24 June 2019

Remedy: Kombucha Cherry Plum Drink (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

I nipped into Marks and Spencer to get a few top up items for the grocery shop, bread etc. Although I don’t do my main shop here I can’t resist having a look around from time to time as they are a great place to find new and interesting items for Foodstuff Finds. This is where I found this Remedy: Kombucha Cherry Plum drink, sitting smartly in its thin purple can. It was chilled so ready to drink.
Kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweetened tea, supposedly good for digestion due to the number of probiotics it contains. I am always sceptical about these things but was looking forward to giving it the taste test. The drink is a peachy colour and fizzed once the can was opened. I gave it a sip and wasn’t sure what to make of the flavour, it reminded me of something. The taste was sour, but with a hint of fruit ands sweetness. It was refreshing but the aftertaste had almost a vinegar like flavour which was okay, but far from something I loved. Then it dawned on me what the taste reminded me of and it put me off a bit. Sometimes I buy those prepared fruit boxes with melon and berries in them, and I know I should make my own fruit salads but they are so convenient, although not the cheapest way to buy fruit. Sometimes I will have one with my lunch at work, and eat up the melon chunks and then quite messily leave the pack on my desk until the end of the day when I tidy up, at this point I will drink the remaining juice, and it tastes like this Kombucha Cherry Plum Drink. Non distinguishable fruit, a little sour and vinegary. Not sure I’d buy this again to be honest.

23 June 2019

I'm not eating KFC Vegan food (but only because it's not there yet!) (by @NLi10)

There is a definite health kick in the UK fast food market at the moment.  Whether the consumer chooses the healthy option or not it's certainly a boost to the ego when eating at a place which has healthy options.  People also like vegan food.  The stylish like the lifestyle, and the religious also like the fact that it's automatically Halal. This means that adding a vegan option to the menu, then hyping the heck out of it (like Gregg's did) is good PR and might actually sell.

Because all risks are bad risks the people at KFC decided to do a trial and only sent out a few of the offerings to select stores.  None of these happened to be near me, so at the weekend I went on a jaunt to find one that did.

Too slow! But it comes back in July, which is a week away.  Interestingly they have imposter salads and imposter wraps too which is groovy.

And speaking of wraps - they seem to have all changed!  The plain wrap is now 'original' but different as it has coleslaw in it, and there is a BBQ wrap too.  You don't automatically get the new KFC fries either but have an option for healthier sides.  The new skin on fries are OK actually.  When I asked for an iced tea I got a regular tea - which is fine as all tea is good.

I didn't have the Smokey Mountain BBQ, I think they wrapped me up in the wrong direction.

But it looks fine, has good chicken, and had a lot of colours of veg in there instead of just some lettuce.  It's not as good as the MR Egg wrap, but here this was all £5 and the wrap there was £4 so its a balance thing.

And yeah - I'll be coming back for the Vegan KFC nonsense (it's Quorn again - why don't they get more adventurous!!!) but i was surprised just how much they've developed the menu this year since I last popped in.  I still don't thnk it's the best place to take a veggie on a date, but give them 6 months and who knows.

22 June 2019

Wild River IPA Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

It's been a gloriously sunny day today. Not many clouds in the sky and perfect weather for taking a swim outside in the outdoor pool at the gym. Of course, it's supposed to rain and be miserable tomorrow morning, and I'll still go outside for swim, but hey, at least I won't need waterproof suntan lotion.

Not that I'd go swimming in a Wild River, except perhaps if it's full of beer! I do have a salmon sandwich for dinner and this Pacific Pale Ale has an image of a bear trying to catch a salmon on a Wild River. This beer was inspired by the Golden State. Wikipedia tells me that there are still around five hundred Grizzly Bears in California, which also has the Grizzly Bear on its flag and seal.

