28 December 2018

Santa’s Rooftop Chocolate and Caramel Yule Log (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Santa’s Rooftop Chocolate and Caramel Yule Log Marks & Spencer

This Christmas has been a good one, there has been good prezzies and good food, and we still seem to have a cupboard full of treats to keep us going into the new year. Our chocolate yule log this year was the other item I ordered from the Marks and Spencer food order, and this too didn’t disappoint, in fact it stunned.
The Santa’s Rooftop Chocolate and Caramel Yule Log is shaped like a city street, complete with buildings and lights, and a sleigh on top, presumably Santa is off down a chimney delivering a present or two. The cake is a chocolate Swiss roll filled with chocolate and caramel ganache. It is a big cake so does lots of portions, but is a little bit difficult to cut because of the solid chocolate sides.
The cake is very rich and has a good intense chocolate flavour. The caramel was sweet and rich, but the flavour was very much present. The cake’s sponge is soft and moist and very enjoyable to eat, and the swirls looked pretty. There was a nice crunch too from some caramel crystals that were dotted throughout the cake, this mixed up the flavours and added to the texture. This cake is a heck of a treat, and we all loved it. This is definitely one the to keep an eye out for in your local branch of Marks and Spencer, finding it reduced would be a bargain and a great cake for New Year’s celebrations.

Santa’s Rooftop Chocolate and Caramel Yule Log Slice Marks & Spencer

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