22 June 2024

Lilley’s Piña Colada Cider (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Lilley’s Piña Colada Cider

It's a lovely sunny day outside and I have scampi and chips for dinner tonight. I used to joke with an ex-boss that whilst working at home during the lockdowns he was drinking Pina Colladas in the garden. This Lilley's Piña Colada Cider is a 3.4% in volume fusion of pineapple and coconut blended with Somerset cider. I'm hoping it's going to wash down my fishy dish a treat tonight.

I was given a Piña Colada in a restaurant once that was ordered by someone by mistake. I tasted it surreptitiously and realised that it had so much alcohol in it that if I had a second sip I'd be over the limit for driving. So, unfortunately, I gave it back. I think the waiter drank it surreptitiously after that, as he was a little bit wobbly for the rest of the meal.

On opening the bottle of this Lilley's Piña Colada Cider, there was a subtle fizz followed by a summer aroma of apple cider, pineapple and a little coconut in the background. This murky fresh lemonade coloured cider tasted funnily enough of pineapple and coconut and cider apple, there was an extra sweet hit of pineapple into the aftertaste.

Not as alcoholic as the one I was given in the restaurant, this ridiculously moreish flavoured cider was so good, I could quite drink it all night. Well, I am at home, and my car keys are resting this evening. I just need some more bottles.

21 June 2024

Friends Doughnuts (Krispy Kreme) By @Cinabar

Friends Doughnuts (Krispy Kreme)

I love the Friends series. I have watched every episode and am currently watching it a second time, enjoying seeing Spectre experience it for the first time. I don’t know how he hasn’t seen it before, but he has no idea where the whole Ross and Rachel thing is going, which is very entertaining. Somehow it is Friend’s thirtyth birthday, and to celebrate, Krispy Kreme has brought our celebration doughnuts. I picked up a box of three to try. They have cool names, too.

We Were On A Coffee Break

This is a very cool-looking doughnut, complete with a white chocolate disc with the Central Perk logo. It is a ring doughnut, but there is a dollop of vanilla frosting in the gap, and the main doughnut is coffee-glazed. The sponge was soft, and the icing was lightly crisp. The flavour is absolutely lovely and reminded me of coffee cream. Not too strong, but sweet and delightful. We need more coffee-flavoured doughnuts in the world. 

How you doin’?

The doughnut is very pretty purple with a yellow frame made of icing. It is made to look like Monica’s door and named after Joey’s favourite chat-up line. The doughnut is very fruity; the main icing is passion fruit, and the yellow is mango. This gives the doughnut a wonderful tropical feel, perfect for a nice, warm evening. 


Trifle gets a special mention in one of the Friends episodes when they try and make the classic British dessert, but thankfully, unlike the episode where the recipe got mixed up, there is no beef sautéed with peas and onions as a layer in this doughnut. There is, however, a lovely filling of strawberry custard and chocolate sprinkles. This one is a bit more of a classic flavour, but still a yummy addition to the set. 

20 June 2024

Bubbleology - Milk Tea Mixology Kit - Taro Flavour [@NLi10]

 I got this bubble tea kit for Christmas, but had been saving it til the weather was a bit warmer as it's nicer as a cold drink (the bubbles in warm drinks are a little too unnerving). 

It has everything you need - except the milk, and ice - in the box and is enough to make 4 decently sized drinks.

The instructions tell you how to mix all the bits together, but the QR code also links you to a video that says slightly different things.

It says you can use plant based things too so I used almond milk

It does worry me that they keep saying that it's science

Impressive little kit!

For the Taro version you pop the powder & milk in the blender and give it a zap, and then microwave the little tadpoles

Unfortunately I put it on for a few seconds too long and it popped.  Three seconds less and I'd have likely been fine.

I managed to get them all into the pepsi glass

I then added the blended milk mix (with a little blended ice too) and gave it a swirl.

And it worked surprisingly well!  The smells were those of the bubble tea shop, and the taro tasted pretty authentic too.  Using the non-dairy milk seemed to have not changed a thing and worked really well too.

