29 May 2020

What The Fanta? (Asda) By @Cinabar

What The Fanta

I had my last online order from Asda and discovered via an advert on their page that they have an exclusive drink from Fanta, called What The Fanta, so I ordered a couple of bottles. This is a mystery drink and there isn’t an explanation as to what the flavour is on the label. Apparently there is more than one mystery flavour too so I can only comment on this bottle. If my other bottle is different I’ll write a blog on that too.
The What The Fanta drink is bright green and it is also sugar free, so I poured it into a glass to have a taste test. This drink is definitely apple and something, the ‘and something’ part is very hard to nail down. I went from being sure it was apple and pear to now being sure it is apple and melon. The secondary flavour is juicy, sweet and refreshing and it certainly works. Ok, if I had to choose I would say apple, melon and pear! I think it is more likely to be one or the other but I seriously can’t decide.
This is a nice drink though, sweet and refreshing in the sunshine. The colour is a little bright for me, but taste wise I would love the big reveal and to know the flavour was staying. Can’t wait to find out what is in the other bottle!

What The Fanta


paulham said...

My family are saying apple and elderflower.
I can see the melon association though.

cinabar said...

I think elderflower is a good call!!! Your family could well be right. :-)

Unknown said...

Definitely melon, they have melon soda in Japan, it's lush. This is not quite Japanese standard but is nice

Anonymous said...

Aloe vera!!

cinabar said...

I think it is apple and something, melon was my best guess but Aloe Vera could be right too. I need to retry one of those aloe drinks.

Sakib said...

I think it's apple and kiwi fruit. There's a lot of nice international Fanta flavours if you can find them. Mango guava is nice as well as cherry and apple.