12 May 2020

Aromatic Maple Glazed Duck Flavour Crisps (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Aromatic Maple Glazed Duck Flavour Crisps

As we were having lunch today I looked out of the window and spotted some ducks on our neighbours lawn which is a little bit weird for around here. We aren’t too far away from the canal, but I think they must have been lost en-route to somewhere, we don’t normally see ducks near a road. One of the nieghbours cat gave them a second glance but decided they looked a bit big for him and left them to it. My guilt was a little increased as we were about to share a bag of these Aromatic Maple Glazed Duck Flavour Crisps at the time, but hopefully they didn’t know. They soon flew off to somewhere wetter presumably, coincidentally when we opened the bag.
The crisps smelt nice, they had a good rich sweet aroma. The crisps are quite big too, with lots of seasoning and a sharp snap to the crisps. These are Sainsburys posh variety. The flavour was impressively meaty like duck, it was a good recreation of the taste. The maple syrup was a nice touch of sweet, but I am a fan of sweet and savoury, so liked it mixed with the duck taste. I would gladly get this flavour again, and I’ll try not to offend any of the local wildlife next time too! :-D

Aromatic Maple Glazed Duck Flavour Crisps

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Cozy Guest said...

Nice review. I just came back from my local Tesco today. For the last month, they have been selling limited edition 5-pack crisps (Walkers).

Walkers are promoting various restaurant companies. So far I have tried (Nandos) peri peri chicken, (Pizza Express) chili con carne and (Pizza Express) american hot pizza flavor.

Today I bought (Yo!) chicken katsu and (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) Cheese burger flavor. So far all of them have hit the mark/spot. I cannot wait for next week! :p