At 4.5% volume this Wild River was brewed by Fuller's in South London. It's sported as being double hopped, being zesty with a dry finish. Citrus hops usually go well with fish, I'm sure any bear, Grizzly or otherwise would tell you that. On opening the can there was definitely a zesty citrus hoppy smell from the bright golden liquid contents, with sweet pale malt at the back of the aroma. My tongue felt like the salmon trying to escape the bear whilst drinking this beer. On taste the bitter and yet refreshing citrus hops snapped at my tastebuds much like the jaws of a ferocious Grizzly Bear. After a moment of fighting this blast of citrus, the sweet pale malts soothed and cushioned my tongue allowing it to beat the citrus rapids, to escape the bitter jaws of the Grizzly Bear, and jump up the refreshing waterfall to the sweet pale malts in the tranquil aftertaste. Mmm… lovely... Salmon sandwich time.

21 June 2019

Maryland Cookies: Chocolate Cookie Bars (Asda) By @Cinabar

These Maryland Cookies - Chocolate Cookie Bars are one of those products that are ‘new’ but aren’t labelled as such. I can never quite work out the logic of this, if I had launched a new product I’d want to share the excitement and I’d be proud to put the word ‘New’ on the pack in big letters. Perhaps they want that familiar brand “of course this has always been available” feel. As someone who stares far more than they should at the biscuit aisle in the supermarket I can confirm that these are a new release.

The pack contains 8 individually wrapped biscuits, coated in milk chocolate and they are just 96 calories each. This means that these biscuits are an excellent idea for a lunch box treat or for portion control any time.
I unwrapped my first biscuit and realised that the chocolate coating all the way round made these a little melty on the fingers. The biscuits are chunky oblong and quite thick which meant I didn’t feel right dunking them, I practically always dunk biscuits but these were in too much of a chocolate bar shape.
The chocolate on the outside is nice and the biscuit flavour was flavoursome. They tasted wholesome and chocolatey and were a nice treat. The biscuits being thicker meant they had a good crunch and one was an enjoyable snack. There isn’t anything ground breaking here, but the Maryland Cookies - Chocolate Cookie Bars were a nice afternoon treat. I think I prefer a regular biscuit, just because I like to dunk, and these were a bit awkward for that.

20 June 2019

Overpaying for luxury or unusual snacks (@NLi10)

There are lots of funny little sweet shops around the UK that want to charge you double for imported food. They seem to prey on tourists and families looking for unusual gifts. If you hunt around in the corner shops and Poundland’s though you can usually find similar for less.

Here we see a prime example of exotic Fanta - we paid £1.20 which is a lot for a can of pop on the street, but not if you are in a bar or restaurant. We also picked up more Blue by Pepsi.

This tasted of fizzy strawberries and wasn’t really worth the money. We had however seen identical cans for £2 in the sweet shops!

The supermarkets take a different angle, here we see Tesco selling you a few biscuits and some dip for £2 and five pence. While the price amuses me (and other Von Trier fans) even I turned down this review. It’s tempting until you think how many Jaffa cakes or regular biscuits you could buy for £1 and how much peanut butter you could get for the other £1. The 5p can even get you a bag to take it home in. Maybe I’ll see these on special.

My crazy lizard brain doesn't have an issue with paying £4 for this. It’s a creme brûlée flavoured BoBo tea, which is basically what bubble tea is called in the Birmingham institution that is Mr Egg. It’s basically a pot of coffee, cream and little tapioca balls, but I just couldn’t resist. The flavours and sweetness were amazing and I’m going to recommend it to my crazy colleague that loves hot chocolates which are entirely cream.

So I guess over paying for luxury items is fine if they are made in front of you and viewed as a treat, but not if they are just hyper convenience foods and unexceptional imports? Or maybe we’ve just become desensitised to overpaying for coffees. I’d be interested to know what you’ve overpaid for snackwise recently!

19 June 2019

New Fruits Skittles Dips Yoghurty Coated (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Three Sundays a month around mid-morning Cinabar and her mom troop out to the local supermarket to undertake the weekly food and drink shop. Being the lion of the house, I usually sleep in or go and sit in the sauna at the gym. Once a month we have our shopping delivered. I think this is because Cinabar has at least one bath a month, but I'll only share that with you…

Anyway, I was unpacking our monthly delivery earlier this week and saw this big red packet. It was lying face down in the bottom of a bag under a bunch of other more boring foodstuffs. I was instantly excited, as I love Skittles and haven't had any for ages. It was then that I turned them over and immediately exclaimed; "What the…?"

