5 June 2019

Tempura Seaweed Crisps (@Wasabi_UK Grand Central Birmingham) By @SpectreUK

I'm trying to be a little more healthy while I rehabilitate my knee after surgery. Cinabar has bought me these Tempura Seaweed Crisps to try. Tempura vegetables are one of Cinabar's favourite starters in a Japanese restaurant. The other being Sushi. I prefer a bowl of Miso soup.

I'm always interested in alternative snacks to crisps and nuts, so these seaweed crisps sound pretty 'interesting'. Don't get me wrong I do love crisps, but due to an intolerance to insoluble fibre I can't eat nuts and seeds, as well as I have to avoid some other foodstuffs. Still, seaweed crisps sound pretty weird…

As my surgeon keeps reminding me that I still need to lose some weight, I'm starting to count my calories a bit… not too much… just a bit. I don't want to become obsessive with diaries an such, but just keeping an eye on it, whilst also keeping an eye on how much I'm burning off whilst at the gym. It's best to stay with a balanced diet, so the instant someone says 'seaweed' to me, I think 'superfood'. The instant someone says 'Tempura' to me, I think 'fat'. Unfortunately there is a high amount of fat in these Tempura Seaweed Crisps, as well as they're pretty high in calories.

On opening the packet there was a deep fried salty smell mixed with seaweed. The Tempura crisps were battered on one side with the dark green seaweed was showing on the other. The crisps had a good crunch and tasted of deep fried battered seaweed (funnily enough!), but there was more to them than that. You see, the pepper was the key to these Tempura Seaweed Crisps. I love the flavour of Black Pepper and Sea Salt crisps in general. Here we have the deep fried batter flavour, with the sea salt, a little seaweed flavour, and a spicy heat from the pepper to finish off with. These Tempura Seaweed Crisps were delicious. Calories and fat be blowed - I workout! I'm definitely having some more of these again!

Information on the packet;
The 20g packet contains 122 calories, 9.4g of fat, 0.5g of sugar and 0.40g of salt. For ingredients please see photograph.

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