27 May 2020

Asian Inspired Singapore Curry (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

It's pizza night tonight, but not for me. Cinabar and her mom have taken to having a pizza on one night of the week. I had been doing a yoga class at the gym on Tuesday nights and was having an earlier dinner, but now I'm doing the yoga moves I learnt in the kitchen instead. However they are still having their pizza and I'm just having something quick at the same time. I haven't particularly liked pizza for many years. I used to eat the Carne Amanti at Pizza Hut, which was my favourite Pizza ever, but they foolishly took it off the menu, and all other pizzas have been a disappointment ever since!

Anyway, I have no idea what Singapore Curry tastes like, as I've not had a Ready Meal that flavour before or seen one in the stores before they all went safety first. I don't know if this Asian Inspired Singapore Curry is going to be authentic, but I'm hoping it will be quick to make and healthy. It certainly sounds healthy with pieces of carrot, spring onion, egg noodles, and plenty of medium hot peppers. It sounds pretty quick to make too, by just removing the lid and adding freshly boiled water and then leaving to stand for 4 minutes.

I peeled back the lid to take a look in the pot before I got started. There were some stringy noodles at the bottom of the pot and plenty of seasoning with diced carrots and spring onions intermingled. I boiled the kettle, put a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster and cut up a tomato. I also had some leftover ham and some coleslaw on the side. On adding the freshly boiled water to the pot the aroma of cumin and ginger curry spices tickled my nose and enticed me to try it.

After cooling I peeled back the lid again and noticed that there was a multitude of finally diced coriander amongst the almost clear sauce. On taste this Asian Inspired Singapore Curry was flavoursome enough with its mix of curry spices. It was tasty, but it didn't stand out as something that I would rush out and buy again. There was a mild chilli heat, but nothing to make me sweat, and I have no idea how I didn't get any of the million pieces of coriander stuck in my teeth.

The half pot full itself also didn't feel very substantial. It didn't fill much of a gap in my recently downsized stomach. Low in calories it was a healthy snack, but a snack nonetheless and was gone in a few mouthfuls. Perhaps that's a good thing because it was quite moreish, but I've had plenty of other noodle cups that filled more of the gap in my tummy before this one.

Information on the pot;
The 78g pot contains 297 calories, with 1.8g of fat, 4.1g of sugar, and 2g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

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