I'm reliably informed by Cinabar's teddybear that there was a terrible accident at the Skittle manufacturer's. A new consignment of regular Skittles had just been crated up and was leaving the factory when it collided with a truck full of dairy produce. This is what happened… Skittles Dips. Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Lemon and Blackcurrant Skittles all smothered in Yoghurt. Yoghurt!? It couldn't have been a double-cream truck, could it?

I usually rip the edge off a packet of Skittles and then rather un-daintily tip the entire contents into my mouth and spend a great deal of time chewing, but seeing as I'm writing a blog here I better tell you what they taste like individually. It's at this point I'd like to point out how disturbed I was when I opened the packet. Generally when I open a packet of Skittles I like to breathe in the fruity aromas before shovelling them into my gob. This time there was no fruitiness. They smelt of yoghurt!

The yoghurt coated Skittles looked more or less the same off sickly white colour each, but with different rather ill looking colours underneath their coatings. I picked up a pasty faced off white yellow lemon Skittle to start with, and noted the small residue of yoghurt on my fingers once I popped it into my mouth. It took a bit to get to the sweet through the thick yoghurt coating. It actually tasted like a really creamy lemon Skittle. I was sold from this point. The Lime tastes ridiculously good. Creamy lime. The orange made me actually want to try orange jelly and ice cream… which I usually have in separate bowls (don't get me started on that!)!

I mean, whoever came up with this idea should get a medal or something. Maybe even a statue next where the two trucks crashed into each other. And these yoghurt coated Skittles just get better and better. The Strawberry was literally to die for. Strawberries and cream! Perfect for tennis. And then came the Blackcurrant, which is generally my favourite sweet flavour in any sweet packet. I was beyond typing at this point, my tastebuds somewhere close to the ceiling. These Skittles Dips are really something special. Try them and whatever you do; don't share!

Information on the packet;
In the 115g packet there are 172 calories per 38.3g serving (supposedly 3 servings in the packet), with 6.9g of fat, 26.8g of sugar, 0.09g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

18 June 2019

Oasis Aqua Shock - Spicy Raspberry (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

I bought this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry drink to share but decided to only buy one bottle and not two. For me the idea of a drink that “shocks” doesn’t actually sound like something I want to drink. I was thinking “refresh” is a much more sensible option. Anyway I bought one bottle to share between two and to taste test rather than to thirst quench. I approached the drink with caution too, I don’t mind a dash of chilli in a cooking sauce, but in a drink it just sounded weird.
This Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry is a still and clear drink, and I poured some into two glasses. Then I starred at it for a while trying to decide whether I actually fancied taking a sip, eventually I built up the courage for the sake of the blog. What happened next was a complete anticlimax, this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry is not shocking or spicy, it is a drink of flavoured berry water and if you really really concentrate you might just pick up on a tiniest dash of something warm, but realistically you probably wouldn’t notice anything but the light raspberry flavour.
I had another sip and realised I liked the drink and I would buy it again as it would be quite refreshing on a hot day. It is easy to drink and raspberry taste is very pleasant. The problem is that it doesn’t deliver the promised chilli buzz, so people like me who don’t get excited about a drink with a shocking kick won’t buy it. If you did want a spicy blast this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry will just disappoint.

17 June 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest

This is the third and final bar in the selection of new Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars that have been launched as part of a public vote. I have already written about “The Raspberry Shortcake” which was lacking raspberry taste and the “Choca-Latte” which was coffee based and which I loved. This bar is called Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest, and consists of orange flavoured chocolate with pieces of almond caramel.
The other two bars had quite a strong aroma when I took the wrapper off but this one had just a mild citrus hint. The other bars had a quite a lot of content visible too when the pieces were broken off, but this bar didn’t have show much.

