20 October 2018

Wicked Grove Cider (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

May I be the first of us to welcome you to the spooky Halloween season (which is about two weeks of blogging). Bwuh hah hah haaaa! I seriously had to wrestle an alcoholic pumpkin for this Wicked Grove Cider. He was really quite strong! It harkens from an ancient grove hidden in the Vermont countryside which was full of bewitched apple trees. The apples from the grove were said to have produced the first Wicked Grove Cider, of which this beverage is a recreation. The brewer may have lost the grove to time or the trees themselves were uprooted and pulled through a portal into an enchanted realm! I'll leave you to ponder that while I find a bottle opener whilst looking out for an inebriated pumpkin.

There was a sweetness from the cider apples on opening the bottle, with sourness at the back of the aroma. I'm not sure how they lightly carbonated ancient Wicked Grove Cider, much the same way as someone invented the jacuzzi whilst they bathed in a nearby duck pond perhaps? Having said that, this is a very pleasant cider. There is sweetness to start with as the bubbles tickled my tastebuds, quickly followed by a tartness that follows into the slightly sour apple aftertaste. Much like the feeling of being followed on a dark windy night through a Wicked Grove… possibly by an angry farmer who doesn't like trespassers, or more likely by a drunken pumpkin!

19 October 2018

Sweet Heat Skittles (Coop) By @Cinabar

Chilli it is a difficult thing, some people love it, some people hate and most people under or over estimate their tolerance. I describe myself as someone who likes spice, but I’m not a chilli addict, and if it gets too hot I’m not interested. I think what I’m trying to say here is that chillis is subjective, and as we saw on The Apprentice this week (hot sauce and chocolate doughnuts) it doesn’t always work combined with sweet things.
Skittles have gone for it anyway and released Sweet Heat Skittles, Skittles with sweet fruity flavours and a spot of chilli.

The flavours are:

Scorchin Pineapple - This was sweet and hot from the beginning, the tropical flavour left my tongue buzzing.
Fiery Watermelon - This Skittle tasted like it was going to be refreshing but the chilli built up and caught me at the back of my throat.
Sizzlin Strawberry - This one was I think the softest, and I liked them the most, sweet strawberry with a nice warmth.
Lemon Spark - I think these were the hottest, or the lemon flavour wasn’t quite sweet enough to soften it. The lemon was sharp, the spice warm, it was quit a sensation.
Piccante Passion Fruit - These were hot too, or perhaps I was getting build up from trying the others first, but the passion fruit was pleasingly fruity. It was just a bit warm.

A chilli loving friend tried these Skittles and said the spice was barely noticeable. A colleague tried eating a few and then suffered the chilli as his work phone went off. I liked them, the Sweet Heat Skittles were hot and fun. Grab a handful of them and see how you go!

18 October 2018

Toblerone - Crispy Coconut (France) - by @NLi10

Frequently people go on holiday and bring us back exotic versions of everyday treats - even if they intended to buy the regular edition like with this crunchy coconut Toblerone!

Although it's from France it's packaged like a normal Toblerone

And has the new increased air-gap which people were annoyed about briefly! 

You can just about see the coconut and it adds a little extra crunch between the chew of the nougat and the softness of the chocolate.

Not that you can really tell here! It also tastes more of coconut than the regular version so given the option I'd choose this one for the variety.  Obviously I'd like this as a Toblerone Dark but we can't have everything - at least not yet...

17 October 2018

Ginger Fever! Fever Tree Premium Ginger Ale and Premium Ginger Beer (Sainsbury's) By @SpectreUK

It's times like these that I realise that I can be pretty ignorant. I do love ginger ale, and the nose hair ticklier (yes, I know that's not a word) the better. However, I actually presumed that the terms ginger ale and ginger beer were interchangeable. A little bit like beer and ale. Although ale and lager are different due to their types of yeast and their fermentation process, which is 'top' for ale and 'bottom' for lager. Ginger ale and ginger beer to me were the same. I guess I've never given it much thought, just popped the can open and drunk it. I have had alcoholic ginger beer in the past though. I've even blogged about a few. The clue is in the title… Ginger beer is fermented (brewed like beer!), whereas ginger ale is not, it's ginger flavoured carbonated water. Who'd have (good ole Urban Dictionary) 'thunk' it? These two bottles from Fever Tree made me think again.