My complaint with these has always been that it's more of a posh milkshake than a novelty tea - but behold - they say you can add 1/4 of pre-made tea to the mix for a more tea based drink - so for the next set I'll do that and see if it makes a difference.

I'll probably add another review for the tiger stripes one.

19 June 2024

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate (Morrison’s Local) By @SpectreUK

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate

I could do with a break. A chunky break, like a Nestle Kit Kat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate. I do love white chocolate. I do love Lotus Biscoff, especially with ice cream. They make great edible ice cream shovels. I usually love Kit Kat Chunkys. There's something about biting into them, whereas you can snap a regular Kit Kat, you still don't get so much extra flavour. A Kit Kat Chunky is all about the extra flavour.

I've previously tried the milk chocolate Bite Size and also the milk chocolate Chunky Lotus Biscoff before and loved them. This new Nestle Kit Kat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate bar will be an afternoon treat after my workout today. As you can see from the photograph on opening the wrapper the white chocolate bar had a Biscoff spread on top of two wafers inside.

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate

On taste the white chocolate had luscious creaminess, the Biscoff spread gave way adding mixed spice to the creamy white chocolate flavour, and the wafers gave a good crunch. I could quite honestly eat this Nestle Kit Kat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and more for afters all day everyday. I think they should probably put a warning on it.

Information on the wrapper; The 42g bar had 224 calories, with 5.8g of fat, 19.5g of sugar, 0.13g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate

18 June 2024

Mocha Mudcake M&Ms (B&M) By @Cinabar

Mocha Mudcake M&Ms

I was in B&M, and I saw a new M&Ms flavour, and I was super excited. There was this fab bag of Mocha Mudcake M&Ms on the shelf. In other countries, there are many different limited edition versions of M&Ms, but in the UK, we get very few, if any. So this was exciting, until I turned the bag over and realised they too were an import. They were made in Australia. Oh well, at least some of the flavours from abroad are making their way to the UK shelves, even if they weren’t intended to be sold here. 

I opened up the bag and had a look at the M&Ms. They look like most of the other varieties I’ve seen; they are the usual prime colours, and they looked bright. There wasn’t much aroma, but they are covered in a hard candy shell, so it wasn’t that surprising.

I gave one a try, and the texture was the first thing I noticed. The filling was almost like that of a toffee; it was firm and chewy. The taste was good; they were rich and chocolatey, and there was a good tone of coffee running through them too. I had another, then another, and then I remembered that M&Ms always catch me like this. They are tasty and easy to eat, and I ate far more than I intended. Chocolate and coffee are one of my favourite combinations, and these Mocha Mudcake M&Ms chocolates were just my kind of thing. I’m going to need another bag. 

Mocha Mudcake M&Ms

17 June 2024

Poppets: Minty Brownies (B&M) By @Cinabar

Poppets: Minty Brownies

This is a bit of a strange crossover for the brand Poppets, as they are stepping into the cake market. I associate Poppets with the boxes of sweets, and the mint ones are little peppermint sweets coated in chocolate, which I really like. Here we have a box of five, individually packed, Poppets Minty Brownies.

Inside the box are the five cakes in the branded wrapper. Each brownie also has chocolate pieces mixed in. I opened the wrapper and found that they were also in paper cases. They looked quite cute. Once you see the final size of the cake, multiply it by 5 and try to work out why the box is so big. I was a bit lost. I guess the goal was to stand out on the shelf with a large box and imply that the cakes are huge. 

The Poppets Minty Brownies were nice, though. The sponge was moist and soft, and it had a light crispiness to the top. The flavour was nice and chocolatey, and there was a good hint of mint; it wasn’t overpowering like an actual Mint Poppet. I enjoyed the brownie; it was a nice treat. The smaller size meant that the calories were lower too, just 110 kcal per brownie, so a nice treat with a coffee even if you are watching the calories. 

I think there was an opportunity missed in making them a proper tie-in with Mint Poppets. They should each have a Mint Poppet on top, or Mint Poppet pieces in each cake. To just make a chocolate mint-flavoured brownie and call it Poppets just seems a bit like they weren’t really trying to link the cake to the brand and were focused on just getting the logo on the box. 

