6 December 2018

Nurses Cottage - Sparkling Blackcurrant & Elderflower Presse (@NLi10)

The farm-shop service stations are great as they stock lots of things I've not seen before. 

I spotted a little bottle of luxury soft drink, dressed up like a tiny wine and thought I'd give it a go.

Nurses Cottage - Sparkling Blackcurrant & Elderflower Presse

It's fairly unassuming, but you don't see many blackcurrant flavoured adult drinks these days, and with an elderflower mix in this had to be the flavour of choice.

Sounds like a little local family started business, and although it's mostly water the flavour is rich and mighty!  This is possibly as close to red wine as I'll ever get while still enjoying the drink - this was two nights servings too so I got decent value out of the bottle.  It's certainly not a 'soft' drink and is perfect for socialising with other adults.  This is something that needs to appear in pubs and ideally be served in a wine glass for maximum effect.


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