24 January 2019

Milkybar Wowsomes (Asda) by @NLi10

It's impulse purchase O'Clock here at FoodStuffFinds.  Before I came accross the Unicorn Pretzels I'd already added these to my basket as a nice thing to share at work.  There were cardboard box versions too, but those looked less sharable and were more expensive per gram.

Milkybar Wowsomes

These Milkybar Wowsomes are an odd little thing.  It's Milkybar on the outside, and some kind of crispy oat thing on the inside.  Healthier because there is less chocolate, but are they the kind of things kids would actually like?

They certainly look like something Grandparents would give you!

Milkybar Wowsomes

And they have two different coloured bottoms, and fairly uninspired pictures on the top.

And you know what.  They are fine. They don't spark joy, but they don't disappoint too much.  They certainly don't fill that 11 o clock hole, but they taste decent enough.  Thing is - I'd much rather have an actual Milkybar - even just a square of one instead of these.

I guess it's hard to make sugar healthier and still be appealing to kids.  I suspect that these will get eaten, but a week or so later we still have a few left.


Lisa said...

I wonder why the fact they are individually wrapped is a good thing? Maybe it leads to folks not eating them all at once since they have to think about unwrapping another one, but it just strikes me as really wasteful and not environmentally friendly!

Anyway I tried these too (in a bar format I think) and I agree, they're ok but I wouldn't buy again. I think I'm too used to white chocolate tasting super sweet, or even worse, superlatively sweet like Caramac or Gold bars :O

NLi10 said...

Maybe people don't like it when other people may have touched their Minstrels or Malteasers? These people should just buy a bag each! I'd not really thought about the overpackaging, I just went for the best price per gram!