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest

I tried one of the pieces of chocolate and found myself thinking that it needed more orange. If you are going to name a bar “Simply The Zest” it sort of comes with quite a bit of expectation that the chocolate is going to have a strong orange taste, I think it was far too mild in orange citrus tang, it was just a gentle background flavour. I did like the almond caramel pieces (think Orange Daim Bar) the crunch and sugary hit was nice. In fact the more I do think Orange Daim Bar the more I found myself thinking I’d rather be eating one of those. This Cadbury Dairy Milk - Simply The Zest bar was okay, but it wasn’t magic. The same goes for The Raspberry Shortcake, neither had anything offensive about them. The coffee one, Choca-Latte rocked my world, and is something new for the British market which is desperately lacking chocolate coffee combos. I know where my vote is going.

16 June 2019

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett (by @NLi10)

Convenient olives seems to be a growth area and I love eating olives so I’m going to keep participating!

Here we have Olly’s Olives - a cool little brand that has show up near the counters in Holland & Barrett. I chose the Hippie flavour to eat first.

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett

They have a few odd claims. Would olives need to be pasteurised if they are in the salty water? It said no messy oil, then dripped something on my trousers - annoying!!

Olly’s olives - Holland & Barrett

Flavours here are exactly what I want though, lemon and olive goodness. Not a huge portion but a good convenient snack when in town!

15 June 2019

Founders Brewing All Day IPA Beer (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Founders Brewing All Day IPA Beer

A while back I thought of the concept of a breakfast beer when drinking a beer that's name has slipped from my old head. I'm probably not the first. Not to forget a beer… but to think of beer for breakfast. Of course there is 'hair of the dog' for those that have had a hard session the night before, and wake up to cure their hangover with an early morning beer. This All Day IPA is brewed by Founders Brewing company in Michigan, USA. It's quite strong for a session ale at 4.7% in volume, so I'm not sure people could drink it all day and be standing by the end of it. I suppose if you're savvy you could try to save one to cure your hangover the next morning?

On popping open the 355ml can there was a well travelled ca-thunk, click and fizz! It was the cheerful sound you may hear in a beer commercial that made me want to drink the contents straight away. There was the unmistakable smell of sweet pale malt mixed with herbal hops and a little citrus in the background. This All Day IPA pours as a deep golden pale ale. On taste it's really rich in flavour. There's crispy bitterness that instantly combines with the sweetness from the barley malts. This bitterness follows through to the aftertaste, with oodles of herbal hops and that citrus flavour nudging away at my tastebuds in the background. This is a really glorious beer that would not go amiss at any time of the day, even if I'd be too pie-eyed to drink it All Day!

14 June 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte

Gosh I love the combination of chocolate and coffee. It must be an acquired taste though as it is surprisingly hard to find a decent bar of chocolate flavoured with coffee. There are few on the market, but when you consider how popular caramel is, you soon notice how unpopular coffee is. The point is I was viewing this Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte bar as having a lot of potential.
This new bar is one of the new varieties from Cadbury which is one of three the have been brought out, although they only intend to keep one for sale. This is decided by a public vote, of course as everything important is these days. I have tried the Cadbury Dairy Milk - The Raspberry Shortcake bar but thought it wasn’t fruity enough.
I pulled back the wrapped and the coffee aroma was amazing. Weirdly after a moment the scent had gone and the chocolate bar itself didn’t smell anywhere near as strong, I started to think they packaged it with an extra puff of coffee aroma in the wrapper! :-D
Thankfully the bar has lots of coffee flavour, and a rather lovely crunch from some added biscuit pieces. It was was sweet, with lovely tones of roast coffee and Dairy Milk chocolate. The coffee was very well balanced, it worked with the chocolate not over powering it and as someone who loves that combination I was in heaven. The raspberry bar didn’t get my vote, this Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte bar is looking like the one, it would have to take a heck of a lot from the other new orange bar to beat this coffee chocolate treat.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte

13 June 2019

DC Candy Sticks WITH TATTOO (@NLi10)

As a child I loved candy sticks. I was mortified to find out they were basically pretend cigarettes, but still continued to buy them as a little thing to carry around. I used to buy the multipacks and superhero based things so when I spotted these I thought I’d have a trip down memory lane.


