20 December 2018

2018 Has Reached Peak Advent Calendar And I Give Up (@NLi10)

A bit of a combined post today - here is the advent video

With that out of the way we can get to this craziness

Now even I realise that this one is nonsense. 24 delicious bites of plant based protein, for this Alpha male stag and his female companion to eat. Because obviously grazing animals spend their day eating protein... I’d have probably picked this up for the videos if I’d seen it earlier (or it was 50p now) but it’s proof of us reaching peak advent calendar. They even have tack Christmas jumpers on. If you want something to put in a time capsule that says This Is 2018 then pop this in and you are sorted. Honestly. 

Now - if this was a leafy green advent calendar, where we ate some veggies comprising of amino acids - which our bodies then converted into useful proteins then we might be talking. That’s what grazing animals do. Heck - that’s what we do - humans don’t use the protein we consume we actively spend energy to break it down into the amino acids we could have just eaten in the first place. It’s almost like they found out how to sell Weight Watchers style fad crap that won’t work to a masculine audience.

Not for me.

This? This is better. Take a jammie dodger, make it in a Christmas mold, and print a Christmas Pudding on it. Make the biscuit chocolate shortbread and fill it with orange jam, like something Heston might create. Brilliant, simple, Christmas.

The shortbread people made these but I forgot to take a picture of the box so I’ll have to buy more. Present grade, no shame at all in handing these out to the people who aren’t keen on endless mince pies. Heck - they will almost certainly ask where they were from. I need more of this and less creepy deer.

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