22 August 2021

Tony's Chocolonely - Oxfam Hay-on-Wye (@NLi10)

We - book people - went to Hay-On-Wye - city of books - and didn't buy any books!  In our defence it was day 0 of our holiday and there were lots of potential targets, but we resisted.  What I couldn't resist was this big bar of Tony's Chocolonely - specifically the White Raspberry Popping Candy version.

The chocolate looks like this

It's got lots of info about how it's even better than FairTrade (which was revolutionary at the time but now we can do even better!)

And here is a better pic of the Welsh view

That's our hotel to the left! I like getting good deals that come with good views.

And Tony's provides both! It's a pain to share, and it was a little hard to get the best from it without a fridge to store it  - but we kept half to take home and tried both ways.

And it's great - fruity (with seeds) and the popping candy adds a little texture too.  The chocolate is milky and smooth - I'd like to try a real choc flavour from Tony to see how good the dark gets - but this is great quality.

Overall a big fat luxurious chocolate bar - great for presents and great to sneakily pick up when out at the Oxfam book-shop.


Anonymous said...

Usually I cannot get any of the items on show on this site. However, Tony's Chocolonely is a Dutch brand, the guy Tony is a well-know journalist who started this slave-free chocolate. We get all specials. Every year there are a few limited bars, there are specials at Christmas and Easter and they have a tasting café in Amsterdam. Yihaa!! Regards Nicolet Holland

NLi10 said...

Huh - good to know. I assumed it was English. Thanks for the info!