24 August 2021

Dairy Milk Buttons Mint (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Dairy Milk Buttons Mint

I’m going to start this write up with a controversial statement, Mint is greater than Orange. Don’t get me wrong I like chocolate orange but it is everywhere at the minute. It is the go to new edition for everything. I have to admit finding these Dairy Milk Mint Buttons gave me hope, hope that just maybe the tide was turning and it was going somewhere minty.

So once opened these new Dairy Milk Buttons Mint look the same as regular Buttons but the aroma from the bag is wonderfully minty, I couldn’t wait to try one. I think what impressed me the most was that the chocolate still had all the Dairy Milk loveliness shining though, it was still distinctively Dairy Milk, here was sweet creamy chocolate and it was still somehow smooth even though the mint was very much present and doing its thing. They were just so well balanced. The mint wasn’t zingy like an After Eight but it was cool and refreshing it just didn’t over power the chocolate. Gosh these were nice.

Please can we have more Minty products, where is my Mint Yorkie? Where are my Mint Wagon Wheels? Stand aside Orange chocolate its a different flavours turn now.

Dairy Milk Buttons Mint

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paulham said...

"Mint is greater than Orange."

Nothing controversial there. It's a given!

I wrote asking them to make Bournville buttons filled with a mint creme (think caramel buttons) but was told that they don't accept suggestions...

I was thinking of suggesting something else when I received that reply. :s