Foodstuff Finds was set up in 2008 as an outlet for a group of people with an obsession for all things edible and new or different.

We at Foodstuff Finds are the kind of people who like to try all those great 'new' items you find in the supermarket, as well as interesting items from import shops, chocolates that are a bit different, and essentially anything we simply haven't tried before. We also sometimes succumb to things in shiny wrappers.

The website has a great cross selection of products, from crisps, drinks (including beer), biscuits through to sweets, cereals and ice cream. So do use the search function top left, to help you find your way around.

If you can't find the item you are looking for and you think it really aught to be on the site, send us an email and we will try and track it down and review it for you. Likewise if you are from a company and you think we should write about your products, let us know by emailing: admin@foodstufffinds.co.uk

In August 2010 Foodstuff Finds was recommended by The Guardian newspaper, and this has seen our readership grow and grow. We do really appreciate all the support we have received doing this website and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributes with supportive emails and product ideas; we really appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment too.

In November 2010 we were ranked No. 1 on the Wikio Gastronomy Blog Rankings, making us, in their view, the most influential blog in the UK and Ireland in our category!!! Sorry to blow our own trumpets, but we were all very excited and proud about this. :-)

In February 2011 we won a "Bloggy Brilliant Award" from Azaria "recognising our passion and commitment to a truly original blog".We are so pleased to have our Foodstuff Finds acknowledged in this way, it so nice to know people are appreciating what we are doing.

In July 2013 - Winner of Capricorn Best Blog Award July 2013
Many thanks to everyone who voted for us - we really do appreciate it :-)

In August 2013 we were selected as part of the judging panel for the Range Cookers Cupcake Creative Competition. As tough a job as it was, we managed to help select the beautiful cupcakes at SuperGolden Bakes as the winner. :-)

Nearly 2000 items have been reviewed on this site so far, and with a new review added each day we continue to grow. Foodstuff Finds is your indispensable guide to foodstuff shopping!