31 January 2019

Strong Roots Veggie Bags - Oven Baked Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin & Spinach Burgers! (@NLi10)

I picked up a bag of frozen beetroot from Strong Roots, a range I’d not tried before, and they were great! Now I have two more slightly more tampered with vegan bags to try. Both in the freezer section and both containing lots of goodness.

First we have sweet potato oven chips. These aren’t as seasoned or oily as the usual brand we have, and are coated in the same barely there rice batter as the beetroot chunks.  Then we have the truly gourmet pumpkin burgers. A lot more processed but more interesting too. Oddly 5 in a bag which doesn’t seem like a normal portion, but that’s because we are a house of two.

This is about half a bag of the frozen fries. If this was also 5 portions for a bag then I guess that’s fair.

And here we see my portion!

Considering I didn’t add oil or any seasoning the burger coloured up well, and had a good texture. I added some beans (edamame) after this but didn’t think to reshoot.  

The burger was firmer than expected and very tasty. Not quite as culinary as some brands like Fry’s but certainly not plain or disappointing. Good textures too. The chips were less crispy than the ones we usually have, but a little closer to the ones we make ourselves. Like the beetroot I think the coating allows them to sizzle a little and we enjoyed them.

I added Nando’s mayo so it wasn’t quite as healthy as it could have been, but I like to think it had some nutritional value!

30 January 2019

Emily Veg Crisps Sweet Potato Sticks Chilli and Lime (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

Always on the lookout for alternative snacks to crisps and nuts, I've tried a few of Emily's Veg crisps in the past and usually like them. I have a habit of avoiding sweet potato chips in restaurants, even though they're Cinnabar's favourite chips. I've never particularly been keen on them myself, as I prefer thick cut regular potato chips or fries dipped in tomato sauce or a hot sauce. I noticed these Sweet Potato Sticks are seasoned with Chilli and Lime. Frank's Chilli and Lime is one of my favourite hot sauces, so I figured I'd probably like Emily's version. There were plenty of chillies and limes in amongst the sweet potato sticks on the front of the packet, so I was expecting these to have the same chilli burn I'm accustomed to.

On opening the packet there was certainly a heavy predominantly chilli and then lime aroma. The orange coloured sticks looked like short thick cut fries. The sweet potato sticks had a decent crunch to them. There was a chilli flavour mixed with a tang of lime, and then with tomato, onion and parsley into the aftertaste. They were moreish, but only with a mild chilli heat to them. Classed as one of your five fruit or vegetables a day, which has recently been recommended as nine a day, these Sweet Potato Sticks Chilli and Lime may not make my required chilli and lime heat combination, but the flavour was good and I didn't mind in the least that they were sweet potato sticks. In fact, I thought chilli and lime went particularly well with sweet potato and may try my favourite hot sauce with some sweet potato chips as soon as I can find them both in a room at the same time! Unfortunately I just finished a bottle and I can't remember where we bought it…

Information on the packet;

The 35g bag contains 178 calories, with 9.6g of fat, 13.2g of sugar, and 0.4g of salt. Ingredients included; sweet potato, RSPO-sustainable palm oil, rice flour, sugar, salt, spices, cayenne chilli, tomato, onion, garlic, natural lime flavouring, parsley, red pepper, yeast extract, paprika extract, and rapeseed oil.

29 January 2019

Lemon Meringue Flavour Fudge (Aldi) By @Cinabar

We did our weekly shop this week in Aldi, and it was very busy. It was as if everyone had been paid and could suddenly afford to do a stocking up shop after Christmas, I’m not judging as I had exactly the same thought. Anyway this box of Lemon Meringue Flavour Fudge was on the shelf and is one of their own brand products. I thought it would make a nice treat after fighting through the busy shop and knowing we had it all to put away when we got home.

The Lemon Meringue Flavour Fudge is broken into squares inside the box, and the meringue parts inside aren’t particularly visible. It smelt lovely the moment the bag was open, sweet and lemony. I gave a piece a taste test and felt the flavour worked very well. The lemon is refreshing, even if the fudge base flavour is very sweet. The texture is good, you can pick up on the lightly crispy meringue pieces, and the fudge it self melts away on the tongue with a nice citrus twist. It feels like it is going to be very firm but it dissolved quite quickly like a butter tablet. I think Lemon Meringue is an unusual flavour for a fudge, it is normal vanilla or chocolate covered in our house, but this is something I would go back and buy again, especially as a treat after a busy grocery shopping trip.