Now to the drinks themselves… The Premium Ginger Ale is a slightly coppery colour. The blurb on the back of the label states that there is natural ginger in this ginger ale and also botanical flavours for a traditional ginger ale taste. I'm used to mass produced ginger ale, big on fizz and even bigger on nose hair tickling flavour. On opening the 500ml glass bottle this Premium Ginger Ale was definitely big on fizz. There was a mild smell of ginger and it didn't make me sneeze like my regular favourite brand if I suddenly masochistically sniff it. On taste this Premium Ginger Ale is very easy to drink. The botanicals they mention taste a little like those within a traditional cola, and the natural ginger is a little understated. It did tickle my nose slightly, but not to sneezing stage… not that the label promised it would provide super ginger heat like some other drinks do. If you prefer a more subtle ginger ale than this is definitely for you.

The Premium Ginger Beer is a cloudy white in colour. The label states that this drink has a blend of ginger roots, and again with the botanical flavours. There was a decent fizz on opening the bottle, only this time I could smell a heady blend of ginger root. It almost made me sneeze. I had a feeling I was going to like this drink. On taste this is a completely different drink to the Premium Ginger Ale. All subtlety is out of the window. There is oodles of ginger root in this drink. It jumps out of the drink as you take a swig and slaps you around the face screaming "ginger". I must admit I got a pretty runny nose from drinking this Premium Ginger Beer. They could definitely put 'fiery' in front of the ginger beer on the label. Not too sweet in flavour, the botanicals take a back seat in this drink, and the ginger root is very much full throttle. As you've probably guessed, this was my favourite of the two. Premium Ginger Beer for the win!

Sneak Peak - Walkers Christmas Crisps including: Brussels Sprout (Ocado)

Photo source: Ocado
Just a quick one with a bit of news here, I was on the Ocado website and looking into new flavours of crisps. At the end of my trawl of new products I spotted some very interesting, not yet available, flavours.

There seems to be two new multipacks coming, one for Sprout Lovers and one for Sprout haters! The Sprout Lovers crisps does include a Brussels sprouts flavour, which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

The flavours in full are:

Sprout Lovers:
2x Brussels Sprout
2x Turkey and Stuffing
2x Pigs in Blankets

Sprout Haters:
2x Glazed Ham
2x Turkey and Stuffing
2x Cheese and Cranberry

The clear conclusion from this that everyone loves Turkey and Stuffing!
If you spot them in the shops let me know - happy hunting. :-)

16 October 2018

Minor Figures Coffee - Nitro Cold Brew Mocha (Stoke Station) By @Cinabar

I’ve been to a meeting in Stoke today with work. As it was lunch time when I finished I decided to look for something to eat and drink on my way back. I spotted a tasty looking salt beef and pickle sandwich at Stoke Station and also on the shelf was this Minor Figures Coffee - Nitro Cold Brew Mocha.
The nitro part refers to the fact that this coffee is cold brewed slowly in its preparation. Also it might go part of the way to explaining the penguin headed man on the tin, but not completely. The can was pretty smart and modern to be fair so it got my attention. I opened up the can and gave it a sip, the taste wasn’t what I’d been expecting. The flavour had some mild coffee and a hint of sweetness from the chocolate and a very much in your face oat flavour that was almost nutty in taste. It was so strong I checked the ingredients and only then realised this was a dairy free drink made with oat milk. The flavour didn’t hide this, but the oat milk wasn’t clear from the front of the can. I assume if you avoid dairy you might just know from the brand, but it surprised me. It also has no added sugar and uses Stevia instead which is still plant based.
Once I got used to the flavour it grew on me, it was still creamy from the oat flavour. For me I would want coffee and chocolate to be the dominant taste in a mocha, even a dairy free one, so this didn't hit the nail on the head even though it was quite pleasant.