Here we have a DC version, 35p instead of 10p is a big rise but probably in line with inflation.


And here we have the tattoo. It’s very hard to see but it’s actually a rainbow version of the batman symbol. Very inclusive, very cool. I’m saving it for a small person.


And here are the sticks themselves. Still just dusty compressed sugar, but still just as moorish as I remember.  Much too hard and not as fun to eat for 40 year old me as ten year old me, but we will see if I pick more up.

12 June 2019

New Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits (By @SpectreUK)

New Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits

New Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits

I'm finding it difficult to grasp where the "secret" is with these new Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits? Personally I haven't eaten a Bounty milk chocolate bar since I was very young. I determined at an early age I just didn't like them. They have too much coconut flavour for my liking and not enough milk chocolate. A multitude of other chocolate bars were available, even more now, so I've never looked back. I even avoid Bounty mini-chocolate bars in variety boxes, and generally scoff mostly everything else. Don't get me wrong, as I've always liked coconut biscuits, but too much coconut puts me off a bit. Surely "Secret Centre" should entail not telling us what is in the biscuit in the first place? Calling it Bounty to start with kind of gives away the "secret"!

Anyway, on opening the packet there are eight chocolate disc shaped biscuits that look a little like roughly four centimetre wide Wagon Wheels. On biting into the first one… Okay, I'm lying there… I never actually bite into biscuits… my mouth is too big (as you may guess), so I generally just dump them in my gob and chew. These Bounty ("Secret Centre") biscuits have a decent crunch to them and a light creamy coconut centre. The coconut flavour is not overpowering. In fact these Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits taste a little like creamy coconut biscuits covered in milk chocolate. Quite a genius idea, I may add.

Information on the packet;
Each 16.5g biscuit contains 89 calories, 5g of fat, 7.5g of sugar, and 0.06g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

New Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits

11 June 2019

Kettle and Apple Slices - Norfolk Pork Sausage Seasoning Crisps (Asda) By @Cinabar

Kettle and Apple Slices - Norfolk Pork Sausage Seasoning Crisps

There have been quite a few different crisps on the market recently that have used either a fruit or vegetable instead of the traditional potato as a base for their crisps. I’ve seen a few beetroot crisps and avoided them at all costs but we have had some nice variations with other root vegetables. Beetroot tastes of soil, well to my tastebuds. Anyway, these new Kettle and Apple Slices - Norfolk Pork Sausage Seasoning Crisps are the first I’ve spotted that combine potato with a fruit, ie both in the same bag.
The packet consists of potato crisps seasoned with Norfolk Pork Sausage seasoning and slices of apple crisps, to give an apple sauce like taste. The bag seemed smaller than other sharing bags I’ve had from Kettle, and we shared them out as best we could with sandwiches. The pieces of apple seemed to pretty evenly distributed, but there was far more potato slices than fruit. I gave one of the crisps a try and really enjoyed the seasoned meaty flavour. They were herby and had a great taste. The apple pieces were lovely in the mix, sharp tangy pieces of sweet apple, and it went perfectly with the pork flavouring. If you eat both a potato and and an apple slice together then there is a perfect hit of seasoning and tang, and they really were the best bites.
I’m impressed with these new Kettle and Apple Slices with Norfolk Pork Sausage Seasoning Crisps and found them to be quite innovative. I’m hoping there are some other fruit and potato crisps being released because these were a complete success, if only the bag had been bigger, or I didn’t have to share…

Kettle and Apple Slices - Norfolk Pork Sausage Seasoning Crisps

10 June 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk - The Raspberry Shortcake (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Dairy Milk - The Raspberry Shortcake

Cadbury have released three new Dairy Milk chocolate bars, the idea is that the public taste each one and then can vote for their favourite which will stay for sale. You had me the moment they said new chocolate, I’m looking forward to trying them. Weirdly these bars are first to appear in Poundland, where I found all three at the till. The lady serving me said that this Cadbury Dairy Milk - The Raspberry Shortcake was her favourite so I think it is a good place for me to start. I have to admit I love the sound of this chocolate, it is so very summery.