28 January 2019

McCoys Muchos Cool Sour Cream and Onion (Asda) By @Cinabar

McCoys Muchos Cool Sour Cream and Onion

When I think of McCoys crisps I always think of crisps which are thick, crinkle cut and substantial. They are the sort of crisps that fill you up and are full of flavour. These are a whole new product from the company; McCoys Muchos Sour Cream and Onion. They are based on a Mexican Street Food, where a small round tortilla is folded and toasted.

I think these McCoys Muchos crisps could be nice served with a dip, but we decided to have them with our lunch time sandwiches. The crisps were mostly semi-circles, but there were quite a few broken bits there too. I have to admit that Sour Cream and Onion sounded like quite a mild flavour for these McCoys Muchos and I was expecting something quite easy going. I was pleased to discover that they explode flavour on the palette. Firstly the texture is lovely and crispy and the sections have air in them that enhanced the crunch when you bite through the layers. The flavour does the all the elements of sour cream, but there is a full flavour from onion and a splash of lemon juice too, and this acidic mix works remarkably well with the other tastes and the sour cream. I had been expecting something quite mild and I got a wonderful taste sensation, yes they would go well with a dip but they hold on to their own on their own too. I was very impressed, so much so I have added the other new flavour to my next online order, McCoys Muchos Nacho Cheese, and I can’t wait to dig in.

27 January 2019

A bag full of beetroot, ready for roasting (Asda) by @NLi10

Sometime you spot something in the supermarket that is a little bit odd, but also could be quite useful.  I have a tendency to gravitate towards oven-cr*p when I can't be bothered to cook a proper meal.  Vegan food that you can prepare this way eradicates the guilt and actually provides nutrition.  Here is something that possibly I can add to the freezer for such occasions.

It's pretty simple - it's chopped up frozen beetroot, for people like me who either can't or won't expend energy on chopping.

Good earthy food with nice branding!

Some of these bits seem a bit larger than I was expecting.  Have they come from the Schroot family farm?

They are also lightly coated - they have built in seasoning so even less effort and potentially more flavour.

If you cook them with Magic Stars and flip them both with the same spatula it looks like the most 18 rated Mario game so far.  GTA Mushroom Kingdom...

Coupled with some (vegan) Fry's schnitzels that are meaty enough to fool my carnivore brain (and so meaty my veggie partner won't touch them) it makes a neat little meal.  The beetroot flavour is present so if you don't like them normally then you won't like this, but it's tapered enough by the cooking that it's actually a nice change from potatos and similar.  We didn't need the stars after-all!

I'll be picking more of these up, unusually from Asda and not Ocado (although I may just not have spotted them).  The resurgence in ethical eating has really helped out my frozen food stash - long may it continue!

26 January 2019

Delirium Belgian Strong Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Delirium Belgian Strong Beer

With warnings of further snow later this week and the rain bucketing down outside I feel I need something to warm me up. Looking into my cavernous beer fridge left by the previous owners of this house, and this Delirium Belgian Strong Beer was staring right back at me. There is a pink elephant on the solid cream speckled bottle of this 8.5% volume beer. It was the colour of the bottle that confused me a little to start with. I prefer my beer to be in brown bottles (or cans, I guess) as traditionally the darker the glass the less likely ultraviolet rays will penetrate the glass and alter the flavour of the beer. Someone really didn't want to alter the flavour of this beer. It's been pretty difficult not to talk about the elephant in the room over the past couple of years, as being British it's not polite to talk about politics. Here is a pink elephant with an invisible beer in an impossible to see through bottle. Asides "triple fermentation" there isn't any other information on the label about this beer….

Just like our bewildering Brexit, it's been purposefully difficult to understand, pitching almost exactly two halves of the country against each other with no clear end of what will happen if we leave or if we don't, why we should leave and why we shouldn't. It does make me wonder if all of the Government drank far two much of this beer at a party sometime ago and started to see pink elephants flying around their heads, whilst the Fantasia them tune was pumped into their ears… and they never stopped seeing them after that or hearing the music, because they simply haven't a clue what's going on either!

Scary stuff… I'm almost scared to open the bottle. I'm definitely scared for the UK and what will happen to it after the end of March. All I know is the very foundation of what I was born as is very possibly about to be stripped away from me, and I may have no right to claim it back. So I opened it… Pink elephants ahoy! It looks like a regular bright golden Belgian wheat beer. It doesn't taste like it though. After a distinctly wheaty start the hops bite on tightly to the tastebuds, and then it's got an alcoholic kick like an angry mule. I can see why too much of this could give you a bizarre headache! Perhaps we all need to stock up on this, as we'll probably need all the pink elephants we can find in the future!