15 October 2018

Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange and Prickly Pear Drink (Ocado) By @Cinabar

I am a big fan of the Sanpellegrino drinks, they are posh Italian soft drinks, and their lemonade is one of the best. I do like trying their other flavours, and highly recommend all of them, especially the Blood Orange which is also out at the minute.
I saw this Sanpellegrino Sparkling Orange and Prickly Pear flavour drink listed on Ocado and it was one I had never heard of before so I added it to my order. I also have to admit to having to google Prickly Pear, I had assumed it would be part of the pear family from the name but it seems it is a cactus, well who knew. This might be Sanpellegrino’s way of joining the aloe trend that is going on at the minute.
I chilled a can and then gave it a try. This is a soft drink and it is fizzy but not overly so, it is nicely sparkling. Flavour wise there is a decent amount of orange which is familiar, but there is an extra refreshing taste, not too sweet but with a hint of bitter in the after taste. It is a refreshing drink and not to far from being orange, but the extra taste is pleasant, and it is a mature flavour and one that will appeal to those that don’t want there soft drink to be too sweet. I enjoyed it but my sweet tooth was hankering for a can of Sanpellegrino Blood Orange.

14 October 2018

YES - It's a Pizza! Beetroot Base (Dr. Oetker) by @NLi10

In Asda they have a staggering range of frozen pizzas (although one lady was struggling to find a pork free option that contained enough meat and toppings to satisfy her teenage son - she settled for adding chips...).  Often this leads to a good 5 minutes of decision paralysis in the freezer section before taking home the chosen one(s).

Ordinarily we are very boring, we get the Asda own brand thin pizzas because we can have a whole one each, there is a good range of toppings, and they are all pretty good.  The veggie one in particular has so many colours on that it must be good for you - right?

Unfortunately pizza every night isn't a great idea so we have them more sparingly now.  The pizza makers have spotted this and are now making even more healthy pizzas by putting veggies into the base like so.

This not only makes them brightly coloured and more attractive on instagram, but also healthier - probably.  The green one had mushrooms and broccoli on it so neither of us would like it.  The red one had ham on it so the veggie didn't want it but I was willing to give it a try.

Red it is! The normal Asda thin veggie pizza is hidden bellow.

They spend a lot of time assuring us that it's a pizza, and the base and topping combo don't look too odd.  The cheese is actually creme fraiche which is interesting for someone who isn't the biggest fan of cheese. Full ingredients here - but it's neither veggie nor gluten free.

It looks a little odd raw.  The ham is tiny cubes, and the veggies seemed plusher on the box.  Maybe it was the fake grilling lines...

Cooked it looks very similar, only slightly more out of focus.

It cooked a little faster than anticipated - I'm great at Instagram me! This may be an artefact of the beetroot base though as it all tasted fine.

Well, better than fine actually - I really enjoyed this.  So much so that I'm tempted to buy the other one and bin all the mushrooms just to review it.  Yes - the ham was WAY too small, I'd have rather had bigger bits which were more spread out.  And sure - I think that the Asda pizza has more veg on it, but these are small complaints.

The texture of the bright red base was great, just close enough to pizza to be believable but different enough that this is the only place you can get it.  I think a fresh version of this pizza (some frozen pizza seem to use very firm bases anyway) would be amazing - so if somewhere local to you sells red or green pizza bases at a restaurant let us know below!

The biggest change for the flavours was the creme fraiche which I guess must be another health move, and it adds a little tangyness to the pizza I wasn't expecting.  When combo-ed with the Nando's Perinaise sauce the little bit of extra heat made this even more exciting - I'm looking forwards to doing this again.