Poppets: Minty Brownies

16 June 2024

Budweiser -Buffalo Chicken Wings Crispy Coated Peanuts [@NLi10]

 It's football time! This means that the majority of the country buy bigger TVs and watch the standard definition broadcast version of the match anyway, meanwhile I look for new snack options.

This one isn't specifically football themed but seems to have been added to the section for people actually planning to watch.  I took them to work because Buffalo sauce is one of my favourite things to add a tiny bit of to food - It's basically spicy vinegar and is great.

Lots of guff about the inferior beer (even Budweiser make a better beer than Budweiser - Budvar!) and a brief mention of these nuts.

Peanuts contain lots of energy so a bag is 5 servings.  That's not too unrealistic really as spicy snacks at work are a multi-day proposition.  I'd say that two days snacking dealt with half a bag.

Willpower was required as these are pretty good.

I reckon these are the KP nutsters/Nobby's Nuts mix but with the new flavour dust added - and it's a doosy.  Like Spice & vinegar instead of salt & vinegar this is a great way to chug back peanuts (from a glass if you want your keyboard to stay clean) and I kind of regret not getting a 2nd bag to sit and eat at home.  I'd have to share them then though!

I wonder if they do bigger bags.  Happy Euro's to those that celebrate and I hope your chosen team does marginally better than expected.

15 June 2024

Northern Monk: Fruit Twist IPA (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Northern Monk: Fruit Twist IPA

I do like a Twister ice lolly now and then, especially when we're adventuring somewhere on a hot sunny day out. I haven't had a Twister for sometime, mainly because it's rained for most of the year so far, and on the rare occasion when it is hot, we seem to be doing something else.

This Northern Monk Fruit Twist might go some way to help make up for the lack of adventure this year. Natural flavourings of strawberries and lime, as well as pineapple purée were added in the brewing of this 4.7% in volume Indian Pale Ale. I'm hoping it's going to wash down my home cooked fish and chips a treat tonight.

I haven't had a fish and chips takeaway for a long time now. The last three fish and chips takeaways we had were getting more and more expensive and all of them made me ill. Apparently due to cost cutting, many Chippies have changed their oil to a cheaper brand, which unfortunately doesn't agree with my stomach at all. So, unless perhaps the economy changes, I guess I sadly can't enjoy my favourite takeaway anymore.

On opening this Fruit Twist there wasn't a pleasing fizz from the can. However, this hazy IPA poured with a wholesome fluffy head. This Indian Pale Ale did smell like a beer mixed with a Twister ice lolly, on taste there was strawberries to start with and then a little herbal and citrus hops merging with lime and pineapple, the sweetness of pale malts showed up towards the aftertaste to see what was going on.

Usually when eating a Twister ice lolly there is the pineapple and lime first, with the strawberry flavour on the inside. Strawberry was the predominant flavour here, but that was okay by me. There was no adventuring to be had outside though. There was a thunderstorm over the house as I drank it, whilst washing down my home cooked fish and chips. Bizarre, but welcome to British summertime.

14 June 2024

McVities Iced Gems Candy Floss Limited Edition (Iceland) By @Cinabar

McVities Iced Gems Candy Floss Limited Edition

I think I might have been around eight years old when I last had Iced Gems. I remember the cute little biscuits with a dollop of solid icing from my childhood. I specifically remember having a bag of them as an after-school treat, but I just don’t remember buying any in adulthood. I do remember the flavour though, the sweet, sugary goodness and crunchy biscuit. What prompted me to buy them again after all this time was the inevitable ‘limited edition’ label that lured me in, and what an interesting new flavour. Here we have McVities Iced Gems Candy Floss Limited Edition.

Inside the pack are 5 mini packs for a portion-controlled snack. Inside the bag, they do look the same; some had pink and some had blue icing on top, and some had the icing fall off. The aroma was slightly different; it had a much stronger, sugary scent, unless my memory was playing tricks on me.

