19 May 2020

Toucan Bars (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

So here we have a first world problem, I couldn’t get my Penguin bars in Morrisons. I know right, it is pretty hard hitting stuff. I was also feeling pressured not to browse in the biscuit section for too long, such is the joy of living during a pandemic so I grabbed these Toucan Bars popped them in the trolley and moved on as quickly as I could. At least it means I get to try something different, and see what the competition for the brand leader is like.

The bars are a decent size and consist of two biscuits with a fondant filling and a milk chocolate coating, similar to the ones I was going buy in the first place. I find it difficult not to do comparisons here, but I was very happy with these. The texture felt slightly lighter and crisp. The chocolate was sweet and pleasant, and there was a decent amount. I liked the flavour too, the milk chocolate was soothing. They hit the spot though with a nice cup of coffee. I probably wouldn’t have picked them up if I hadn’t been in a rush but now I think they will be a repeat purchase.

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