8 December 2018

Brains Brewery Dark Matters Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Brains Brewery Dark Matters Beer
Brains Brewery Dark Matters Beer

So… er… Dark Matter then. I looked it up on Google (of course) and it came up with a form of hypothetical subatomic particles that is thought to account for roughly 85% of the universe… I stopped reading about there scratching my head. "But it's right in front of me!?" I thought… It's good that Brains Brewery, in Cardiff, found it before the scientists did, because I bet it would be stuck in a test tube in some laboratory deep underground about now, rather than just about to be poured into my waiting beer glass.

This 4.4% volume coffee porter certainly has something about the night's sky about it, though it's literally pitch black in colour with not one shiny star in it. It has a deep roasted dark chocolate malt smell to it. There is an initial dark chocolate malt taste, followed by sweetness from the caramel malt, and a bitter touch of liquorice and raisins from the additional herbal hops. It then has a creamy smooth chocolate finish with the barest hint of roasted coffee in the aftertaste, mixed in well with the chocolate malt. I'm glad Cinabar finally found me a bottle of this Dark Matter in our local Aldi, as when she was on holiday last year in Cardiff she couldn't find one bottle of Brains beers in the shops! A bit like Dark Matter for the scientists then, I suppose?

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