13 October 2018

Gnarly Fox Lager (Lidl) By @SpectreUK

This might be frowned upon by some folk, but every night we have a fox that visits our back garden that we've taken to feeding. We know this because we've seen it. It's quite large, well fed and fairly fluffy. We've taken to leaving dinner scraps, or left over sandwich meat, and the odd dog treats out for it when we don't have any leftovers. It even likes prawn crackers from Chinese Takeaways! We could be described as animal loving townies, but there is another reason why we feed 'our' fox… It's because we also have hedgehogs who live in our privet hedge. We've seen the hedgehogs too, which are endangered in this country. Unfortunately the hedgehogs come looking for bugs and to drink the water we leave out for them around about the same time as the fox, so we also feed the fox so he doesn't eat the hedgehogs!

This Gnarly Fox Lager was produced by the Hatherwood Craft Beer Company. At 4.5% volume it's described as a 'New Wave Lager' brewed with 100% British barley, and made with a blend of American, British and continental hops, which are dry-hopped by adding the hops in secondary for a unique hoppy aroma. This dry-hopping process is usually used in pale ales, so I guess that's why this is a New Wave Lager. On opening the 500ml bottle there was indeed a strong smell of herbal hops followed by the sweet smell of barley malt. On taste this golden lightly carbonated Gnarly Fox Lager has an initial herbal bitterness from the mixture of international hops. This hoppy bitterness then blends perfectly with the sweetness from the malted barley rounding off the craft lager flavour into the aftertaste. Not too fizzy like some mass produced lagers, the taste from the dry-hopping of this Gnarly Fox Lager does remind me slightly of a pale ale, which is one of my favourite types of ale, but hey, they're all my favourites at the end of the day!

12 October 2018

Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate with Chai Latte (Ocado) By @Cinabar

One of my favourite drinks, as a cinnamon fan, is a chai tea or a chai latte. I love warming spices so as winter and Christmas approaches I’m always happy to see these flavours gaining in popularity. I spotted on Ocado that Montezuma’s new bar is Milk Chocolate with Chai Latte and I popped one in my basket.
I haven’t eaten a lot of Montezuma chocolate so I was looking forward to revisiting the brand.The bar looks very smart and has a star design on the front. The chocolate is quite thick, but soft and broke easily.
I gave a block of the Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate with Chai Latte a try and immediately picked up on the quality of the base chocolate, it had a thick melt and lovely sweet creamy tones. It was well balanced and the cocoa was of an excellent quality. The spices though were a different matter. Firstly I couldn’t pick up on any cinnamon which from a personal taste was a shame, I would always go heavy on this spice. There was a lot of clove and nutmeg that did work but there was a bitter aftertaste possibly from the coriander which didn’t work with the rest of the warm flavours. What really didn’t work for me though was the texture, the spices were finely milled but I could still pick up on them like hard micro granules mixed into my chocolate, which meant it wasn’t quite smooth. Something either the texture or the spice caught in the back of my throat and almost made me cough a couple of times when I was eating this. It was so near to being good, the base chocolate had a lot of potential, but this bar wasn’t for me.

11 October 2018

Nando’s Perinaise Mild - at home in a squeezy bottle! (Asda) by @NLi10

When on a rare big shop I spotted that the range of Nando’s sauces for at home now includes the wonderful mayonnaise - or Perinaise.

The options are mild, hot and lemon so I went for the mild one as a nice starter. And I’m not really going to be using it for chicken - as I don’t tend to do that kind of thing at home.


Here we have it artfully drizzled over meat feast pizza with a nice cup of tea.

Here we have it over Giovanni Rana pasta with a few tomatoes 

And here with Marmite on seeded bread with Monkman & Seagull on in the background. 

And it’s what you’d expect - it’s a spicy, flavoured mayo that goes with absolutely everything. I’m tempted to get a second bottle for work too!

