23 August 2021

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry

The problem with a cherry limited edition for Fry’s Turkish Delight is that the limited edition packaging is cherry pink, and Turkish Delight was already pink so it doesn’t look very special. The yellow packaging of the Lemon version really stood out. The packaging of the Cherry is a darker shade of pink, but I have to admit I might not have spotted it unless they were next to each other in a shop.

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry

I really enjoyed the Lemon limited edition Fry’s Turkish Delight, lemon being one of the other traditional flavours of regular Turkish Delight but I was wary of cherry as I wasn’t sure it would work. The minute the wrapper was off I could smell the cherry and it reminded me of cherry sweets. I gave it a try and found myself think I like cherry sweets and I like chocolate but I wouldn’t have them together. This wasn’t a bad bar of Turkish Delight it just wasn’t a patch on the original Rose flavour and it wasn’t as good as the Lemon either. The texture is the normal firm jelly, the cherry flavour is pleasant and sweet it just didn’t taste like Turkish Delight, it tasted liked cherry sweets in chocolate and for me it didn’t quite work. So Fry’s have you considered sticking closer to your roots and doing pistachio next time, you could even have green wrappers!

Fry's Turkish Delight - Cherry


zeddy said...

The thing that annoys me about Fry's TD is that it isn't chewy like authentic Delight.
Sultan's version is a nicer version to me.
Cherry though?
Hmm, I'll have a Cabana instead thanks.

Unknown said...

Fry's Turkish delight cherry flavoured limited edition,leaves a horrible taste in our mouth,prefer original we have had for years,so upset,because l love a treat,didn't realise when bought it was different to original.

Sir William said...

Bought these by mistake, didn't notice they were cherry flavour, YUK, horrible taste, very sneakily hidden in the packaging script!!

cinabar said...

The colour of the packaging is an odd choice being so similar to the regular ones - they should have gone for bright red of very pale pink.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! I cannot express how delicious they are. I need more but can't find them anywhere. Sold out everywhere.. 😭

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely lush! Excellent choice of flavour too! Please make them a permanent addition 😁