15 June 2019

Founders Brewing All Day IPA Beer (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Founders Brewing All Day IPA Beer

A while back I thought of the concept of a breakfast beer when drinking a beer that's name has slipped from my old head. I'm probably not the first. Not to forget a beer… but to think of beer for breakfast. Of course there is 'hair of the dog' for those that have had a hard session the night before, and wake up to cure their hangover with an early morning beer. This All Day IPA is brewed by Founders Brewing company in Michigan, USA. It's quite strong for a session ale at 4.7% in volume, so I'm not sure people could drink it all day and be standing by the end of it. I suppose if you're savvy you could try to save one to cure your hangover the next morning?

On popping open the 355ml can there was a well travelled ca-thunk, click and fizz! It was the cheerful sound you may hear in a beer commercial that made me want to drink the contents straight away. There was the unmistakable smell of sweet pale malt mixed with herbal hops and a little citrus in the background. This All Day IPA pours as a deep golden pale ale. On taste it's really rich in flavour. There's crispy bitterness that instantly combines with the sweetness from the barley malts. This bitterness follows through to the aftertaste, with oodles of herbal hops and that citrus flavour nudging away at my tastebuds in the background. This is a really glorious beer that would not go amiss at any time of the day, even if I'd be too pie-eyed to drink it All Day!

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