10 October 2018

Marvellous Maple Piggin’ Pork Rinds (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

I have a particularly unhealthy obsession with pork scratchings, well, a colleague at work seemed to think so when I told her I like to have several packets after a good workout at the gym. She looked at me as if she doubted I'd make it through the next weekend! I do like to dunk them in apple sauce too, which I thought was healthier, but she didn't seem to think so… I can't see how I could convince her that pork rinds are healthier either. Although they are lighter and fluffier than pork scratchings, and made from lean cuts of meat that are double cooked.

I also have a confession to make. I've had a few packets of these Marvellous Maple Piggin' Pork Rinds by The Snaffling Pig Co.. I have a bad habit of eating them before I manage to write a blog about them. At the top of the packet it states; "Let's make the piggin' magic happen". It certainly does, because these pork rinds disappear very quickly! They smell pretty much like pork rinds on opening the packet, with a little sweetness from the maple. On first taste though the sweet maple covering explodes all over my tastebuds. With this maple sweetness follows the salty pork flavour as the pork rind first crunches and then melts in my mouth. It's almost impossible to stop eating them from first taste onwards. With the sweetness from the maple seasoning there is no need for dunking in apple sauce for these Marvellous Maple Piggin' Pork Rinds. Mmm… Piggin' marvellous!

Information on the packet;

The 70g packet has 636 calories per 100g, with 46.3g of fat, 2.6g of sugar, and 2.75g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients. Not for vegetarians!

9 October 2018

Milk Chocolate Prosecco Caramels (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

As mentioned yesterday when I wrote about the new Glazed Gammon and Whisky Crisps, I also picked up some other interesting Christmas treats from Marks and Spencer, amongst them were these new Milk Chocolate Prosecco Caramels. They are in a seasonal bag and are the perfect size for a treat or a stocking filler. I know it is a bit early for Christmas but I just don’t seem to be able to resist
There were quite a few of the caramels in the bag, and they were all covered in lovely shiny chocolate. I bit in and found that the centre was pretty too, there was a touch of gold glitter in the caramel that sparkled in the light. The caramel oozed out by the way as it was very runny.

I loved the flavour, the caramel centre was sweet but the added touch of Prosecco gave it a dry edge that worked well. The chocolate was thick and the cocoa flavours wrapped it all together. They are a grown up taste but they do work. These are easy eating chocolates with a touch of Christmas magic making them extra special. I also picked up a bag of Milk Chocolate Orange Caramels in the same range, and I can’t wait to dig into those too.

8 October 2018

Glazed Gammon and Whisky Crisps (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Well | popped into the small Marks and Spencer Food Hall located at Birmingham New Street with my heart set on Limited Edition goodies. As previously mentioned the Halloween items seem a rehash of last years, which is the same for many shops and brands this year. Christmas though has quite a few new exciting items, and Marks did not disappoint On this occasion I picked up these crisps and a couple of bags of chocolates which I’ll be writing about later in the week. The items were noticed by the cashier on the counter who teased me when he spotted the Christmas theming, I defended my choices and said it was never to early in the year for Christmas novelty, in my head.

These crisps are flavoured with Glazed Gammon and Whisky, and so are perfect for a posh night in or sharing with friends. We tipped some into a bowl to have with lunch, a bit more down to earth for such a middle class sounding snack. The crisps have a nice crunch, while not being too hard. The flavour was wonderfully meaty and I liked the rich ham and gammon tones. The whisky adds a nice depth of flavour, and there is a nice after taste of orange and spices. The crisps worked surprise well and managed to capture the complex flavour fully. They did remind me of a spiced gammon joint, and as that is something we only buy at Christmas. They are perfectly seasonal, just perhaps not in October for everyone.

