18 December 2018

Burts Turkey and Stuffing Crisps (Aldi) By @Cinabar

Burts Turkey and Stuffing Crisps
Burts Turkey and Stuffing Crisps

I think if you make crisps for your living the most obvious Christmas seasonal flavour has to be Turkey and Stuffing, and as such I have tried many different brands attempts at the flavour over the years. I have to say they are mostly positive reviews, as I do like meaty crisps. I was in Aldi and I spotted these Burts Turkey and Stuffing Crisps and found myself thinking I would give them a go anyway, and that they were another variety to test out.
We had a busy morning and sat down to some sandwiches at lunchtime and I cracked open the bag. First impressions were impressive, these crisps had a lovely aroma and smelt rich and meaty. The crisps themselves were medium cut, and the texture was crunchy and about right for me. The flavour worked a treat, they are essentially chicken like in the meaty element but the stuffing is where the magic was, there were just so many lovely herbs mixed in. The sage stood out though, and I loved the flavours with the turkey, and was licking my lips with every bite. Ok this might be an obvious choice of flavour for this time of year, but I think this is my favourite version of it to date. I’m going back to Aldi for some more!

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