Cadbury Dairy Milk - The Raspberry Shortcake

I opened up the Cadbury Dairy Milk The Raspberry Shortcake bar and it looked from the top like a regular Dairy Milk bar, but the underside showed an uneven surface where all the goodies were packed in. These were even more apparent when I broke a strip of the chocolate off.

Cadbury Dairy Milk - The Raspberry Shortcake

The bar has the classic thick melt of Dairy Milk, rich and sweet. The chocolate is the most dominant flavour. I love the added texture from the crunchy pieces, I am a fan of texture, however the crispy bits were flavourless. There wasn’t enough of the raspberry bits, which were freeze dried, and as such they only add a delicate hint of fruity flavour. Dairy Milk is a strong chocolate and it is does over power the fruitiness a bit too much. Some cubes of chocolate you could barely taste the raspberry at all. I think this bar Cadbury Dairy Milk The Raspberry Shortcake was a lovely concept but poorly executed, the raspberry should have been a strong zingy flavour not lost in an ocean of sweet thick chocolate.

9 June 2019

Mornflake - Chocolatey Squares from the corner shop (@NLi10)

While Kellogg's Krave is probably the most famous pocket cereal (well apart from Dreamies - the identical cat treat) we've learnt that the Asda own brand is actually the better version (and cheaper).  They have tweaked that so it's not quite as good, but it's still the market leader.  When we spotted another imitation in the corner shop I decided to jump in.

Really we should have used the purple boxed chocolate Krave to compare to, but this will suffice.

12 bowls is unlikely :)  4 is more realistic.  They look like slightly larger Krave, and have very similar texture and taste - but maybe the chocolate doesn't have that luxury feel.

And they are OK - nothing too special. Not cheap enough to stock up on, and certainly not as compulsive as the Asda brand version.  They are still a lot cheaper than Krave, and I ended up mixing these with things like Shreddies so that they went a lot further and added a chocolate smile to ordinary staple cereals.

Worth a pick up, but not worth hunting for especially.

8 June 2019

Nitro Milk Stout (Discover Brew) By @SpectreUK

For some reason my brain has started to think that stouts should be written about in Autumn and Winter time. I have no idea why, as I enjoy a good stout washing down a juicy steak anytime of the year, especially in barbecue season. It may be a little cold and grey and wet most of the time outside at the moment, but barbecue season is very much on the way.

Looking at this can I realised I've never drank an American stout. This Nitro Milk Stout was produced by the Left Hand Brewing Company in Colorado, USA. At 6% volume it's a stronger ABV than I'm used to in a stout, but that certainly won't dissuade me! I don't have a steak at hand unfortunately, but this milk stout sounds like it needs to be savoured on its own. Made with Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, flaked oats and hops, it's sported as being "super smooth with soft roasting and Mocha notes".

The can was so hard before opening it, I held it over the sink in case it exploded on opening. I see why they call it Nitro. On popping the can there was the loudest crack and fizz I believe I've heard from any beer. Yet no stout was lost during the writing of this blog. That makes me happy. I hate it when any beer goes all over the place on opening a bottle or can. It's mine to drink and savour, not to lose precious drops on the floor or down the sink.

As with any stout I let it settle in the glass for a while after pouring. There was a smooth dark creamy head. Staring at the black stout made my mouth water. I could smell roasted chocolate malt, and those coffee undertones mentioned on the can. On taste this luscious milk stout tastes anything but fast and furious. There is a roasted chocolate malt sweetness and then coffee at the back of the flavour, the herbal hops barely touched my tastebuds, but their bitterness was there, just underneath all that velvety smooth creamy milk stout. Ah, another can please… this one didn't last as long as I'd hoped it would.

