23 December 2018

Bahlsen Choco Moments (Asda) by @NLi10

I think Bahlsen have realised that there is a certain section of the market that don't like food with 'foreign' names.  Choco Leibniz is something that I've loved for years - no idea if I first tried them in Germany or the UK, but I've certainly introduced a lot of people to the pleasures of biting off the overhanging chocolate.

Bahlsen Choco Moments

And in the Christmas Pre-eve (23rd) rush I spotted this bargain - 20p sprouts!! -  and two boxes of these new, updated, rebranded versions.

At first I thought it was just a rebrand and new flavours but here we actually have things in the chocolate (texture!!)  and much thicker choc to cope with that.

And now with no added referring to food law! oh wait - that's an asterisk not a bullet point - indent your text better!  As my bad picture suggests we have little minty pearls in the choc now (or hazelnut - we ate both).

And look how thick that chocolate is! It does mean that you only get 6 instead of 9 in a box which feels misserable, but as I'd usually eat two normal Bahlsen at a time and for this one was fine so that's six visits to the box for £1.50 a box.  Which isn't atrocious.

And it's Bahlsen so you already know they are good - to use one of my favourite phrases they are present grade.  The two versions are very different too.  The mint one is a sweet after dinner kind of affair, where as the hazelnut one is much earthier and has a hint of the nuttella about it.  Both instant hits and part of a great range of treats.

Maybe only for when you have visitors or they are on special offer, but still the great range of buttery biscuits with a tempting chocolate fringe we have all come to love, no matter what they are called.

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