2 August 2021

Fluffy Stuff – Birthday Cake Cotton Candy (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Fluffy Stuff – Birthday Cake Cotton Candy

There are certain sweets that make me feel like a child, popping candy is one of these but the other is candy floss (or as the Americans say Cotton Candy). I suppose my love of candy floss comes from the memories of being at fun fairs or trips to Wales and having a bag to eat as a treat. I have discovered though that the American’s have gone the extra mile with their candy floss and have all sorts of flavoured versions. I picked up this bag of Fluffy Stuff Birthday Cake Cotton Candy from an import shop.

Birthday Cake is a very much on trend flavour and I was curious to see how it translated to this product given that a substantial part of both flavours is just sugar. Inside the bag there were two colours of cotton candy, pink and white and the colours were not dissimilar looking to bag of cotton wool I have upstairs…. Thankfully this tasted a lot better!

The flavour was surprisingly accurate when it came to birthday cake, it was sweet and creamy with lots of vanilla. The sugary flavour tasted like cake batter and frosting, and I was rather impressed. I hadn’t expected so much depth to the sweet flavour, but it worked, while still maintaining the sugary goodness. The texture was of course melt in the mouth and it was still fun to eat. I will have to investigate what other flavours are available.

Fluffy Stuff – Birthday Cake Cotton Candy

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Anonymous said...

A nice idea but I think candy floss flavour is singular enough for me.