I gave one a try, and the nostalgic crunch was all there. I could remember the crispy icing, and it took me back to childhood. The flavour is as sugary as you would expect, but there is also a slightly burnt sugar taste, the candy floss element. There was enough of the original flavour for it to bring back the memories, but the twist of candy floss was there, and it worked too. I absolutely loved eating Little Gems again, and this McVities Iced Gems Candy Floss Limited Edition was so nice. They also made me feel like a giant with these tiny biscuits. I will try and pick them up more regularly now as an afternoon snack; they are too good to leave it so long before having them again. 

McVities Iced Gems Candy Floss Limited Edition

13 June 2024

Oreo Sunshine - Lemon Flavour (China) - with Ltd Ed Designs! [@NLi10]

 Oreos are great.  Kraft taking over Cadbury and putting Oreos in everything isn't so great - so even though I could walk to Cadbury World from my house - we still have to rely on imports to get exciting Oreos.

This Chinese version (from a Korean supermarket) is not only Sunshine / Lemon flavour, but it has limited edition designs on the biscuits too.

And they come in inflated packs so you know they are fresh.

Peepo designs are common on these, but the box says there are 6 ltd edition designs you might see. 

All taste the same though! 

The lemon is great - not too artificial and has a sherbet hint to it.  Otherwise - these are your normal Oreo - but with an exciting fruity flavour. 

12 June 2024

The Real McCoy’s Epic Eats Tex-Mex Flamin’ Fajita (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Limited Edition The Real McCoy’s Epic Eats Tex-Mex Flamin’ Fajita

I'm a sandwich type of person, if there is such a thing. I don't like wraps, though it's not what's inside them. I eat most things, especially meats and veg with spicy sauces. It's the thin bread that they're wrapped in I don't like, I find it quite dry, and there is my habit of overloading everything to excess. I'm an everything to excess type of person. Some may say it's greed, others varying types of descriptions, but that's the way I am. I gave up trying to fight it years ago. I just work out more so I can eat more snacks.

I used to loath chicken sandwiches until I had a brainwave and added barbecue sauce to them, now I can't get enough. These Limited Edition The Real McCoy's Epic Eats Tex-Mex Flamin' Fajita flavoured crinkle cut crisps sound like an interesting alternative snack to Fajita wraps. Although probably not nearly as healthy, it all depends on the taste, and of course, whether they go well with my barbecue chicken sandwich.

On opening the packet the crinkle cut crisps inside were a deep orange almost red colour. There was a heavy aroma of paprika. On first taste there was a spicy scrumptious flavour of paprika, a little smokiness and then some red chilli burn into the aftertaste. These Limited Edition The Real McCoy's Epic Eats Tex-Mex Flamin' Fajita crisps were more paprika flavoured than some paprika flavoured crisps I've had in the past. I loved them. On a blind taste test, the last thing I'd say is Fajita flavoured though.

Information on the packet;
The 25g bag contained 132 calories, with 7.8g of fat, 0.6g of sugar and 0.15g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Limited Edition The Real McCoy’s Epic Eats Tex-Mex Flamin’ Fajita

11 June 2024

Bonne Maman Caramelised Apple Spread (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Bonne Maman Caramelised Apple Spread

I always used to just have butter on my toast. Boring, I know, but there we are. I have recently tried a chocolate hazelnut spread from the brand Nutini (just to see how it compares to Nutella) and just as something a bit different to try. Now that I’ve finished the pot, I’m not sure I can go back to just butter on my toast. I scraped every last scrap out of that pot. I found myself browsing jams and spreads on my last supermarket order, and I was a bit surprised by some of the spreads that are available. I managed to create a list of ones I wanted to try, then a shortlist, and now here we are opening this jar of Bonne Maman Caramelised Apple Spread. There are another two pots of different spreads waiting in the cupboard.

As a newbie to spreads on toast, should I be putting butter on first? I haven’t been; I would if it were jam, but chocolate spread doesn’t feel like it needs it. This is fruit-based and had me puzzled, but I left the butter and went straight for the spread. As I put the knife in, I was surprised by how soft the spread was; it was much softer than a chocolate spread or a jam. I spread it over my toast. I hadn’t expected the sauce to taste buttery, but it did. There was a sweet caramel flavour and then a sweet, fruity apple flavour running through it. I think the concept of liquidised toffee apple on toast springs to mind; definitely a win for someone like me with a sweet tooth. It probably doesn’t count as one of my five a day. I have to say I’m very pleased with the first jar of Bonne Maman Caramelised Apple Spread I’ve opened, and I can’t wait to try the other new spreads too. 

