9 June 2019

Mornflake - Chocolatey Squares from the corner shop (@NLi10)

While Kellogg's Krave is probably the most famous pocket cereal (well apart from Dreamies - the identical cat treat) we've learnt that the Asda own brand is actually the better version (and cheaper).  They have tweaked that so it's not quite as good, but it's still the market leader.  When we spotted another imitation in the corner shop I decided to jump in.

Really we should have used the purple boxed chocolate Krave to compare to, but this will suffice.

12 bowls is unlikely :)  4 is more realistic.  They look like slightly larger Krave, and have very similar texture and taste - but maybe the chocolate doesn't have that luxury feel.

And they are OK - nothing too special. Not cheap enough to stock up on, and certainly not as compulsive as the Asda brand version.  They are still a lot cheaper than Krave, and I ended up mixing these with things like Shreddies so that they went a lot further and added a chocolate smile to ordinary staple cereals.

Worth a pick up, but not worth hunting for especially.

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paulham said...

I'm going to have to clear up your misunderstanding here.
Mornflake's Chocolately Squares ARE the original version of this type of cereal, as least in the UK.They started producing them in 1980. Kellogg's copied them!
Now you may like Krave more, I prefer Mornflake's.
You can thank Mornflake for this type of cereal. :)