7 October 2018

PG Tips - The Tasty Decaf (Asda) by @NLi10

I used to drink a lot of decaf tea.  I think I had a few issues with caffeine, partially due to my body's internal chemistry and partly due to all the tea and super-caffeinated drinks.  At various times I've been exclusively on decaf, and of all the varieties out there the PG tips one is the best.

The flavour is close to normal tea, but you don't get the caffeine hit so it still feels like there is something missing.

Then, when we were out on the weekly shop, I spotted this updated version.

Called "The Tasty Decaf" it seems to imply that someone understands the main complaint that people have about decaf. The feel is more incorrect than the taste (and also oddly the smell), but lets brew this updated version and see where it gets us.

Here we can just about read the blurb about how this is what tea should taste like - fresh and rounded.  They also show there is a Dairy Free cuppa version which I can review once we finish this box.

And - it looks like a cup of PG! And it also smells more like a typical tea.  Maybe that's just my imagination.  With regular PG & PG decaf if I forget which is my tea and which is my partner's you can tell by smell alone.  I need to try this out here too!

And it's a good cup of tea.  It Tasty decaf tastes more like a regular than their normal decaf, but interestingly less like a cup of PG tips.  You see what I think they've done here is to blend their usual tea with a little Earl Grey.  That's pretty smart of them, because the very subtle flavour differences do make the tea taste brighter and fresher than the standard PG blend (which has hints of Green Tea).

And it's a refreshing drink.  I had it with dairy milk for comparison for the review, but it works reasonably well with almond too.  I'd certainly have it again, especially if I needed to be on decaf, or wanted a pre-bed tea.

6 October 2018

Radical Road Pale Ale (Gloucester Farm Shop @glouc_services) By @SpectreUK

It's been a dim and wet miserable day until now. I was just glancing out of the window as the sun begins to set. The green garden grass and puddles on the asphalt road outside are beginning to dry out, so it looks more like a cool summer's evening, rather than a chilly autumnal night. I fancy a citrusy pale ale to wash down the yellow orange sunset. This Radical Road was brewed in Edinburgh at the Stuart Brewery. At a hefty 6.4% volume it should wash down more than just a sunset, as I'm a little worried as I have surgery on my left knee on Tuesday. The last arthroscopy didn't go so well last year, so I'm hoping this surgery will fix my cartilage woes and for this craft beer to settle my nerves, plus a cheerful dose of Strictly Come Dancing, of course!

Radical Road is a triple hopped pale ale with the bitterness of grapefruit, marmalade, and pine. On opening I could smell a mixture of sweetness from the pale malt, coupled with citrus fruitiness of grapefruit and orange combined. There was also the underlying aroma of pine at the back of the smell. The deep golden colour of this craft pale ale almost matched the glow from the setting sun. On taste this lightly carbonated beer had an initial sweet burst from the pale malt and pine, followed by the sheer citrus fruity bitterness which tasted mostly of grapefruit, with a touch of orange, all intermixed with the pale malt. All these flavours danced around my tastebuds into the aftertaste. Mmm… what a treat, and perfect with my tuna sandwich for dinner!

5 October 2018

Cadbury Mini Bon Fire Logs (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Most of the Halloween / Bon Fire night items have launched by now and I’ve looked through several supermarkets worth of goodies and found that the vast majority were all out last year. There doesn’t seem to be anything truly new around, nothing that got me all excited. You can put a “new” label on these New Cadbury Mini Bon Fire Logs, but at the end of the day they are Mini Rolls, with a honeycomb flavour ie not properly new. I have to give them some bonus points for the packaging as that is rather pretty and did catch my eye on the shelf.

