25 June 2019

Kenco: Iced Latte Coconut Edition (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I was in Morrisons over the weekend, when it was slightly warmer in terms of the weather. I was looking at the flavoured coffees and in amongst the sachets meant for hot coffee were these Kenco Iced Latte Coconut Edition sachets designed to be used with cold water. Instant iced coffee sounded rather lovely and I couldn’t resist picking up this coconut variety.

Inside the box are quite big sachets which can be made with cold water, cold milk, ice cubes or any combination of those ingredients. Being a simple person I decided to make this with cold water, and hoped that it mixed up well. I poured the generous sachet contents into my glass and added some water. I was really pleased to see it mixed up easily and after a gentle stir there were no lumps, just smooth coffee. I was impressed.

Next came the taste test and this was heaven too. The coffee was at a good flavour level, and the coconut made this extra creamy and rich. There was a touch of sweetness, but this was well balanced, and all the flavours just worked rather well together. I liked this so much I know I will be buying more Kenco Iced Latte Coconut Edition sachets, it was easy to mix and rivals iced flavoured lattes I have had from the big brand coffee shops, it is also easy to make at home. This product is new to the market and certainly fills a gap really nicely.
I think I will try this next but mixing it up with milk, as that should be a seriously indulgent drink. All we need now is a bit more sunshine and then this could be the drink of summer for me.

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