7 June 2019

Moser Roth - Columbian Dark Chocolate: Quinoa and Orange (Aldi) By @Cinabar

I spotted these portion sized Moser Roth Columbian Dark Chocolate with Quinoa and Orange bars by the till in Aldi. They put them there to be an impulse buy and it totally worked, despite the lengthy posh name. I think one of the the tests of being middle class is the ability to pronounce quinoa correctly, I’m woking on it. :-D
Anyway the back of the packet explains that this a sugar free dark chocolate bar, and the quinoa is in the form of “puffed quinoa”. There are three pieces of chocolate inside all neatly marked up with the Moser Roth brand, and on the back you can see all the crispy quinoa pieces.

I gave the chocolate a try and found that it had a thicker melt than expected and a softer snap when I broke the first piece off. The flavour of the dark chocolate was very enjoyable, it was flavoursome, smooth and rich. The orange was present but was far too mild for my taste buds. Orange should be a zingy in your face flavour, this was a pleasant background flavour. The puffed quinoa adds some texture but wasn’t quite as crispy as I would have liked. It also went a little soggy, and wasn’t as crispy as rice crispy bits. I found myself thinking the chocolate on its own was very good but the added ingredients just weren’t as exciting as they sounded. For those wondering I have to stop myself saying ‘quin-oa’, and remind myself of the secret code that mean those letters are actually pronounced ’keen-wah’. It is a bit like trying to work out how the letters of the name Siobhan make any sense to that pronunciation.

6 June 2019

Domino's 2-4-Tuesdays - Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza (by @NLi10)

We like Pizza, we like special offers.  So - last Tuesday we decided to do Domino's Two For Tuesday and get two pizzas delivered for the price of one! I mean it's still £19 which seems a lot, but we did go for the large ones.  I chose the Catalan Chicken & Chorizo which has lots of chicken, with a sour cream and paprika drizzle on top - but will it look like it's photo?

We had a starter of those Iberian Olives we reviewed the other week - while a little squishy and very oily then are very nice!  I'd still prefer them without stones.

And in a reasonable amount of time they arrived!

And looked like this!

That's close enough to the picture for a thumbs up from me.  The flavours were great and while I thought it may be too much for one it wasn't. I even had a pudding too.

You could taste the chicken and the textures were quite fun too.  The Chorizo was thick enough that I belived they hadn't just slipped cheaper peproni on there and the Italian base was pretty classy too.

All in all I'm happy for £9.50 each delivered and this may tempt me away from our usual Papa Johns more often than I'd thought.

5 June 2019

Tempura Seaweed Crisps (@Wasabi_UK Grand Central Birmingham) By @SpectreUK

I'm trying to be a little more healthy while I rehabilitate my knee after surgery. Cinabar has bought me these Tempura Seaweed Crisps to try. Tempura vegetables are one of Cinabar's favourite starters in a Japanese restaurant. The other being Sushi. I prefer a bowl of Miso soup.

I'm always interested in alternative snacks to crisps and nuts, so these seaweed crisps sound pretty 'interesting'. Don't get me wrong I do love crisps, but due to an intolerance to insoluble fibre I can't eat nuts and seeds, as well as I have to avoid some other foodstuffs. Still, seaweed crisps sound pretty weird…

As my surgeon keeps reminding me that I still need to lose some weight, I'm starting to count my calories a bit… not too much… just a bit. I don't want to become obsessive with diaries an such, but just keeping an eye on it, whilst also keeping an eye on how much I'm burning off whilst at the gym. It's best to stay with a balanced diet, so the instant someone says 'seaweed' to me, I think 'superfood'. The instant someone says 'Tempura' to me, I think 'fat'. Unfortunately there is a high amount of fat in these Tempura Seaweed Crisps, as well as they're pretty high in calories.

On opening the packet there was a deep fried salty smell mixed with seaweed. The Tempura crisps were battered on one side with the dark green seaweed was showing on the other. The crisps had a good crunch and tasted of deep fried battered seaweed (funnily enough!), but there was more to them than that. You see, the pepper was the key to these Tempura Seaweed Crisps. I love the flavour of Black Pepper and Sea Salt crisps in general. Here we have the deep fried batter flavour, with the sea salt, a little seaweed flavour, and a spicy heat from the pepper to finish off with. These Tempura Seaweed Crisps were delicious. Calories and fat be blowed - I workout! I'm definitely having some more of these again!

