2 December 2018

Continued Adventures in Advent (by @NLi10)

So as many of you will have seen, our advent calendar videos have gone up and are slowly getting better as I figure out how to actually use all those media apps on my phone.

At the moment the most disappointing calendar is the £4 Holland & Barrett Vegan Chocolate one, seen here on the right.  

I think I'd be OK with the terrible aftertaste if there were pictures or sayings inside the doors, and the picture on the chocolate was ever sharp enough to see.  It's become the epitome of a ration box, it's just a portion of not quite chocolate every day, which is exactly what I was hoping to avoid.  I'm giving it one more day to redeem itself and may open it in the background to check it doesn't get better.

Dark choc which was more naturally dairy free would have avoided this.

I'm actually enjoying the childishness of the £1 elf calendar, and the McVitties biscuit bars are a nice benchmark for the other calendars to aim for.  The cats calendar is exciting to them and not to me.  The Pukka teabags are leading the way with their style and variety.

This is a majestic festive decoration, and even if you don't care about following the days or Christmas at all then it's a pretty fun thing to have available.  It's going to take a lot of bad teas for this not to just walk away with the whole thing - even at 42p a cup!

At the good farm-shop services I found some much more competitive advent calendars, ones where the contents would be a joy every day and thus probably very boring to film.  Above we have the Montezuma calendar, which had a variety of chocolates, simple designs on the doors and generally looks like the kind of thing I'd be happy to open.  I forgot to note the price but I'm seeing it online for £8.99 which is pretty fair.

I'm not really familiar with Holdsworth chocolates, but at £20 this looked like a luxury assortment of hand-made truffle style things that I'd love to have included.  You can't have all the advent calendars though - right?

Well - lets see what the early Dec sales bring.  Maybe the Ocado man can be persuaded to drop something extra off this week too!

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