22 June 2019

Wild River IPA Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

It's been a gloriously sunny day today. Not many clouds in the sky and perfect weather for taking a swim outside in the outdoor pool at the gym. Of course, it's supposed to rain and be miserable tomorrow morning, and I'll still go outside for swim, but hey, at least I won't need waterproof suntan lotion.

Not that I'd go swimming in a Wild River, except perhaps if it's full of beer! I do have a salmon sandwich for dinner and this Pacific Pale Ale has an image of a bear trying to catch a salmon on a Wild River. This beer was inspired by the Golden State. Wikipedia tells me that there are still around five hundred Grizzly Bears in California, which also has the Grizzly Bear on its flag and seal.

At 4.5% volume this Wild River was brewed by Fuller's in South London. It's sported as being double hopped, being zesty with a dry finish. Citrus hops usually go well with fish, I'm sure any bear, Grizzly or otherwise would tell you that. On opening the can there was definitely a zesty citrus hoppy smell from the bright golden liquid contents, with sweet pale malt at the back of the aroma. My tongue felt like the salmon trying to escape the bear whilst drinking this beer. On taste the bitter and yet refreshing citrus hops snapped at my tastebuds much like the jaws of a ferocious Grizzly Bear. After a moment of fighting this blast of citrus, the sweet pale malts soothed and cushioned my tongue allowing it to beat the citrus rapids, to escape the bitter jaws of the Grizzly Bear, and jump up the refreshing waterfall to the sweet pale malts in the tranquil aftertaste. Mmm… lovely... Salmon sandwich time.

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