Information on the packet;
The 20g packet contains 122 calories, 9.4g of fat, 0.5g of sugar and 0.40g of salt. For ingredients please see photograph.

4 June 2019

New Rowntrees Randoms Sours (Poundland) By @Cinabar

I have to admit to loosing track with the Rowntrees Randoms range. I’ve seen an Easter mix (with Easter shapes, think rabbits and chickens) and various other different shaped themes, but this is a variation on flavour. Introducing the new Rowntrees Randoms Sours, still with “random” shapes, but this time covered in sour sprinkles. By random there is a whole debate right their about they are not mathematically random, but I’ll let it go. Rowntrees make a lot of different shapes and every bag gets a selection.

I poured a few of the Rowntrees Randoms Sours out to have a look at them and the first thing I noticed was how much more difficult it is to identify what the shapes are. I think the foam sweet on the left was Big Ben? A green skull and a foam turtle? The other shapes were beyond me, the sprinkles made them blurry I guess, or I need my eyed testing, I guess those two options aren’t mutually exclusive. I think there was a flower? Seriously though the defined edges of the random shapes were softened by the sugar.
In flavour the sourness enhanced the sweets, and I really enjoyed them. I don’t eat that many sweets in general but found myself going back for another unidentifiable handful of random zingy flavoured shapes. I particularly liked the citrus flavours with their sharp acidic taste and sourness, they were really zesty and enjoyable. Even the foam flavours tasted stronger and was enhancedI think I’ve found my favourite Randoms to date, these will be the ones I’ll be buying again. If you like sour sweets, these are the Rowntrees Randoms you’ve been waiting for.

3 June 2019

Loveau - Watermelon Drink (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I am only human and as such I am easily distracted by by bright and shiny objects. In this case it was the funky packaging on these new Loveau drinks cans. They are so pretty, striped, bright, fresh and not like anything else on the shelf. My hat goes off to the packaging designer at Loveau, I like your work and I bought a four pack of your cans.
There are various fruits I love that I feel are under-appreciated and watermelon is one of those, so it was a bonus that these Loveau drinks are flavoured with it.
So the drinks are fruit infused sparkling water, so I was thinking that it would be one of the drinks with a “hint of”, in this case, watermelon. I was pleased that the drinks were sparkling too as I do like fizzy drinks.
I poured it into a glass and it was quite fizzy, but clear in colour which I suppose follows on from this basically being a water based drink, hmm aren’t most drinks water based or am I missing something. Anyway, I gave it a sip and found myself disappointed. I had expected a little sweetness and some fruity tastes but I ended up with a glass of fizzy water that tasted like it had had a meagre exposure to a bit of watermelon juice. It was dull I supposed, not unpleasant, but not exciting, not fruity, not like the packaging. I will drink up the other three cans, but I wouldn’t run out to buy any more. Shame, part of me wishes the packaging designer and had designed the flavour too.

2 June 2019

Tim Hortons - coffee & Doughnuts - Canadian Style (@by NLi10)

I like cafes.  I like doughnuts.  Tim Horton's opened a branch in Birmingham near the station where I needed exactly the right day to visit.  It's not a lunch place, it's not a dinner part, it's a pop in for a tea and a doughnut (and a rest - nice seats).  On the way back from the Board Game Expo with loot in tow it was perfect.  And I was hungry enough to try two!

Perfect branding.  Looks snazzy. And they understand that big tea needs two teabags.

First up we have a Canadian Maple doughnut in the shape of a moose!

Although I had to invert my pictures to see this - I ate and photographed it like a mustachioed man.

Good flavours - the choc ball on top means it doesn't feel like a small doughnut, and the maple is genuinely unique.  I don't think the doughnuts felt as fresh as KK but I did go in the afternoon so will have to try first thing.

I also tried the Tim version of the Elvis, with a berry filling and a glaze on top.  Again, not as great in texture as KK, but the flavours were nice.

The tea was very good (the KK drinks are never the best) so if you want a good drink and sit down with some reasonable doughnuts - importantly with a very different range to KK then it's a great shout.