25 January 2019

Cadbury Oreo Egg (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Oreo Egg

There are a few new products launching for Easter, I accept it is early, but I feel obliged to try them out for the sake of the blog. So our first chocolate egg of the year to be reviewed will be this new Cadbury Oreo Egg. It combines Oreos (one of my favourite types of biscuit) with chocolate and throws in a sprinkling of Easter, so it all sounds good to me.

Cadbury Oreo Egg

The egg looks very much like a Cadbury Creme Egg once the wrapper is off, but the seam in the chocolate is horizontal on the Cadbury Oreo Egg and that is usually vertical on the Creme Eggs. I will have to buy some Creme Eggs this year, just to check, and to of course hunt the elusive white eggs.

Cadbury Oreo Egg

I split the egg in half and found that some of the fondant filling was in the top and some in the bottom, it is a firmer texture and doesn’t seem to have moved since it was placed in the bottom of each half. I was pleased to see the chocolate was fairly thick, and I did like the filling itself. The flavour was quite creamy and had hints of vanilla, the Oreo bits in it gave it a lovely crispy texture that worked for me, but I do like different combinations of textures. Biscuit and chocolate do go well together. I think this is a nice and different addition to the range of Cadbury Eggs, and I would be buying this Cadbury Oreo Egg over many of the variants, the Creme Egg however will always have a special place in my heart.

24 January 2019

Milkybar Wowsomes (Asda) by @NLi10

It's impulse purchase O'Clock here at FoodStuffFinds.  Before I came accross the Unicorn Pretzels I'd already added these to my basket as a nice thing to share at work.  There were cardboard box versions too, but those looked less sharable and were more expensive per gram.

Milkybar Wowsomes

These Milkybar Wowsomes are an odd little thing.  It's Milkybar on the outside, and some kind of crispy oat thing on the inside.  Healthier because there is less chocolate, but are they the kind of things kids would actually like?

They certainly look like something Grandparents would give you!

Milkybar Wowsomes

And they have two different coloured bottoms, and fairly uninspired pictures on the top.

And you know what.  They are fine. They don't spark joy, but they don't disappoint too much.  They certainly don't fill that 11 o clock hole, but they taste decent enough.  Thing is - I'd much rather have an actual Milkybar - even just a square of one instead of these.

I guess it's hard to make sugar healthier and still be appealing to kids.  I suspect that these will get eaten, but a week or so later we still have a few left.

23 January 2019

The Bees Knees Alcohol Free Wine (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

The Bees Knees Alcohol Free Wine

I've been told by Cinabar that this month is "Dry January" for some. Don't worry, you may have noticed this hasn't affected my usual boozy Saturday blogs, but I thought I'd write about this non-alcoholic sparkling wine called 'The Bees Knees' to help those that are looking for the taste of wine, but without the dizziness that can come with it. I'm not much of a white wine drinker per se, but I have the odd glass with a white meat roast now and then.

The Bees Knees is produced by North South Wines and bottled in Germany, using non-alcoholic fermented grape juice and infused with green tea. It's marketed with floral aromas and a refreshing acidity. It is lower in sugar at about half the calories of a regular bubbly white wine. It is gluten free and vegan friendly. It sounds a bit too good to be true if you like your white wine sparkling. The trouble is, I don't… However, I'm always willing to try something different in some strange hope that the alcohol in sparkling white wine ruins the taste for me somehow and not the fizz itself!

After being nicely chilled in the fridge for a good long while, the 200ml bottle gave a dangerous fizz as I popped the lid. So much so that I lost a little of the liquid inside before I could shove the open bottle in my mouth, as I didn't have an empty glass close by enough. Certainly more grape than floral in aroma, at 26 calories and only 6.4g of sugar per 100ml, there is quite a lot of acid in the flavour of The Bees Knees. In fact, although not so vegan friendly; a little honey might have softened the face twisting acid bitterness that came with the first mouthful. I checked the date on the side of the bottle, just to make sure it hadn't gone passed its best. I couldn't tell if there was any green tea in the flavour, as I was too busy trying to coax my tastebuds back off the ceiling. If you like a (seriously) bitter non-alcoholic wine with your white meat, then this maybe for you, but not for me, I'm afraid!

