15 August 2021

Speedfeast - Flame Grilled Chicken Sandwich (@NLi10)

Lunch takes too long, right? We want a SpeedFeast - 90 seconds - Microwave - Eat.

I mean - Rustlers take a similar amount of time, and the other burgers we got from Lidl at the same time do too.  But this one is a Speed Feast!

So far so normal.

The chicken itself is a little odd, more of a mock grilled thing than I was expecting.  The value is all in the luxury herby mayo of course which contains all the flavour.  And it's not bad.  Not the most filling of propositions (I guess a lot of people opt for two of these?) but it tasted of chicken, and contained chicken, so I can't complain too much.

I think that teasing me with salad on the actual box picture was a little mean - with those added in it might have been a full meal!


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