27 June 2019

Pringles Rice Fusion - Malaysian Red Curry (@NLi10)

Pringles are great. They are always on special offer to get you back in the habit , and they always come up with new things to get you back in the habit too. The fact they have special Pringles sales reps that visit stores to check they are in the right position is a little creepy.

They also have a medium size for cinemas so you don’t notice just how much you are paying for a mostly empty tube of oddly shaped disks.

They do make some exciting tube snacks though, and I think this might be the first ever flavour to rival my preference for the blue Salt & Vinegar ones.

They are called. Malaysian Red Curry, which to me tastes Thai, and are rice based - I assume for gluten reasons (although I didn’t check the allergy status).

And they taste like red curry paste, which regular readers will know I’m a big fan of. 

Consequently I could eat an awful lot of these without stopping, so I had to eat little piles of restraint. Luckily my big scoopy hands can’t get to the bottom of the tubes so resisting was easier.

Here are a lot of words that no human will ever read in their entirety.

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