22 January 2019

Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Spread (Asda) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Spread

One of my favourite winter comfort foods is chocolate spread. Effectively chocolate thickly spread on toast is a treat, and what I like to refer to as a weekend breakfast, as it isn’t the most vitamin rich start to they day. This new Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Spread is based on the chocolate bar of the same name, and consists of two sections in the jar, a chocolate part with crispies and a nougat flavoured section. Double Decker is one of those bars of chocolate I don’t have very often but when I do I’m always impressed by how nice the soft nougat flavour is.

This Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Spread was spread on toast and the sections meant it marbled nicely, but the crispies seemed to more evenly distribute themselves. The flavour of the spread was deliciously chocolatey and rich. The nougat taste added a lovely creamy sweetness that made it a bit different from the normal chocolate spreads. The nougat was very similar to the actual bar, so I really liked it. The cocoa section was sweet, and added a good chocolate flavour too. The crispies pieces looked nice and are a nice idea but when spread on bread the texture is a little lost. It is a good attempt at recreating the Double Decker chocolate bar in spread form though, quite accurate on the flavour. I realise that chocolate bar on toast isn’t to everyone’s taste, but for me it was a lovely treat, back to porridge again until next weekend.

21 January 2019

Limited Edition Blueberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolate (Whittard) By @Cinabar

Limited Edition Blueberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolate Whittard

Well it is January, it is Blue Monday, but it is also my birthday. I am having a treat then and having a few luxuries today. One of the things I’m enjoying is this new Whittard Limited Edition Blueberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolate, this is the other new flavour from Whittard and NLi10 wrote about the Raspberry Ripple yesterday. The front of the tub on this one states as blue as a berry, so I was expecting something quite fun in colour!
I added some teaspoons of powder to my mug, and some hot milk and microwaved. Although it isn’t how they advised on the pack I find adding an inch of milk and microwaving for a few seconds works really well. I mix that up with the powder, top up the mug with cold milk and re-microwave until hot. The drink is very lilac, perhaps not blue as promised but still a very interesting looking drink.
The taste is spot on, the blueberry shines through and is sweet. The base flavour is creamy but there is a nice vanilla hint of cheesecake too. This is the drink you should have to cheer up in cold January, sweet, fruity, creamy and soothing. It is a proper yummy drink, forget Blue Monday I’d rather have Blueberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolate.

20 January 2019

Whittard Raspberry Ripple Hot Chocolate (@NLi10)

I got lots of exciting things for Christmas, including this Whittard Raspberry Ripple white chocolate hot chocolate.  I've been drinking it over the colder days, and occasionally adding a bit of fluff 

Whittard Raspberry Ripple Hot Chocolate

Here I'm using almond milk, it doesn't taste quite as rich as the dairy, but it works well enough.

And here we are adding the fluff to the mixture.  Without it the flavours are surprisingly deep and sophisticated, and just the right amount of fruity.

With the fluff it becomes a lot sweeter, and the artificial flavours from the raspberry marshmallow overpower the hot chocolate a little, but it does add a fun extra dimension.

These limited edition Wittard Hot Chocolates are a great idea, especially for people like me who like a bit of variety.  I wonder what other flavours they have in store! 

19 January 2019

Twisted Tree Hopped Cider (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Twisted Tree Hopped Cider

This Hopped Cider rings a bell. I thought I'd written about this cider before. Cinabar informed me that was a different hopped cider. I know I write a lot of beer blogs, and a few cider blogs, but hopped cider seems quite rare to me. Hops added to cider is more of a taste thing, perhaps, rather than a necessary preservative. However, saying that if hops were just a preservative for beer and not a taste thing, I guess there would only be one type of hops used in beer… Anyway, cider lasts quite a long time without hops, so I guess it's a taste thing here.

I'd like to say I know a lot about this Hopped Cider, produced by Twisted Tree, but the writing on the back of the can was a kind of massed together white typeface on a light blue background. So I couldn't read it very well. Although Cinabar could read it, so maybe my old eyes are going? Anyway better to taste the cider instead, I guess…

At 4% volume this Hopped Cider smells like the innards of a sweet apple pie. It really does, I'm not pulling your leg. It seemed a shame to start drinking it, this Hopped Cider smelt so good. It made me think of a good hot pudding after a Sunday Roast. Strange though because on taste the sweetness is quickly replaced by the herbal hops, which spring to the fore and then in turn bring out the slightly sour cider apple flavours into the aftertaste. From first smell I thought I'd be recommending this Hopped Cider as a sweet pudding cider, but it'll probably go well with any white meat or spicy meal, or enjoyed clinking glasses together after a good day out with friends.

