18 June 2019

Oasis Aqua Shock - Spicy Raspberry (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

I bought this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry drink to share but decided to only buy one bottle and not two. For me the idea of a drink that “shocks” doesn’t actually sound like something I want to drink. I was thinking “refresh” is a much more sensible option. Anyway I bought one bottle to share between two and to taste test rather than to thirst quench. I approached the drink with caution too, I don’t mind a dash of chilli in a cooking sauce, but in a drink it just sounded weird.
This Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry is a still and clear drink, and I poured some into two glasses. Then I starred at it for a while trying to decide whether I actually fancied taking a sip, eventually I built up the courage for the sake of the blog. What happened next was a complete anticlimax, this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry is not shocking or spicy, it is a drink of flavoured berry water and if you really really concentrate you might just pick up on a tiniest dash of something warm, but realistically you probably wouldn’t notice anything but the light raspberry flavour.
I had another sip and realised I liked the drink and I would buy it again as it would be quite refreshing on a hot day. It is easy to drink and raspberry taste is very pleasant. The problem is that it doesn’t deliver the promised chilli buzz, so people like me who don’t get excited about a drink with a shocking kick won’t buy it. If you did want a spicy blast this Oasis Aqua Shock Spicy Raspberry will just disappoint.

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