9 June 2024

Light Bites & Meals out in Birmingham [@NLi10]

 We've been socialising a lot this weekend so I had occasion to eat lovely cakes and coffees while out.

First up we went to Lovelife in Digbeth and sampled their fantastic cakes.  I forgot to get a picture of the Baklava Cheesecake (which looked a bit much for me).

Here is the main display - they also had a live DJ with guitar accompaniment which was very groovy.

I chose the little lime and kiwi tart - that my friend said looked horrible - but then tried and quite enjoyed.  Accompanied by the usual coconut latte of course.

As a light bite with coffee it was perfect - and I was kind of glad they'd sold out of the chosen sandwich because we ate at Coconut Tree afterwards and that was really filling too!  And then we went to watch Muse performed by a string quartet by candlelight in a church!

Earlier in the week we'd been out for Pizzas at my summer restaurant of choice The Stables which feels like it must be a chain - but I've not seen other ones.

They specialise in selling pizza and cider

Which is great as I specialise in eating them!  This is the middle special - a pizza with guacamole and chipotle mayo.  I think crumbled nachos on top would have made this amazing, but it was still good enough that I want to go back for a sneaky second try.

Town is great at the moment for small venues with unique things happening and feels like London without the chaos. A great thing for the summer.

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