6 June 2019

Domino's 2-4-Tuesdays - Catalan Chicken & Chorizo Pizza (by @NLi10)

We like Pizza, we like special offers.  So - last Tuesday we decided to do Domino's Two For Tuesday and get two pizzas delivered for the price of one! I mean it's still £19 which seems a lot, but we did go for the large ones.  I chose the Catalan Chicken & Chorizo which has lots of chicken, with a sour cream and paprika drizzle on top - but will it look like it's photo?

We had a starter of those Iberian Olives we reviewed the other week - while a little squishy and very oily then are very nice!  I'd still prefer them without stones.

And in a reasonable amount of time they arrived!

And looked like this!

That's close enough to the picture for a thumbs up from me.  The flavours were great and while I thought it may be too much for one it wasn't. I even had a pudding too.

You could taste the chicken and the textures were quite fun too.  The Chorizo was thick enough that I belived they hadn't just slipped cheaper peproni on there and the Italian base was pretty classy too.

All in all I'm happy for £9.50 each delivered and this may tempt me away from our usual Papa Johns more often than I'd thought.

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