8 January 2019

Raspberry Coca Cola Zero Sugar (Asda) By @Cinabar

Raspberry Coca Cola Zero Sugar UK

There was a time, and I only mean a couple of years ago, when the only way to get a new flavour of Coca Cola was to go into Five Guys and play with their drinks machine. If you haven’t tried it, it basically has a huge mix of drinks and then an array of extra flavours you can add in and experiment with. The burgers are pretty good too!
See: https://www.foodstufffinds.co.uk/2015/04/burger-fries-and-diet-orange-coke.html
Coca Cola have been good to us though in more recent times, we even had a seasonal Cinnamon Coke for Christmas which was a first. The new year has seen the launch of this new Raspberry Coca Cola Zero which is sugar free. The vast majority of the new flavours of Coke have been in the Diet or Zero format presumably down to the sugar tax.
This drink did not disappoint, the flavour was remarkably well balanced with the cola taste. Raspberry is zingy and fresh and combined with Cola both enhanced each other. I loved the fruity twist. I found myself enjoying this drink more than a previous favourite of Cherry Coke, which is my go to flavour. The slightly sharper berry taste was magic, and I absolutely loved tit. I know it is new for the New Year but frankly I hope Raspberry Coca Cola Zero Sugar stays around for some time, its fresh and tangy and my favourite Coke to date.

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