18 January 2019

Cadbury Darkmilk - Roasted Almond (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Darkmilk - Roasted Almond

Cadbury Darkmilk chocolate has been out for a few weeks but seems to have alluded me, and I have tried many shops looking for it in the West Midlands. Please note although similar in name to Dairly Milk, Darkmilk is a whole new product. I was popping into WH Smiths after a lovely day off work and a shopping trip to have a final browse at books when I spotted this new bar, Cadbury Darkmilk - Roasted Almond, on the counter. Obviously Darkmilk is doing well if they have already released a new flavour variant in the range.
So the idea of Darkmilk is a new chocolate from Cadbury that is a half way into being a dark chocolate (like Bournville) and half way to being a milk chocolate (like Dairy Milk). As a big fan of nuts and chocolate I felt this bar of Cadbury Darkmilk Roasted Almond was an ideal place to try out this new bar chocolate.
The bar itself does look quite dark, and the almonds are quite hidden on the front but are visible on the back. I gave it a taste and have to say I was impressed with the flavour. The bar is richer than Cadbury Dairy Milk, there is plenty of cocoa flavour and that enhancement I did really enjoy. The bar is silky too, and lovely and smooth. The nuts have a good strong roasted flavour and are crunchy and add lovely layers of texture. It is still sweet though, there was no bitterness from the chocolate. I thoroughly enjoyed this bar, it isn’t as soothing a Dairy Milk but the extra cocoa and richness is a lovely treat. I guess it is not better or worse than Dairy Milk, just different and perfect when you are in the mood for something a bit stronger.

17 January 2019

Flipz Unicornz Pretz Pinkz Sparklz Nomz (@NLi10)

When we were little we'd pick up sweets and treats in the supermarket - rush them to our mother and she'd say no because they were silly indulgences.  Dejectedly we'd dump them on the row end by the tills.  And there they would presumably be put back by the assistants, or so I thought.  As an adult who has no reason to go down those bits, I spotted this dumped with the batteries at the end of an aisle and snapped it up.  A new flavour of Flipz based around unicornz? Sweet! 

Flipz Unicornz Pretz Pinkz Sparklz Nomz

Look at these colourz, can you imagine the joy on the childz face when they spot this and take it to their bill payer. 

The bag even tells you that they are MAGICAL which is great.  I mean the kidz will probably be disappointed with the salty goodness of the Flipz but for me these are amazing.

As usual the helicopter view looks a little disappointing because of packing space, but the smell is amazing even if the colourz are not quite as vivid as the art.

But here it is in all it's glory, a bit battered from going backwards and forwards to work in the bag, but still recognisable and whole!

How do they taste?

Like white covered pretzels and magic and a little hint of fudge on top!  I could have eaten the whole bag but I needed to share these at games tonight so I resisted.  They totally should make sharing size bagz of these for partiez.

And now they need to do Blue(berry) ones based around Narwalz. plz.

16 January 2019

Golden Wonder Sausage & Tomato Crisps (Poundland) By @SpectreUK

Golden Wonder Sausage & Tomato Crisps

These Golden Wonder fully flavoured Sausage & Tomato crips remind me of a favourite sandwich of mine. Who doesn't like Tomato Ketchup on a sausage sandwich? Okay, so it's not for everyone… Looking back when I first started work in a factory after college, I treated myself to a sausage sandwich every Friday morning from the greasy van that was parked up nearby on the trading estate. Not so healthy though, as I put on a few stone and had to work it all off at the gym!

Okay, so these Golden Wonder Sausage & Tomato may not be new crisps, but we haven't seen them in years. They must have been hiding somewhere. Strangely though I do find many Golden Wonder crisps aren't readily available, which is a shame as they're generally really tasty. On opening the packet there is a good smell of tomato mixed with the less dominant smell of sausage meat.

On taste these crisps really do explode with flavour. It's hard to say which comes first, as the sausage flavouring merges perfectly with the tomato like someone has gone mad with the Ketchup on their sausage sandwich (which I always do, of course)! Unless I'm mad, these crisps really do taste of sausage and tomato. I checked the back of the packet for a double take on the vegetarian friendly aspect of the crisps. Not that it applies to me, but I didn't want to type "Suitable for vegetarians" if it wasn't true!

