3 January 2019

Ragu - creamy Tomato & Vodka (by @NLi10)

Today we look at another quick sauce for effective mealtimes. It’s a creamy tomato and vodka sauce!

While it says it’s a microwave sauce I’m going to throw it in with the Quorn and see how it goes.

Apparently the vodka brings out the flavour in the tomatoes. Like a Bloody Mary then!

Can you tell I accidentally dropped the packet in the pan? It smells very good though - even though it does look very pale!

And here is the finished product. I think I’d rather have had it with tagliatelle in hind sight, and maybe chicken for a more authentic NY Italian experience, but it was good. I did want to add a dash of tobasco like in the drink, but really the alcohol itself had vanished and just the flavours were left.  I’d eat this again!

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