24 December 2018

Christmas Postbox Cake (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Christmas Postbox Cake Marks & Spencer

We ordered just a few select items from the Marks and Spencer Christmas food catalogue this year, but they really didn’t disappoint. I’m hoping the three bird roast works out well tomorrow, and we have an epic chocolate yule log to test, but the item we tucked into first is this impressive Marks and Spencer Christmas Postbox Cake.
The detail on the cake is beautiful, forma the cute robin perched on top of the postbox, to the sweet Christmas message on the front. The cake isn’t a traditional fruitcake though this is an epic Victoria sponge with four layers of vanilla sponge and not to mention lashing of fruity jam and buttercream.

Christmas Postbox Cake Marks & Spencer sliced

Being mostly round the cake wasn’t too bad to cut, we went for cutting it in half and then cutting slices out of it. The slices didn’t need to be too wide as the cake itself is rather tall with its four layers. The soft icing was very pretty and added nice decoration, sweetness and texture to the cake. The vanilla sponge was perfect, fluffy, moist and had a good flavour. The buttercream was outstanding, rich and creamy and it was balanced nicely by the berries in the jam. This is statement cake, and it was expensive, but I think it was worth it. It was something very special and it is Christmas. This is the perfect alternative to those who don’t like a traditional fruitcake, and is a proper crowd pleaser for anyone. If there are some of these cakes in store over the next few days I’d recommended picking one up as a New Years treat, fingers crossed that they might even be reduced. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Postbox Cake Marks & Spencer

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