3 June 2019

Loveau - Watermelon Drink (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I am only human and as such I am easily distracted by by bright and shiny objects. In this case it was the funky packaging on these new Loveau drinks cans. They are so pretty, striped, bright, fresh and not like anything else on the shelf. My hat goes off to the packaging designer at Loveau, I like your work and I bought a four pack of your cans.
There are various fruits I love that I feel are under-appreciated and watermelon is one of those, so it was a bonus that these Loveau drinks are flavoured with it.
So the drinks are fruit infused sparkling water, so I was thinking that it would be one of the drinks with a “hint of”, in this case, watermelon. I was pleased that the drinks were sparkling too as I do like fizzy drinks.
I poured it into a glass and it was quite fizzy, but clear in colour which I suppose follows on from this basically being a water based drink, hmm aren’t most drinks water based or am I missing something. Anyway, I gave it a sip and found myself disappointed. I had expected a little sweetness and some fruity tastes but I ended up with a glass of fizzy water that tasted like it had had a meagre exposure to a bit of watermelon juice. It was dull I supposed, not unpleasant, but not exciting, not fruity, not like the packaging. I will drink up the other three cans, but I wouldn’t run out to buy any more. Shame, part of me wishes the packaging designer and had designed the flavour too.

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