30 December 2018

Biscolata Burgers - they are biscuits that look like burgers! (@NLi10)

We like Biscolata.  They are a strange import snack from Turkey that oddly is distributed by a local firm so show up quite a lot.  And here is a new one - 50p for a bag of burgers! 

Biscolata Burgers - they are biscuits that look like burgers

I mean, 40g isn't much and it's full of poly-un-bad-things but they are actually vegetarian and quite nice.

And they look pretty cool too. 

They have little crystals on the top which add to the variety of textures - other than that they are just a really, really, clever custard creme style affair.  I think if this was done by a big brand then they'd be a massive hit, as it stands it's just a little hidden classic that looks like a gimmick but works really well.

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