Bonne Maman Caramelised Apple Spread

10 June 2024

Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix

On a Saturday evening, we tend to have a treat and usually order something nice for dessert. Work has been rather stressful recently; there is too much to unload, but thankfully things are starting to settle. It is this work stress that has been bothering me, and that is why I’ve been a little off my game, like ordering our weekly grocery shop on the wrong day of the week. It was not the end of the world, as we had food in the freezer, but it left a gap for cake. A quick rummage in the cupboard and I found this Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix. This was the perfect time to crack it open.

Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix

Inside the Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix box was just a pad of cake mix; thankfully, the only extra ingredients needed were vegetable oil, water, and an egg, and we did have one egg left. 

Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix

The instructions are pretty simple: mix the oil, water, and egg together (which feels a bit weird as there is no flour), but easy enough to do. Once that is combined, you add the bag of mix and whisk for 1 minute. Then you pour it into a greased baking pan and bake for just over twenty minutes. 

Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix

Once it came out of the oven, the top looked a little cracked, but I could see it had a nice crispy texture, with the base underneath being super soft and moist. The flavour was a delight, sweet chocolate goodness. The mix even had drops of Cadbury chocolate in for that ultimate richness in the flavour. We ate most of it warm, but I can tell you the seconds the next day were also spot on in texture, soft but crispy too. It is definitely worth having a box of this Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix for cake emergencies; they are a thing. 

Cadbury Warm Chocolate Brownie Mix

9 June 2024

Light Bites & Meals out in Birmingham [@NLi10]

 We've been socialising a lot this weekend so I had occasion to eat lovely cakes and coffees while out.

First up we went to Lovelife in Digbeth and sampled their fantastic cakes.  I forgot to get a picture of the Baklava Cheesecake (which looked a bit much for me).

Here is the main display - they also had a live DJ with guitar accompaniment which was very groovy.

I chose the little lime and kiwi tart - that my friend said looked horrible - but then tried and quite enjoyed.  Accompanied by the usual coconut latte of course.

As a light bite with coffee it was perfect - and I was kind of glad they'd sold out of the chosen sandwich because we ate at Coconut Tree afterwards and that was really filling too!  And then we went to watch Muse performed by a string quartet by candlelight in a church!

Earlier in the week we'd been out for Pizzas at my summer restaurant of choice The Stables which feels like it must be a chain - but I've not seen other ones.

They specialise in selling pizza and cider

Which is great as I specialise in eating them!  This is the middle special - a pizza with guacamole and chipotle mayo.  I think crumbled nachos on top would have made this amazing, but it was still good enough that I want to go back for a sneaky second try.

Town is great at the moment for small venues with unique things happening and feels like London without the chaos. A great thing for the summer.

8 June 2024

Live Beer Stout (Moor Beer Company) By @SpectreUK

Live Beer Stout (Moor Beer Company)

I have a rare treat tonight; steak and chips. So, my Daddy's Brown Sauce and Colman's English Mustard are at the ready. I love a stout to wash down my steak and chips, and in my beer fridge I found this Live Beer Stout, brewed by Moor Beer Company. They were established in 2007 and use live yeast in the fermentation of their beers to help provide their carbonation.

This 5% in volume Live Beer Stout poured almost jet black into my waiting beer glass. There was a roasted chocolate malt and herbal hop aroma from this dark brooding stout. My tastebuds immediately started to salivate. On taste there was luscious chocolate malt with a touch of roasted coffee in the initial flavour, herbal hops provided a cutting bitterness, and then more rich chocolate and roasted coffee flavour into the aftertaste. Perfect with my steak and chips, Live Beer Stout washed down every delicious mouthful an absolute treat.

