by some clever cookie (pun intended) at Morrison’s where the biscuit is Bourbon but the filling is Custard Cream. As a fan of both biscuits I thought I’d join the hype train and give them a try.

There is no plastic tray inside the biscuit packet, but the biscuits were still in one piece. I pulled one of the biscuits apart and could see the dollop of custard cream inside the darker biscuit. These looked good. I like double layered biscuits because I’m a fan of texture and I like the way they crunch. I gave one a taste test, and I have to admit they were good. They had all the chocolate flavour off Bourbon biscuits but the centre was lovely and creamy and this added something new. The best part of a Custard Cream is the cream, it is good stuff and made these Bourbon Creams very enjoyable, a nice mellow addition. There was still enough chocolate from the biscuit part and the whole thing had a chocolate biscuits with cream kind of vibe. I liked them, I even dunked a couple in hot chocolate which worked like a dream.

Let’s all be honest for a minute though and acknowledge that doing this the other way around (Custard Cream biscuits with a chocolate filling from a Bourbon) wouldn’t have a hope of working, the Bourbon Cream gets the best parts of both.

Bourbon Creams (Morrison’s)

15 August 2021

Speedfeast - Flame Grilled Chicken Sandwich (@NLi10)

Lunch takes too long, right? We want a SpeedFeast - 90 seconds - Microwave - Eat.

I mean - Rustlers take a similar amount of time, and the other burgers we got from Lidl at the same time do too.  But this one is a Speed Feast!

So far so normal.

The chicken itself is a little odd, more of a mock grilled thing than I was expecting.  The value is all in the luxury herby mayo of course which contains all the flavour.  And it's not bad.  Not the most filling of propositions (I guess a lot of people opt for two of these?) but it tasted of chicken, and contained chicken, so I can't complain too much.

I think that teasing me with salad on the actual box picture was a little mean - with those added in it might have been a full meal!


14 August 2021

Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider (Lyme Bay Winery) By @SpectreUK

Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider (Lyme Bay Winery)

I've loved every mead that I have tried that has been produced by the Lyme Bay Winery, and there has been quite a few. I especially adore their flagons of mead, of which I order quite a few to enjoy with my favourite fig biscuits after dinner. This 8% in volume Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider should go down a treat with those very same fig biscuits.

Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider Is made with West Country cider apples and aged in oak barrels that previously held spiced rum. I would think that would be Lyme Bay Winery's Lugger Rum, which I've also enjoyed a few tots of in the past. The back of the Jack Ratt bottle states it "has a bittersweet flavour with a smooth rounded finish." It recommends pork dishes and caramelised vegetables. Unfortunately I have neither for dinner. Alternatively I have a sirloin steak and chips. I usually prefer to wash a steak down with a stout. Oh, well… I'm still going to try Jack Ratt Barrel Select Cider with my fig biscuits instead.

On opening the bottle there was a spicy smell mixed with a bitter apple cider aroma. On taste this cider has quite a kick from the barrel's rum and spices. There is a warming flavoursome bitterness to begin with, which would be perfect for the Autumn and Winter months. This spicy bitterness smooths out with a slightly tart cider apple flavour. The combination of warming bitter spices and apple cider went very well together and complemented my fig biscuits rather well.

This is a still cider. I probably should have mentioned that previously. I don't know whether a sparkling cider would suit the bitter spices more. It's something I'd like to try anyway…

13 August 2021

Kit Kat Chunky - Salted Caramel Popcorn (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Chunky - Salted Caramel Popcorn

This is a new UK flavour of Kit Kat, not an imported one as much as we love those it is nice to see bars which are more widely available here. The UK can’t compete with Japan’s Kit Kat selection but to be fair we do get a few nice varieties of our own. However like many British Kit Kats this new bar looks like it has fallen victim to caramel thinking (the idea that if you flavour it with caramel it will sell). We have had a lot of variations of caramel Kit Kat in the past, fudge caramel, salted caramel, gold caramel to name just a few. Here we have Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel Popcorn. At least there is a twist of popcorn too, it does make it a bit more interesting.

This Kit Kat is in the Chunky form and the pieces looked like there would’t be too much different in the texture from the popcorn, but somehow there was when I bit in. It had a popcorn feel that was either very clever or I was going mad. More importantly the flavour from the popcorn exploded, there was so much going on, a salty blast, sweet rich tones of caramel, and a load of proper popcorn flavour too. Wow, it was an impressive bar. I was wrong about saying it is just another caramel Kit Kat this Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel Popcorn is something rather fabulous.

Kit Kat Chunky - Salted Caramel Popcorn

12 August 2021

Snackster's Classic Breakfast Muffin - Sausage & Hashbrown (@NLi10)

Lidl had surprisingly few  suitable office lunches to last the week so I ended up with a few discount microwave burgers to add to the collection.  They are all beginning to blur into one so I had to do a search to see if I'd had this before.

I bought it expecting it to be the McDonalds EggMcMuffin style thing.

but it's sausage and hash-brown (and cheese to bin) in the nice muffin style case.  This bodes well - especially if they've been doing this for longer than microwaves exist?!!

They always look like rubbish at this stage - you can't quite read it but the packet says premium ketchup.  I assume to cover for the budget sausage...

cooked burger - not appetising

And here we see the 'cooked' version.  A little slimy and odd, but the smell is decent and the textures at least look correct.  The ketchup and hash brown is enough to convince me that someone at least cares that I had a nice lunch, and the other bits are fine considering the microwave.  I'd have toasted the buns for better effect given the option, but overall I'd cope with eating this again.

Turns out the 2nd burger I got was a different brand so I've saved that for the next review!

11 August 2021

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer) By @SpectreUK

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer)

I have a vast amount of biscuit types that I love. There are very few biscuits that I don't particularly like, but none I hate… although having said that I really don't like Macarons! My favourite types of biscuits are few. I usually have a packet of my favourite fig biscuits over two nights with half a flagon of mead per evening. It makes me feel like a Roman after a morning wandering from the sauna to the steam room.

On other occasions I'll have a packet of jam sandwich's over two nights, five a night with a white hot chocolate drink and maybe a low calorie ice cream, if I have any calories left to spare. This is where Percy Pig comes in… Cinabar must have thought she'd play a joke on me with these Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams! They are pink shortcake biscuits with a raspberry jam and cream filling. They sound just fine, of course, but being pink they remind me a bit of Macarons. Okay, I hate Macarons! Besides, how bad can these Percy Pig biscuits be? And they do sound ideal after a bacon sandwich for lunch! 

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer)

So with my trusty white hot chocolate drink and a low calorie vanilla ice cream as an accompaniment I decided to try these biscuits. There was an overpowering smell of sweet raspberries on opening the packet. As you can see from the photograph each biscuit is round, fat and pink with a smiley face on the top of the biscuit, and a curly tail on the rear of the biscuit.

I quickly realised after twisting the first biscuit in two that the shortbread is also flavoured with raspberries. The cream inside is very nice indeed, especially with the biscuit. The second half of the biscuit with the raspberry jam was okay. Even though there is raspberry jam in the ingredients, the jam was very sweet indeed and tasted a little different than normal raspberry jam. I think these Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams have been made super sweet for kids, and I'm sure they would love them, but I'll stick to my favourite jam sandwiches instead.

Information on the packet;
There are 10 biscuits in the packet at 74 calories per biscuit, with 3.5G of fat, 4.4g of sugar, and 0.06g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer)