21 June 2019

Maryland Cookies: Chocolate Cookie Bars (Asda) By @Cinabar

These Maryland Cookies - Chocolate Cookie Bars are one of those products that are ‘new’ but aren’t labelled as such. I can never quite work out the logic of this, if I had launched a new product I’d want to share the excitement and I’d be proud to put the word ‘New’ on the pack in big letters. Perhaps they want that familiar brand “of course this has always been available” feel. As someone who stares far more than they should at the biscuit aisle in the supermarket I can confirm that these are a new release.

The pack contains 8 individually wrapped biscuits, coated in milk chocolate and they are just 96 calories each. This means that these biscuits are an excellent idea for a lunch box treat or for portion control any time.
I unwrapped my first biscuit and realised that the chocolate coating all the way round made these a little melty on the fingers. The biscuits are chunky oblong and quite thick which meant I didn’t feel right dunking them, I practically always dunk biscuits but these were in too much of a chocolate bar shape.
The chocolate on the outside is nice and the biscuit flavour was flavoursome. They tasted wholesome and chocolatey and were a nice treat. The biscuits being thicker meant they had a good crunch and one was an enjoyable snack. There isn’t anything ground breaking here, but the Maryland Cookies - Chocolate Cookie Bars were a nice afternoon treat. I think I prefer a regular biscuit, just because I like to dunk, and these were a bit awkward for that.

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