7 June 2024

Vimto Discovery Zero: Mango & Dragonfruit (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Vimto Discovery Zero: Mango & Dragonfruit

What better for a warm day than trying out a new soft drink? We regularly buy Vimto here, but mostly we get the regular flavour, and mostly in the form of a cordial. I do always keep an eye out for new flavours, especially when those flavours are a bit different, and I think this is the first time I’ve seen this mix in a drink. The new flavour is Vimto Discovery Zero: Mango & Dragonfruit. I do know what dragonfruit is, but I can’t pretend that it is a regular purchase. I was looking forward to trying it out.

The drink is a lovely pink colour, and there is plenty of fizz packed in. There was a light syrupy aroma while I poured. The flavour is so good. It is sweet and very fruity; the dragonfruit is actually predominant, and then it mellows to the softer tone of mango. It is sweet but refreshing, and such a good new combination for summer. I’m really impressed that Vimto has brought out such a nice new and different flavour. If you are looking for a soft drink that is a bit different, I do thoroughly recommend this Vimto Discovery Zero: Mango & Dragonfruit. 

6 June 2024

Cafetto Late Cappuccino - cold coffee for a hot day @NLi10

 At work in the hospital we have loads of coffee shops, all with huge queues.  When I picked up my sandwich I often have to wait behind extravagant coffee orders, and yet - they also sell a pre-made chilled coffee drink! So - I chose one and skipped the hot drinks queue - how bad can it be?!

It’s in a plastic cup, but a thin one so they can put the eco thing on, and it does mean you can recycle it.

It’s not iced though - it’s just cold.

Yup - it’s a coffee flavoured milkshake - we had those in the 80s. They didn’t tend to put much actual coffee in then, but these days caffeine and sugar are big business (and you can’t have them in a cola).

Putting it into a glass felt more civilised, and if I was at home I could have added ice.

Decent enough flavours, but it did lack a certain something. I think I’ll stick to the wonderful coconut milk lates in future, but for a little lunchtime kick without the extra 5 mins in the queue then it was perfect.

Be great for picnics, and also for just popping in the office fridge for emergencies.

5 June 2024

Heinz Classic Barbie-cue Mayo Barbecue Sauce (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Heinz Classic Barbie-cue Mayo Barbecue Sauce

Oh my, what have I let myself in for now? This bright pink sauce is the new Heinz Classic Barbie-cue Mayo Barbecue Sauce in celebration of Barbie's big anniversary this year. I do love barbecue sauce, especially with burgers and chips. I also love mayonnaise, which goes well with pretty much anything from any flavour of crisps, to chips, potatoes and any meat and salad besides.

We watched the new Barbie film recently, and I'm sad to admit I wasn't a fan of it's surreal elements. Anyway, with my new Heinz Classic Barbie-cue Mayo Barbecue Sauce at hand, I decided to try it on a chicken and tomato sandwich to begin with. As you can see from the photograph, it's hard to miss the colour of this sauce.

I tasted this barbecue mayo sauce on my finger first and noticed its smokiness, sweet barbecue and mayonnaise flavour. It went rather well on my chicken and tomato sandwich, and left me with a really moreish taste in my mouth afterwards. Later I tried it with KFC style chicken and chips, and loved that too. I'll try it with a burger and chips next. Don't be out off by the colour, this is a great barbecue and mayonnaise sauce.

Heinz Classic Barbie-cue Mayo Barbecue Sauce

4 June 2024

Milkybar Gold Dessert (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Milkybar Gold Dessert

Today is the day for a midweek dessert. Okay, this is quite a simple one, but I found these Milkybar Gold Desserts and thought I’d give them a try. I have rather enjoyed all the new caramel chocolate flavours that we have had in bars and even in uttons. I find it so sad that Caramac stopped being manufactured at the same time all the other brands were doing so well with caramel chocolate, but I guess they had the market to themselves up until now. 

These new desserts really are quite small, but they are also only 91 calories per pot, so at least that sort of follows. I pulled off the lid and gave the dessert a try. It was nice, but it wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. It tasted like milky butterscotch, which was nice. It had about the consistency of a thick custard. This was nice, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I know I have a sweet tooth, so it should be no surprise that I wanted this to be a bit more rich than it was. So this Milkybar Gold Dessert was a pleasant, low-calorie dessert. I'm not sure I found it as exciting as I should have. 

Milkybar Gold Dessert