The reason why I'm more than a little surprised that these crisps taste of sausage is that so many 'sausage' flavoured crisps out there seem to substitute 'sage' for the vegetarian tastebuds, rather than try to emulate the flavour of sausage. I can't be bonkers though, as it says Sausage & Tomato on the packet!

Information on the packet;
The 25g bag contains 132 calories, with 7.9g of fat, 0.9g of sugar, and 0.35g of salt. Suitable for vegetarians. Please see photograph for ingredients.

15 January 2019

Curiously Cinnamon Cereal Bars (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Curiously Cinnamon Cereal Bars

I don’t eat a lot of breakfast cereal, but if I did my preferred choice would be Curiously Cinnamon. Cinnamon is my favourite spice, I love its warming goodness. One of the good things about the current season is the fact that cinnamon starts to appear in lots of things, it really is a winter spice. I always get excited when I find something new or that I haven’t tried before but especially so if it contains cinnamon.
Although I don’t buy many cereals I do buy quite a few cereal bars, they are much more easy to eat either on the train or at my desk at work. I found these in Poundland and I haven’t found them before in my usual supermarkets, but I can say the box didn’t have a “new” label on it, which is confusing.

Inside the box there are individually packaged bars all in the bright orange Curiously Cinnamon wrapper. Once open I can see the milk flavour base coat on the bottom half of the bar, and the square pieces of the Curiously Cinnamon cereal. The flavour was good but milder than I remember the cereal being. There was a decent amount of spice, and the sweetness and milk taste did work well together. I found this a treat to have, and I love the idea of a portable version as to what would otherwise be my favourite cereal. It was missing the fabulous cinnamon milk you get left with after the real stuff, but this certainly works for convenience. I do hope this isn’t a winter only limited edition, as I’m going to be after some more boxes of these.

14 January 2019

New M&Ms Cake Bars (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

New M&Ms Cake Bars

We might not be getting any exciting new M&Ms flavours in the UK but we do at least have another new product from the brand. This time we have these New M&Ms Cake Bars, which were found in Morrisons. They packet consists of 5 individually wrapped cake bars. I loved the designs on the wrappers of the cake bars, the M&Ms characters are very bright and cheery.

The bars are coated in milk chocolate, have a thick soft layer of sponge and creamy fondant topping inside of which are spotted with coloured sugar crystals. The coloured bits in the filling are not mini M&Ms, they are just coloured sugar crystals which is such an opportunity lost. It means that there aren’t any actual M&Ms in the specifically M&Ms themed cake bars at all. I’ve been lucky enough to eat in a few posh restaurants and they tend to use the term deconstructed, when the take the idea of something and then reconfigure it, and that is as polite as I can be about this and its connection to actual M&Ms. Having said all that the cake bars are tasty, I like a mix of texture so the crunch was welcome in contrast to the soft fluffy sponge. They are a nice chocolate treat, which are smartly packaged, they are just lacking that key ingredient, M&Ms.

13 January 2019

RITZ - Chickpea Flour Thins - Sour Cream & Chives (@NLi10)

Ritz make crackers - they have done for 85 years according to the logo - but recently they have tried to modernise to keep up with the times.  Here we have a sharing bag (ha!) of chickpea flour thins, which are a slight tweak on the traditional recipe to add some nutrition.

RITZ - Chickpea Flour Thins - Sour Cream & Chives

The bag is three servings, which seems unlikely - I ate half a bag without thinking - but the nutrition values suggest that half a bag is still as good for you as a bag or regular crisps.

As we can see this is another product from the Mondelez brand that owns Cadbury's now, along with a lot of other favourites.  

Are these thin and crispy crackers likely to become a favourite?

Well, despite initial reservations they are pretty good.  I think that you'd be better off sticking these into hummus and having them with other toppings.  I ate them while binge watching American Office, so not quite a dinner party.  Still - they are tangy and satisfying here too.  I think the chickpea is more of a fun change to the recipe than something I'd notice without being told, and sour cream has never been my go-to flavour.  I'd actively seek out other flavours (at 99p a bag at the moment too on Ocado which seems fair for effectively two decent snacks).

Pop these in a bowl at a party, or just sit and eat them as if they were Mini Cheddars - I think they work well eitherway.  And if this is a 'better for you' recipe that doesn't hit the flavour or texture then I'm all for it.