I unwrapped the first one and the sugary smell of cinder toffee hit me immediately, and it did make me smile. The cinder toffee flavour was sweet and rich and worked well with the chocolate coating. The sponge was light and soft to eat, and the Mini Bon Fire Log only lasted a few sweet bites. I did like the cake bar, and I did enjoy each mouthful.
So despite the lack of creativity I’m sure these Cadbury Mini Bon Fire Logs will go down well at Bon Fire parties or even as gifts to Trick or Treaters this Halloween. They are individually wrapped too so will work well in lunch boxes. I just have my fingers crossed for something truly innovative to hit the shelves, a proper new flavour or something truly different. If you spot something you think we should be writing about this Autumn leave a comment in the box below.

4 October 2018

OREO - Choc'O Brownie Flavour (Co-op) by @NLi10 #OreOfLavOurs

We like Oreos and we like new - so here is the newest flavour of Oreos!

It's an American Themed chocolate brownie one - just in time for that most American of 'holidays' Halloween!

Here we see their fantastic hashtag #OreOfLavOurs which probably means that there are lots of other things just like this...

...which is to say Oreos that don't taste any different to existing Oreo versions.  If you'd told me that this was the chocolate creme/double chocolate Oreos I'd have believed you - probably a subtle difference that I don't know about.

And they are produced in Spain!  I mean I'm happy to have Spanish themed Oreos from Spain (Tapas? Chorizo? Paella?) but American ones?

Reminds me of this cool American style drink a friend of mine managed to pick up for £1 - that's pretty cool for an Import - right?

Made in the UK. Suddenly it just becomes a bottle of sugar water again! Not even got corn syrup in it!

The language on the bottle however makes me think that we export this to the USA to sell to Americans starved of real sugar.  The world of snack food is very crazy...

3 October 2018

Skittles Chewies (Asda) By @SpectreUK

These new Skittles Chewies don't have the traditional shell. In texture they're pretty rough, as funnily enough they have no shell. They seem chewier than usual Skittles would be without their shells, so I'm guessing their production and or ingredients are different. They come in five different flavours. The orange doesn't taste a heck of a lot different than an orange Skittle, asides the missing shell of course. The yellow lemons seemed chewier than the orange for some reason and had quite a sour note at the end of their flavour. The green limes had a mild lime flavour, and not very sour. The pink strawberries had a decent sweet strawberry flavour and were the easiest to chew so far. As usual the purple blackcurrants were the sweetest and tastiest of these Skittles Chewies, but were also the only Chewies to get stuck in my teeth. I found the texture of these Chewies a little odd, especially from flavour to flavour. I guess also odd because I'm used to Skittles with shells rather than without, but I like the crunch and chew rather than just the chew. Part of me wants to say; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I guess it also depends how old your teeth are, as I used to be able to eat seaside Rock and Tutti Frutti with impunity, I just hope I don't get to the stage were I have to miss out on Skittles Shells!

Information on the resealable packet;

The 152g packet has 153 calories per 38g serving, with 2.2g of fat, 32.5g of sugar, and 0g of salt. The ingredients are suitable for vegetarians, so please see photograph.

2 October 2018

Fibre One Carrot Cake Bars (Asda) By @Cinabar

We buy quite a lot of cereal bars, as they make a quick breakfast on an early morning. I have tried the square bars from Fibre One before but these ones are new and sounded quite different. Although these Fibre One Carrot Cake Bars sort of fitted into the cereal bar category I didn’t quite feel comfortable having one for breakfast so I had my first try as an afternoon snack.

Firstly I have to point out that the box opened backwards, which bothered me for some unknown reason. Boxes usually open the other way. Inside there were four individually wrapped bars. Once open I found each bar was covered in lots of nuts and as I like nuts I was really pleased by this. There was a thick cream cheese layer under the icing which was surprisingly generous.

I bit in, and found the bars were very soft, and the spices weren’t too strong, but gave them the tase of carrot cake. They were gentle warming. The cream cheese kept the bar moist, and the nuts added a nice bit of texture. These new bars are tasty, but also they only have 90 calories so are a good afternoon treat. They aren’t quite as indulgent as an actual slice of carrot cake, but they are tasty but perhaps a little too indulgent for breakfast.