10 January 2019

Vegan sausages are the new rock & roll - even in sandwiches (@NLi10)

Well seeing as our review of the Greggs vegan sausage roll was so popular (it's good - you should read it) I decided to do something I'd not been brave enough to try yet - review the vegan version of the sausage sandwich that the hospital I work at sells.

Vegan sausages are the new rock & roll - even in sandwiches

I have the non vegan version (All Day Breakfast) quite often - mainly because I like egg and bacon sandwiches - but I'd never quite made it to this one.  Note I also had a nice wafer chocolate thing and a Pepsi too (shh... sugar is contraband).

It's not just sausage and bread though, this new manafacturer of hospital food is actually pretty good.  This one has some kind of red sauce and some leaves in it too.  Along with the healthier (and more ethically pleasing) vegan sausage this lettuce and onion chutney mix produces a very good flavour combo.  Frankly the quality of vegan sausages in general these days is probably higher than that of the meat ones.  The ones here are so 'sausagy' that I'll have to check my next all day breakfast sandwich to make sure they didn't just switch those over to vegan too.  And frankly I'd be ok with that - as long as they leave the bacon as is...

So another victory for the vegans, this is cheaper than the meat sandwiches and probably a little more exciting.  I know that this range has some very veggie sandwiches in it that I've only had once or twice so maybe this summer I'll branch out and try them again.

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