1 December 2018

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider (DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider

This could be one of those moments in life when I try something I didn't like many years before, and suddenly find out that my tastebuds have changed and I like it now. The last time was with Earl Grey Tea, which was quite a long while ago. Degusta kindly sent me this Jack Daniel's Tennessee Cider to try. Little do they know that when I used to drink "chasers" when I was a young lad (late teens, I guess) to try to get drunk as quickly as possible… I know… probably stupid, but you're only young once… It didn't take many chasers though and usually involved me being ill before the night was through, so I stopped doing it pretty early on. Besides, it was really expensive! Anyway, I tried all manners of spirits after each beer and liked Jack Daniel's the very least. I always thought it smelt like the liquid my dad used to clean paint brushes in…

Anyway, this Jack Daniel's Tennessee Cider is described as a "crisp apple cider blended with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whisky." A description that made me hope that "crisp" meant really strong! I was hoping this cider would scream "apples!" at me on opening the bottle and on first taste. The aroma after the fizz didn't disappointment me. There was definitely a crisp cider apple smell, and only the merest hint of Jack Daniel's. In fact if it didn't have Jack Daniel's on the front of the bottle I probably wouldn't have noticed. "What's the point?" I may hear you say… "I don't know, someone sent it to me, I didn't buy it, I just figured I'd blog about it though…"

On taste the Jack Daniel's was much more prominent. There's Jack Daniel's on first taste and biting away at the back of the cider apples all the way through the flavour. There is also that Jack Daniel's fairly heavy whisky flavour right into the aftertaste. However, the cider apples bite the Jack Daniel's right back all the way through each mouthful, so there's a battle of flavours here no-one seems to win, asides the drinker maybe. On a cold, damp and dreary day like this, it's certainly warming and doesn't taste that bad at all. I don't think I'll switch back to spirits anytime soon, but I wouldn't mind another one of these on a dark stormy night to blast the chills away!

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