2 June 2019

Tim Hortons - coffee & Doughnuts - Canadian Style (@by NLi10)

I like cafes.  I like doughnuts.  Tim Horton's opened a branch in Birmingham near the station where I needed exactly the right day to visit.  It's not a lunch place, it's not a dinner part, it's a pop in for a tea and a doughnut (and a rest - nice seats).  On the way back from the Board Game Expo with loot in tow it was perfect.  And I was hungry enough to try two!

Perfect branding.  Looks snazzy. And they understand that big tea needs two teabags.

First up we have a Canadian Maple doughnut in the shape of a moose!

Although I had to invert my pictures to see this - I ate and photographed it like a mustachioed man.

Good flavours - the choc ball on top means it doesn't feel like a small doughnut, and the maple is genuinely unique.  I don't think the doughnuts felt as fresh as KK but I did go in the afternoon so will have to try first thing.

I also tried the Tim version of the Elvis, with a berry filling and a glaze on top.  Again, not as great in texture as KK, but the flavours were nice.

The tea was very good (the KK drinks are never the best) so if you want a good drink and sit down with some reasonable doughnuts - importantly with a very different range to KK then it's a great shout.

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