11 August 2021

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer) By @SpectreUK

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer)

I have a vast amount of biscuit types that I love. There are very few biscuits that I don't particularly like, but none I hate… although having said that I really don't like Macarons! My favourite types of biscuits are few. I usually have a packet of my favourite fig biscuits over two nights with half a flagon of mead per evening. It makes me feel like a Roman after a morning wandering from the sauna to the steam room.

On other occasions I'll have a packet of jam sandwich's over two nights, five a night with a white hot chocolate drink and maybe a low calorie ice cream, if I have any calories left to spare. This is where Percy Pig comes in… Cinabar must have thought she'd play a joke on me with these Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams! They are pink shortcake biscuits with a raspberry jam and cream filling. They sound just fine, of course, but being pink they remind me a bit of Macarons. Okay, I hate Macarons! Besides, how bad can these Percy Pig biscuits be? And they do sound ideal after a bacon sandwich for lunch! 

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer)

So with my trusty white hot chocolate drink and a low calorie vanilla ice cream as an accompaniment I decided to try these biscuits. There was an overpowering smell of sweet raspberries on opening the packet. As you can see from the photograph each biscuit is round, fat and pink with a smiley face on the top of the biscuit, and a curly tail on the rear of the biscuit.

I quickly realised after twisting the first biscuit in two that the shortbread is also flavoured with raspberries. The cream inside is very nice indeed, especially with the biscuit. The second half of the biscuit with the raspberry jam was okay. Even though there is raspberry jam in the ingredients, the jam was very sweet indeed and tasted a little different than normal raspberry jam. I think these Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams have been made super sweet for kids, and I'm sure they would love them, but I'll stick to my favourite jam sandwiches instead.

Information on the packet;
There are 10 biscuits in the packet at 74 calories per biscuit, with 3.5G of fat, 4.4g of sugar, and 0.06g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Percy Pig flavour Jam Sandwich Creams (Marks and Spencer)

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